Perkins police win big with voters

Residents approve funding.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 7, 2013


The Perkins Police Department asked the township's voters to approve a 5.5-mill, five-year additional levy, which would generate about $1.9 million a year for police operations.

Here are early unofficial results, with all votes tallied:

For: 2,377

Against: 1,232

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Keep Focused

This is a good result. It is good for Perkins Township.


Or get all the results here for free:



Thank goodness. Perkins has an excellent, professional PD. I knew it would pass when they didn't attach it to the overpaid road dept. levy.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Thank you TWP voters, now I will continue to feel safe in the community I love. Thank you to Chief Klamar for restoring the trust in the TWP.


You just better have a bigger presence around the neighborhoods and great response time and quit hanging out at the complex now that we have spoken!


Wait until this levy expires and they need more. The taxpayers will keep feeding this monster of a levy. Everytime the union wants more in benefits and pay, the taxpayer will be paying for it and what does Perkins care, they managed to get the burden out of their general fund.


Perkins is one of the lowest paid departments on the county.


Seems like scare tactics worked at least for the police dept.


Bunch of gullible sheeple out in the Township.


You mean scared, gullible sheeple!


gee, i knew we had to vote, but the sandusky register failed to let the public know WHEN. Failure


So when will THE lawyers MAN up and produce laws to help people, like Montana has a law that LIMITS tax on the people.