Crimefighter takes aim

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May 6, 2013


50 years ago, 1963: J. Edgar Hoover, in his 40th year as FBI director, cautioned the nation that it faced "a tragic breakdown of law and order" unless crime was curbed. Hoover said serious crime increased by 114 percent since 1950. One major cause was public apathy toward law enforcement.

25 years ago, 1988: Four Sandusky residents found they couldn't dodge old parking tickets forever. Officers caught up with them and charged them with failure to pay. Of the four, one had 25 back tickets, one had 19, one 15 and one had 7 tickets. Each offense cost $10. All were to appear in Sandusky Municipal Court.



Awe, J. Edgar Hoover was just a cross-dressing sex kitten dressing up to be a bad a$$. Look at the Dept. he has created. They run without rules.


Certainly no love lost between the Kennedy crime family and the head G-Man.

"Joe Kennedy is one of the biggest crooks who ever lived" - Sam Giancana


Which is why JFK and RFK died. It's not a secret. We just want to know who. Am I right?


Strong possibilities or just dumb coincidences - take your pick.

The supposedly mob connected Jack Ruby was always a head scratcher to me.

Many of the records regarding the JFK assassination remain sealed.

Still, the FACT that the Prez's brother was the U.S. Atty. Gen'l would never pass muster today - talk about nepotism at the highest levels!!!!


Millie McGhee. Hoover was a ^%$#@&