It's a controlled burn

Erie MetroParks is doing their annual park maintenance with a controlled burn at the Community Foundation Preserve at Eagle Point.
Jason Werling
May 2, 2013


The Register and Erie MetroParks have had several calls asking where there was a fire.



Me and my homies used to have a controlled burn every day at 4:20 when we were in college. Good times....good times !




This seems like a real fine time for the state to burn. Little birds, birds nesting, young rabbits, deer and animals of all kinds??? I really don't expect anything more from the state. Words out that a lot of soot is falling all over many boats. Waiting to see what happens. All that smoke and we can't have a small fire.

The Bizness

Take some biology courses and learn about what you are talking about before you make such a statement.

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Lost carbon credits, your the government, you can do what you wish.

The Bizness

Yes the carbon is released during the burn but many of it is also left on the ground in the ashes which are then sequestered into the soil and the carbon released will then be reabsorbed into the grasses and trees that will grow....

"Thus from the point of view of carbon storage in grasslands, savannahs and tall forests, the best management approach is one in which large high-intensity wildfires are minimised by periodic prescribed burns carried out under mild weather conditions."


That was some crap today it never should have been done fire department shows up when I have a little fire