Insurer cans Huron Schools

District is too risky to manage.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 7, 2013

So says Ohio School Plan, a group providing coverage to nearly 300 schools, which announced this past week it is dropping the district from its insurance plan July 1.

Representatives from Hylant Group, a third-party insurer representing the Ohio School Plan, met with district treasurer Mike Weis this past week to discuss the group's concerns, according to an email Weis sent to school board members the Register obtained through a public records request.

Open the PDF below to read the email and other emails related to the district's insurance.

The organization's reasons for dropping Huron Schools include:

•Threats of continued litigation and an inability to determine potential possible costs.

•Lack of board focus and direction.

•Inability to price due to the "turmoil."

Huron Schools is facing the aftermath of a 3-2 vote in April to fire superintendent Fred Fox, a climax after a year of investigation, termination and court proceedings costing the district more than $140,000. 

Fox's termination came on the heels of allegations he improperly submitted reimbursement requests for expenses after a trip to Arizona; maintained an inappropriate business relationship with a district vendor; and carried on an extramarital affair during school hours using school computers and his school email address.

Fox appealed the termination and is suing the three board members who voted to fire him for more than $175,000, in addition to his back pay. Board member Donna Green alleged defamation and filed a counterclaim shortly after, suing Fox for more than $25,000.

"As they continue to deal with all the matters at hand, additional litigation may arise," said Joe Seay, president of Hylant Administrative Services. "It gets to the point where we have a very difficult time, maybe an impossible time, setting prices, terms and conditions of an insurance policy. You can't predict how this is going to go."

Ohio School Plan has only dropped a district one other time in its 11 years of operation, Seay said.

"This is a big deal from our standpoint," he said.

Huron Schools is now hunting for a new insurer. School officials have arranged meetings with three companies and hope to select a new coverage plan by the June school board meeting.

Finding a new plan poses several problems, including possible high costs and a limited number of school insurers to pick from, Weis explained in his email. 

The Ohio School Plan cost the district about $38,000 per year, Weis said.

"Not sure what our course or action will be if we cannot get insurance," Weis said in the email the Register obtained.

It's still undetermined what coverage the Ohio School Plan will provide for current issues, according to the email. The district will receive a written notice with more details "after the various lawsuits are reviewed," the email said.

Board president Scott Slocum said he wasn't "totally surprised" the Ohio School Plan dropped Huron Schools, but he is confident the district will have another policy in place soon.

"Since the first litigation action taken by (board member Kevin Asher) last year, I knew the carrier might possibly take a good, hard look at our relationship," Slocum said. "That's what insurance carriers do."




That's Huron for you...a bunch of amateurs on the school board who act like they are still in kindergarten carrying forward their personal grudges from their school days forward. Why don't they self insure themselves, then they will soon find out why they got the axe.

Still Sold

You hit the shot 8 Ball !

Still Sold

You are the King of the Acorns 69.
Great post and love the 52,875 words you counted.

Truth is the insurance company dropped the school because of the board and the board's unbusinesslike way of doing business. You all read it and know it. Keep posting. In the end all of your posts are humorous and your anti-Fox ramblings mean nothing to anyone but you, but you are a funny bunch.

Fred Fox is going to be paid for his career and his retirement and the Huron City Schools are going to crumble and never begin to recover until a completely new board with a young superintendent takes over. NO GREAT, or even GOOD superintendent is going to take this job with this board. Only the bottom of the barrel. If I were part of this board I would recommend that Tanny be the next super.

OK.. 1969.. Post..
TDN.. Squauk like a parrot after..
Retiree.. Ramble after..
UGOTTA.. Laugh because someone doesn't like Fred..
JulieR.. Complain about Erie County Courts.

In the end.. Fred walks with money.
Right or wrong if these 3 idiots would have just waited a few months and non-renewed him it would have been a mute point with a little public outcry and no lawsuits. Idiots. These are your heroes.


And there you go again at 3:14. But that's no suprise. All of your post during this fiasco has been the same ole same ole.


Master of copy and paste


Blame Fox, he should have just left quietly to begin with, his mistress might have even been able to keep her job that way! Why is it that people like him, never want to accept the responsibility for their actions? It is a shame that the board members who were doing the right thing by the taxpayers and the school system, bringing Freddy, and his unethical and disgusting role model behavior, into the LIGHT, are then targeted by lawsuits, etc. Isn't that what we elect them to do? See that the school district is run by a responsible and ethical Super? Someone the district can be proud of? He and his good old boys, feel they should be allowed to do what they want, without consequence and that everyone else should pay. IF he had been doing his job, instead of getting one, none of this would have had to happen in the first place! Really, what taxpayer, or underling, wants to pay an underhanded piece of work like him to lead their children? I am still baffled that there is even an argument about this. Oh yes, it is Huron, and he is in deep with them, right? He should be ashamed, and if he ever cared about the school system, as his cronies claimed, then he would do what is right, and go elsewhere. Take your two goons with you. Might doesn't make right, much as it has always served you in the past. Are you hearing me now Fred? Once a bully, always a bully.

Julie R.

Hey Sold, what makes you think Fox is going to walk away with a lot of money? If the Erie County courts run true to form and handle a Murray's case like they get away with illegally handling others, this case will still be going on 10 years from now. The jokes won't even address it!


All "fast Freddy" is doing is kicking a dead horse. The wheels are beginning to turn right now and more of Freddy's group are being questioned by the ethics committee. The lies and corruption that have taken place over the years are starting to come full circle now. If you think "fast Freddy" will be getting a lot of money from his lawsuits, guess again. His money and what he stole from the district will go to his attorney. As for his retirement, he might be spending that in jail. It is against the law to steal money especially if it is taxpayers hard earned money. Juries and courts are not in favor of someone that does those things. Throughout Huron he will be recognized as a dishonest person. He will have some friends that support him, but eventually they will disown him.

Fred's Posse: Over the months you have done Fred more harm then help. You people and his attorney (bottom feeder)is an embarrassment to his defense. Trying to defend what he has done shows how creditable you are. As I have said before, Fox should apologize to Mr. Nelson for bringing him into this mess. As for Fred, get rid of your so called friends. They have caused more harm than anything. Remember what one told you, "if I go down you're going with me.


I heard that someone else is being questioned about his dealings, too. If it is true, it is his own fault. Making false and inaccurate statements at a board meeting about how he has never sold directly to the district was a stupid move, especially with the lady from the ethics commission was present. It sounds like maybe the karma bus has pulled into town!