BGSU board approves first contract with faculty union

Three-year contract will increase pay rates for all faculty members at both main campus and BGSU Firelands (Updated with PDF)
Alissa Widman Neese
May 3, 2013


Bowling Green State University's board of trustees unanimously approved the first contract between the university's faculty union and administrators at a 1:30 p.m. meeting today.

The contract includes retroactive pay raises totaling 6.5 percent and increases of up to 3 percent each year for the next three years. It also includes a new impartial grievance process and the university's first paid parental leave.

Almost 97 percent of faculty members approved the terms April 12. 

The contract takes retroactive effect on May 1.

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To read the college administration's statement on the new contract, click on the PDF below. 


voice of fremont

No wonder college is so expensive I bet now that unions are involved the price will skyrocket

The Big Dog's back

Average pay for College president's- $250K. BGSU's Mazey- $375K.


Who gets these kinds of raises anymore? Everything has to be unionized. You go broke just trying to keep up with the raises. Bad move.

The Big Dog's back

Who gets these kind of raises? CEO's, management, Administrators, Boss's relatives, etc.


Hot Damn! I'm sure everyone of them are worth every cent!
Just wish I didn't know anyone who used those facilities.... then I'd be absolutely, 100% Positive!


Today's public unions remind me of that commercial where the little girl is saying "we want more, we want more, we really like it." Of course all of us would love getting raises every year, but it seems like it only happens in the public sector. Unfortunately is it "us" that gets less and less. I graduated for BG 20 years ago and the only thing that changed was the tuition, less than 5k per year then and last time I looked it was 16k, not sure what it is now. Twenty years ago a decent starting salary was around 25k to 30k, guess tuition went up faster than starting salaries, I don't know many 20 something kids starting out at 90k.

The Big Dog's back

Gee, ya think the private sector needs unions again? Who's starting out at 90k? the boss's son? Daughter? Nephew? Niece?

AJ Oliver

Countries with strong labor movements have higher wages (min wage in Australia is over $ 15) for working people in general, lower crime, longer lives, higher educational attainment, and much more.
The One Percent has successfully washed your brains.
Have a nice weekend - brought to you be the labor movement.


Germany & Norway & other progressive countries value their populace. Sadly America isn't what she should be.