Voters approve 7.9-mill Edison Schools levy

School district voters agree to new money (Updated 12 p.m. with final tally)
Sandusky Register Staff
May 7, 2013


Edison Schools was seeking voter support for a 7.9-mill, five-year additional levy. It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $240 a year.

Here are unofficial results from all of the votes in Erie County and Huron County:

For: 1,130

Against: 1,043



nice job register running levy story after the poles close. good luck but i hope you lose

tell it how it is

Woooooohooooo!!!! Proud of my district!


Maybe Perkins Board needs to get ahold of the school board their and get some pointers

JMOP's picture

Looking good!


Thanks to everyone who supported the Edison Levy! The district had done all they could without our help. Now it's time to continue the excellent education Edison provides to our kids!! Thankful the votes went the right way.


Too bad they had to sneak it in during May.


It definitely was not a "sneak" election - supporters were out the last two months speaking to all the area groups and clubs and going door to door answering people's questions. Our superintendent held 3 "State of the District" addresses to answer concerns. It was definitely not a quiet election here in Milan and Berlin Heights...totally opposite and done correctly!


If this was held in a November election, no way it passes. Not with numbers like that


7.9 mill is insane! Why do you think they put these school levies on a May primary? The schools know how to play the game. It has been going on for a long time and the taxpayer can't seem to catch on. All they have to do is get themselves to the polls and vote. The taxpayer has no one to blame but themselves for not making the effort to vote.


We needed a win so we could continue to give pay increases and we got it. Unfortunately, it's a community divided. Now back to "EXCELLENT" teaching since they got what they wanted,right? KIDS WIN! Ha


Look for the report in the SR in coming months that the union is pushing for their cut.

Kottage Kat

I am going to have to sell my house
My income was drastically cut recently and with other expenses just cannot afford this
Know it is a prestige thing in Milan
Make them accountable

tell it how it is

Hopefully you'll go far away. Make Milan a little better (:

Kottage Kat

Tell it,
Do not live in Milan
Just school district
Thank you for thinking about me


I am glad to see that they finally passed a levy. I wonder if they are going to keep the promise of eliminating "Pay for Play" or back peddle now that they passed the levy?


alot of people are going to end up selling their houses now.. This is just crap! There are alot of people out there with only 1 person working and there are alot of single parents out there that can't afford it either... they got what they wanted before this passed... they took a 3 year pay raise freeze but got a pay increase before they signed this aggremment and they are supposed to be paying into their own retirement...yeah right.. everyone in the district just got taken! IMO...

Hoss McGee

Hopefully people do sell there houses cause I'm looking to buy in Milan!


Hoss McGee - my family too! We were thinking the same thing when we read the comments. I'll be keeping my eye out for some great homes in an INCREDIBLE school district! ;)


just will stop buying booster memberships. no more spending money to go to football games. i will save that money and break even. They didnt get any of my money. Ha

Mom of 2 boys

I realize money is tight. It is for us too. To keep my property value up, having an Excellent school system is important. Also, paying tuition to a private school, if the quality of the school and teachers at Edison weren't able to be maintained, would cost me more than the 244.00 a year we will pay in additional taxes. I am fine with this, not because I want to pay more out, but because my kids need a good education and nothing is free.

AJ Oliver

Your taxes are going down, not up. The state has cut taxes (OK, mostly on the rich), and slashed funding for local schools and govt.. Kasich is exporting chaos into our communities. Don't blame the schools.



Edwin Ison

We seem to finally be recovering from the Snook and the misguided attempts of the school board to bully voters.
Now, come November, there will be the opportunity to elect some new board members. Some of the LONG time board members should step down.... they have long since lost rational thought on the direction of the school system.
Thank goodness for a down to earth super like Mr. Roth.
Let's turn this around completely.

Truth or Fiction

Congratulations to citizens of Edison Local School District. Your decision is the best for your community and most of all for your children and their future (which includes your future).

I hope other districts in our area take notice of your district and how working together produces positive results. An open, informative campaign! Attentive and responsive administration! Employee willingness to give back to the community! You have reason to be proud. I for one applaud your commitment.