CCW permits double in Ohio

Current debate in Washington has no impact on state law. Click here for video.
Jessica Cuffman
May 11, 2013

The number of Ohioans who have obtained concealed-carry permits has almost doubled across the state ever since the Sandy Hook shootings and ramped-up talks on gun control. 

The number of new permit holders in Erie County increased by 173 percent in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the same period last year, according to figures from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

In Ottawa County, the increase was even more significant: a 207 percent increase in the number of people receiving concealed-carry licenses, compared to the same period last year. Both counties topped the percentage increase statewide, 87 percent.

“Just statewide in general, the numbers are up,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “People are interested in exercising their rights under that state law to obtain a license.”

Part of the increase in Erie County may be attributed to the fact Sigsworth’s office accepts permit applications six days a week, with half days on Saturdays to accommodate the demand. People who apply for concealed-carry permits can apply in any county bordering their county of residence, Sigsworth said.

Click here for news video with Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine. 

In Washington, D.C., meanwhile, the debate over gun control continues, with President Barack Obama and others pushing to tighten gun access following the December massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Locally and across the nation, guns flew off of shelves and manufacturers were backed up as Americans reacted to proposals for stricter gun control, including proposed background check expansions, legislation that Congress failed to approve last month.

The Associated Press contributed to this story. 

Concealed Carry Licenses issued       First quarter 2012           First quarter 2013       % increase            2012 total        
Erie County                                                         301                                 822                               173                          1,221              
Huron County                                                      59                                    78                                  32                             222                 
Ottawa County                                                     94                                  289                               207                             430                  
Sandusky County                                              201                                 335                                 67                              599                 
Statewide                                                    16,823                                 31,407                           87                              64,650                 


Simple Enough II

True on that. But again when we say mental illness, is it the illness or the drugs we are pumping into them that are causing these horrific acts?


Great question Simple!


Not really, you can open carry in Ohio and most states without a CCW or a pretty much worthless class.


Technically, you're absolutely correct. Realistically, I wouldn't try the open carry. For every intelligent and responsible citizen out there with a gun on his or her hip, there's an ignorant and panic-stricken neighbor to call the police! Unless, of course, you're a bad guy, in which cause nobody saw nothin...


I don't open carry much, but the few times I have it was a non-issue. In most places the PD is really good about man with a gun calls. What usually happens is they go to the scene, if the person is carrying in a holster their isn't an issue.



looking around

Most CCW permits contain the remark "good until revoked" now many states require re-issuance every five years. Don't ever make the mistake thinking that your "rights" don't require certain criteria for the "privilege" it's not that self serving, others have rights as well.


I'm going to petition to have a ballot issue that requires a permit to exercise First Amendment rights in Ohio. In order to have the permit issued, everyone will have to take a 12 hr class in political correctness and how to speak nicely to one another. Anyone who fails to use political correctness or offends someone will have that license revoked and will no longer be able to speak in public or post in public forums. If they do, they will be charged with a felony. Sound good? If we can institute "common sense" restrictions on one individual right, why not all?

looking around

First Amendment rights? Can you yell fire in a public building where no fire is present? Yell highjack on an airliner? Even this blog is monitored for those without common sense or decency. There is at this time a public education system in place nation wide, hopefully graduates from our public school systems have learned how to properly express themselves. I know in some instances you can't fix stupid!




Yes, in fact, you CAN yell "fire" in a public building where no fire is present. And you can make jokes about bombs or highjackings on planes or in airports if you're so inclined.

Sure, you'll be arrested if you do. But you'll note one very important thing, here: NONE of those arrested are EVER charged with violating the First Amendment. They're charged with inducing panic or terror threats. They're charged with making false reports. They're charged with inciting a riot. Etc. and so on.

As far as properly expressing yourself, well, schools AREN'T teaching that. What they ARE teaching is political correctness (oftentimes at the expense of the truth). They're teaching self esteem (usually at the expense of personal responsibility). They're teaching anti-bullying (typically teaching children that they're helpless). And they're turning out reams of kids who can barely read, who can't write (though they can text message up a storm), and who can't function in college or find themselves a job. Hey, they feel real good about it, though!

You're right: You can't fix stupid. It'd be really good, though, if more people in more places would make some effort to fix ignorant!

Sharin' Johnson

U a con law scholar dog!




Why the shortage of ammunition? I don't believe gun owners created the shortage by hoarding. Ammunition is now being rationed to customers for those lucky enough to buy ammo when in stock.

Ammo is becoming too expensive also. .223 is close to $1 per round. .22 LR is hard to find as is 9 mm.

A firearm is as useless as a paper weight if ammo cannot be found for it. Can somebody provide a decent answer for the ammo shortage?


The Department of Homeland Security is buying a BILLION rounds of ammo. They shoot by their own records more rounds per officer than the military shoots per soldier!

Pterocarya frax...

Come on folks. This is a joke propagated by a bunch of paranoid people. I know you won't believe the government on it, but even Breitbart's site debunked it:


Always enjoyed the name "Homeland Security."

It has a 'ring' not dissimilar to the Nazis' "Fatherland" and the Soviets' "Motherland."

The Boston bombing helped to demonstrate that the over-paid bureaucrats in the CIA, FBI and Dept of HS STILL ain't coordinated with each other.


"These are the very weapons Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Joe Manchin (D-WV), have been telling us nobody needs for self-defense. Apparently, DHS disagrees."

Homeland Security calls AR-15 variants "Self-defense weapons" for themselves.

But for law abiding American citizens, the AR-15 variants are called "assault weapons"

Go figure.


BHO's administration wasn't able to get more gun control enacted so they are going in the back door and buying up ammo. If they can't get you one way, they will get you another.

Why does Homeland Security (what a misnomer) need so much ammo? Are they shooting people at the airport? NO. Are they shooting illegals crossing the border? NO. Are they shooting terrorists? NO, according to them, there is no such thing as a terrorist in the U.S. So just what the heck are they doing with all that ammo? Keeping the citizens from having it. After all, what good is a gun without ammo?


Answer, buy your ammo in-between news events. The day after Sandy Hook I bought 1000 target rounds of .223 at a normal price, it is just what happens.


Should get better, most places have instituted a two box max for purchases now. That should stop these idiots that are going in when they restock and loading their cart with the ammo, then turning around and reselling it for nearly double.

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

I'm wondering how long it will be before Mr. Westerhold publishes a new concealed carry list for Erie County?



When some guy 'pesters' my spouse, I told her to ask 'em:

Are you a gun collector like my husband?


A man walked into a bar with an AR-15 and a 30 round magazine declaring "who's the guy 'ben having s-x with my wife?" From the back of the room came a reply "you don't have enough ammo!"---Sometimes, 10 rounds just aren't enough.




If he says "yes" then what?


Has never happened.

Actually met one "pest" who the women at her place of work called "Gorgeous George."

At over 6 ft. tall, I gave him a nice FIRM handshake and said that I was glad to meet him.

He never bothered her again.

I've practiced kickboxing and karate and have NEVER felt a need to carry. My one instructor said that I have a nice left jab. :)

The Big Dog's back

He was probably laughing uncontrollably and felt sorry for her.


Contango..I doubt it was your firm handshake that changed George's pestering behavior. George MAY have realized that your wife TOLD you about his pestering when you damm near broke his hand..Lol..But ultimately, it was your WIFE'S actions that made him quit bothering her. Kudos to you for not having a slore for a wife, cause if she were...George would have his way..and worry about any repercussions later, if ever.