High-speed chase leads to crash in Sandusky

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Perkins and Sandusky police chase stolen car suspect on Perkins Avenue.
Jason Werling
May 7, 2013

The driver of a stolen Dodge Durango crashed the SUV into a pole at the corner of Camp Street and Perkins Avenue. Tommy Spurlock was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center as a result of injuries from the crash.

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High speed chase for a stolen car?


This jerk stole my truck over the weekend too by breaking into my home while my daughters and I were asleep upstairs....hope he rots in hell!!!!

Dont Worry Be Happy

Wow stepham, that's pretty scary. I'm glad this dirtbag didn't harm you or your daughter.

Thank you to the Perkins PD and all who assisted in this chase. PPD and SPD working together to get another bad guy off the streets.

Shout out to the fireman, emt and road crew for quick response to getting it cleaned up fast.


Yes I am VERY thankful that ALL he did was snatch my keys and run.....

BULLISDEEP's picture

How do you know it was him ?


If you are asking me it's because this dummy left all kinds of NICE hand prints and fingerprints all over my son's car that he crawled on to cut the screen out of my house window and crawl into my home......


POLE-LICE 1 Durango 0


Any news on the accident last week by eats and treats. White suv when threw one side of the fence and out the other. Between the dutch and dairy queen.


I was wondering the same thing..I was there when it happened,


There were no skid marks.Maybe a medical issue


There were no skid marks.Maybe a medical issue

Cracked Cherry

This guy was just in trouble last week, Why is he out? He broke into Pie Factory.


Just went to court last month to file theft charges on him for shoplifting. His charges were reduced so he was loudly thanking Jesus.

Only on the beach

And this guy was arrested last week by a Perkins Police Officer. Why was he running free? Thank God innocent people weren't injured. Hope he stays in jail this time!


I don't know about Sandtown or Perkins but in PC, repeat offenders seem to always get off with little or no jail time. They keep offending and get a little time and then get some diversion program or probation and move on to other crimes. It's kind of ridiculous. How many chances should these people get? I mean, come on. They're not going to change and they know how to work the system. It's no skin off their nose and no dent in their bank accounts. The lawyers are free. They don't pay the fines. Then they go out and do something else and keep using and selling drugs in the meantime.


Very poor job by the firemen, they got to the accident way, way, to quick!


We are very lucky that this high speed chase didn’t end with someone getting killed or maimed for life. The driver is a crack, cocaine, and heroin user. Why would we want to push this guy down a busy highway in a high speed chase? For a stolen car?


Yeah, forget about the owner, they should just let him keep it.


Many city law enforcements have abandoned the use of high speed pursuits. They almost always result in injuring or killing innocent people caught in their path. In this case especially, to begin a high speed pursuit for a stolen car is ludicrous. Sometimes I think that officers become over zealous and don't think clearly about what could result from it.

Sitting In The ...

What your saying is incorrect, they didn't stop they changed the departments policies regarding high speed pursuits therefore they're not as common. Please also consider the officer doesn't know why someone running....and please place the blame where it should be on the person running from police because normally they're the ones colliding with innocent bystanders.


Sitting In The ...,

So you see nothing wrong with pushing an unknown driver down the highway in a high speed chase killing your wife or kids or someone else’s wife or kids BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE ON THE DRIVER? The law protects the officer.

As it turns out, the driver probably isn’t familiar with the car; he’s a doper with at least residuals of crack, cocaine, and heroin in his system; the chase happens right in the middle of rush hour on the busiest road in Erie County—Perkins Ave with 4 lanes, no median, traffic in both directions, and no turn lane—definitely not designed for high speed driving.

He apparently was driving normally before the chase. Why didn’t the officers just follow him with lights off until he got to where he was going? Sounds pretty simple to me.


Lets see the dash cam of this one!

Sitting In The ...

I AGREE also they had another pursuit last night on the Ohio Turnpike I love to see that video to...per scanner traffic suspect was running at over 100mph