Surviving pit bull faces ‘vicious’ ruling in court

Scooter, the dog attacked at Battery Park by two pit bulls, has been released from an animal hospital in Akron and has returned home to Sandusky to recover.
Tom Jackson
Apr 30, 2013


The Jack Russell had been receiving intensive medical care since the April 19 attack, but he came home Friday and is slowly recovering, said owner Paul Aviles. He wants lots of attention but isn’t particularly active.

“He’s pretty much lying here,” Aviles said. “If he gets hungry, he’ll eat. I think he’s happy just to be home.”

Scooter suffered broken ribs in the attack. He has a big gash on his head, a big bandage on his rear right leg and steel staples in his chest. He’ll return to Akron Friday for a checkup.

“He’s got enough medication to open a drugstore,” Aviles said.

His owner was repeatedly bitten after getting on top of Scooter to save him from the dogs.

Aviles has bite marks in both hands and received many stitches in his hands and wrist. The stitches came out Sunday.

Sandusky police rescued Scooter and Aviles during the attack. One of the attackers died after being zapped by a police Taser.

The other pit bull, Lola, was captured and taken to Erie County Dog Pound.

Lola will remain there until public officials attend a hearing at 2 p.m. Thursday in Sandusky Municipal Court to determine if Lola is vicious, Dog Warden Barb Knapp said Monday.




There is NO WAY that woman should get that dog back! I feel sorry for Lola for being raised to be mean, but the dog should not be given back to that owner. In fact, she should be banned from owning any other pet for the rest of her life!

My one and a half year old niece plays in the yard at her babysitter's house just a block from Battery Park. I shudder to think what might have happened if the dogs had seen her outside instead of poor little Scooter.


There's no denying it. Pit Bulls are more dangerous than other dogs and need to be regulated differently.

As always, death threats may be sent to:


Yes, there PLENTY to deny it. Factitious, I will, once again post the FACTS about pit bulls below. Maybe one day you will actually read it and educate yourself.

The pit should NOT be returned to the owner. Clearly the dog was not properly secured, which is never good, period. The dogs could have been hit by cars, abducted, etc. And even the most well-trained/laid back dogs are capable of attacking if something catches them off-guard. When people let their dogs run loose, far too many things can go wrong. Once again, it comes back down to irresponsible owners, and the dog and community pay the price.

Here is info on temperament tests, problems with studies and with media, Vick's dogs, etc, links included--from unbiased sources that are not looking for sensationalism. The last link is to news coverage of Cleveland's decision to take Pits off of the "dangerous" list.

To Hell and Back-The Story of Michael Vick's Pit Bulls-

From the National Canine Research Council:

* The problems with dog bite studies- http://nationalcanineresearchcou...

* Detailed research that goes into real dog bite reporting takes time and effort- http://www.nationalcanineresearc...

* An example of irresponsible media sensationalism, which leads to unfounded public hysteria- http://www.nationalcanineresearc...

From the American Temperament Test Society:

* The most recent study showed that of 122 breeds, pit bulls scored a passing grade of 83.9% (their reaction when placed in confrontational situations). Beagles scored 78.2% and Golden Retrievers scored 83.2%. -

From Bad Rap, who took in the highest number of Michael Vick’s dogs:

* Addressing the myths head on-

* The dogs’ journey to freedom and happiness- http://badrapor.www65.a2hosting....

* Most of Vick’s dogs were able to be rehabilitated and placed in homes—almost all with other dogs, cats, and yes….children. These dogs, in my opinion, serve as the very best ambassadors for the breed as well as other breeds that have been improperly labeled as mean, aggressive, or vicious. -


I'm with MBR....It's not the BREED it's the HUMANS! Time to BLAME THEM!. GOD speed to Scooter and his humans. Also, GOD bless you for loving your pet so much and taking such good care of him! I wish ALL "humans" would do the same.


Double post


Kudos to Cesar Millan for rescuing Pit Bulls, but he's hardly objective in his views and does not succeed in refuting the the fact that Pit Bulls were bred to kill.

The National Canine Research Council does some nice things but they're and advocacy group and hardly objective about Pit Bulls, and they can't refute the the fact that Pit Bulls were bred to kill, either.

The idea that the "American Temperament Test" somehow vindicates Pit Bulls is a myth and a hoax, and the numbers are typically exagerated. It's not a good test for the trustworthyness of a Pit Bull, and it wasn't designed for that.

From The American Temperament Test Society, Inc. (ATTS) Breed Statistics page - "The pass-fail rate is not a measure of a breed’s aggression, but rather of each dog’s ability to interact with humans, human situations, and the environment."

The test is not a good indicator of the dog's ability to do damage, either; The tiny Chihuahua gets the same test a Saint Bernard. Lunging at strangers is considered protective and can increase scores depending upon the dog's category. The Pit's fearlessness actually tends to increase its scores.

The best available research shows that Pit Bulls are far more deadly. Calling it imperfect grasps at straws for lack of a better case - little research is flawless. The study shows that during 1997 and 1998, at least 27 people died of dog bite attacks (18 in 1997 and 9 in 1998). At least 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 human dog bite related fatalities during the past 20 years. Pit bulls and rottweilers were involved in over half of these fatalities and from 1997 to 1998 were involved in 67%. (Total death score: Pits-66, Rotts-39) See the study for yourself at


Right, Factitious, don’t trust the site Nat’l Canine Research Council, which offers a vast array of sources including the U.S. Department of Justice, various PhDs, the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, too many official breed-specific legislation resources to mention, and academic, peer-reviewed literature from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, just to name a few. If that is your idea of a site that shows bias, then I’m not sure there are any others out there that can be much purer when it comes to intent.

I do love how the multitude of sites I provided filled with legitimate, peer-reviewed research, are discounted by you. But you put your opinion, based upon incorrectly acquired info from a personal web site, out there as fact. ::snicker::

I think you are confusing two issues here: facts and advocacy. As a researcher, I can assure you that it would unethical for me to collect data but then ignore the outcome and promote something competently different. What you are witnessing is a group of educated professionals who have collected the data, see that it indicates pit bulls are not, as a breed, any more dangerous than other dogs, and are stating as much. To “advocate” otherwise would be unethical of them.

As fare as ATT goes, people are free to visit the site and make their own judgment. There is complete transparency and no attempt is made to sway people to choose one breed of dog over another. It works like this: “The test takes about 12 minutes to complete. The dog is on a loose six-foot lead and three ATT trained evaluators score the dog. Majority rules. Failure on any part of the test is recognized when a dog shows panic, strong avoidance without recovery or unprovoked aggression…. The ATT test focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat. The test is designed for the betterment of all breeds of dogs and takes into consideration each breed’s inherent tendencies.” Lots of other info there, but again, nothing geared toward bias. As the owner of two beagles and two pitties, anecdotally, I can say that my beagles are much more likely to nip at my friends and family than the pitties.

I will give you Bad Rap as an advocacy site, but I don’t consider them an over-the-top group. On the contrary. They are extremely level-headed and very calmly, professionally, and under the radar, went in and worked with officials to do what no one else cared about—take care of the dogs after Vick was busted. When no one believed in them, not even PETA (who really are, imho, an OTT organization), they knew it could be done. Years later, now that the dogs are happy, healthy, and serving as excellent ambassadors for the breed, Bad Rap finally receiving the attention and accolades they deserve. But they remain humble and grounded in facts and hard work. So advocacy? Yes. Sensationalism? No.

Now, compare all of that to the chart you love to pull out every time pit bulls are mentioned, from This is a site that is run by a woman who doesn’t even try to hide her agenda, and worse yet, culls her data from….wait for it….news reports from around the internet, after typing a search term into Google. Thanks, but I’ll stick with academia, DVMs, professional rescue organizations, and government entities designated to deal with the topic at hand.

Peninsula Pundit

I can find a link that says Nazis are living on the moon.
Just because you have a link doesn't make it the truth.
Dogs that attack little dogs, old men and children are not to be trusted.
These dogs are far and away the worst offenders of any as evidenced by innumerable news stories of bloody attacks nationwide.
If these dogs were making pressure cooker bombs, there wouldn't be one alive today.
But they have killed and maimed more people than the first Twin Tower, 9/11 and Boston attacks all rolled into one.
And someone has the wherewithal to defend these curs?
No shame at all.


Well said Pen Pun! I was thinking the same thing. Time after time when I have heard the horror stories of pit bull attacks the same comment is always made-- "He/she never showed signs of aggression before". I have a Siamese cat- they're infamous for their loud meows--mine was pretty quiet as a kitten but recently he's getting more vociferous as he grows older. Point is, never say never.


What makes a pit bull such a dangerous biter is due in no small part to the breed itself. Pit bulls have been bred to have extraordinarily strong jaws, and they tend to lock them when they DO bite which means punctures at best, and tears in any kind of a struggle (and frankly, who wouldn't struggle?). But what actually makes a pit bull dangerous in general is the same thing that makes ANY dog dangerous in general: Irresponsible owners.

I maintain that the things people posted in connection to other stories involving this incident are entirely right: Not only should the pit bulls' owner be prohibited from having pets again, she should be responsible for the associated vet and medical bills! Sure, the dogs did it. But who let them loose? And who didn't treat them/train them well? I think I rest my case...


The info on pit bulls' jaws is 100% INCORRECT:


It is a myth....pit bull's jaws do NOT lock.


While it's true Pit Bull jaws do NOT lock - technically, it does not make those dogs less dangerous, because metaphorically, they do.

From :

"...due to selective breeding for a specific bite style -- to hold on and to shake indefinitely -- we consistently hear in news reports that the dog "would not let go." has recorded numerous tools used to try to get a pit bull to release its grip including: shotguns, hammers, baseball bats and pipes." (


"One of the most powerful examples of a pit bull "not letting go" occurred in an Ohio courtroom. During the Toledo v. Tellings trial (Tellings was convicted of violating the City of Toledo's pit bull ordinance), Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon showed a videotape of a tranquilized pit bull hanging from a steel cable. The dog is essentially unconscious and still does not release its grip." (


You have GOT to come up with a new source of info. You do a disservice to SR readers when you continue to spew stuff from that site as fact. --> This is a site that is run by a woman who doesn’t even try to hide her agenda, and worse yet, culls her data from….wait for it….news reports from around the internet, after typing a search term into Google. Thanks, but I’ll stick with academia, DVMs, professional rescue organizations, and government entities designated to deal with the topic at hand.


Okay, although I said "tend to lock" (implying voluntary, not physical lockdown), I shouldn't have used the term "lock." It's too easily interpreted in too many ways and, while I knew what I meant, it wasn't the way it came across.

How about simply saying that pit bulls tend not to let go once they've caught something? And that the substantial strength in their jaws (and yes, I KNOW they're not the ONLY breed with great jaw strength) makes them more dangerous than a "nipper?" Combine that with the reputation that some irresponsible owners seem to WANT to impart on their animals, and pit bulls are, in general terms, dangerous dogs indeed.

Full disclosure: I was raised with several different breeds of dogs, so I don't have issues with dogs in general. I was attacked as a child by a pair of dogs (not ours) who happened to be German shepherds. I wasn't badly hurt, but I WAS badly scared. And you know what? It's STILL the pit bulls I'm afraid of when I walk around town! Why? Reputation. And, as I said before, the determination of some nasty human beings to ensure that THEIR pit bull deserves it!


I've known of two families who have had pit bulls. Got them as puppies. Defended the breed, saying they got a bad rap due to other pit attacks. Fast forward a few years. Neither one has them any longer due to behavior issues that bit by bit increased their non-trust. I don't care what research has been done-- I think they're just an inherently mean breed. Period.


Now, I know there are lots of FACTS in all of this, but do not be deterred from reading. Links on myths vs. facts:


About a month ago I got a Pit bull from the Huron county dog pound I could not have asked for a nicer sweeter dog. He is a gentle giant. My 4 year old grandson can do anything to him and he doesn't even growl.I have no idea who had him before but they did a great job with him. It is all in the humans who train their pets or don't train them


It's good of you to rescue that dog. There is no reason to doubt your story.

Read the facts, and maybe you will understand that you have no reason to trust the dog, however sweet it may seem.

"Due to selective breeding for the purposes of dogfighting - pit bulls were artificially selected to attack unpredictably, to "hold on and shake,"2 and to hide warning signals before an attack -- the pit bull breed often demonstrates "hair trigger" arousal."

Please, please, PLEASE do not allow the dog to be alone with your Grandson.


I adopted a pit mix from Lucas County Humane Society about 7 years ago. EVERY DOG gives warning takes an alert and knowing human/owner to know them. I have a pit mix and a rottie .... I have had a shepherd/lab and another rottie...I have NEVER left kids alone with my dogs. As a responsible owner you should know that a dog is an ANIMAL and any animal can attack/bite....heck a CAT can attack too.

Kottage Kat

kats attack? Seriously they hiss and scratch could not inflict the damage a canine could
Usually they are afraid of you if you say "boo "
Kat's rule, dogs drool


TOTALLY AGREE FACTITIOUS! Just asking for trouble.

Peninsula Pundit

Please add your grandson's name so when we see in the paper he was attacked by the dog, we will be assured that the dog was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Granny, you don't keep a loaded gun in your house with that little boy around, do you?
So why in goodness sake would you place that youngster in the vicinity of a pit bull?
It beggars belief.


Her grandson will never be attacked by that dog. I am willing to wager my right arm on that statement. I am amazed by how easily people dismiss legitimate research by qualified individuals and teams, and instead opt for hyperbole as fact.

nosey rosey

Cesar Milan is a bad reference to quote on any dog training. His method is based on dominance which is not a good way to train any breed.


Anyone who knows anything about dogs understands that dogs, in their natural state, live in packs with hierarchies. To discount the thousands of dogs that Millan has saved is ridiculous. Not everyone has to employ his philosophy, to be certain. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with not allowing dogs to rule the house/over other animals, using positive reinforcement, and ignoring bad behavior--which is Millan's philosophy.


Cesar Millan's philosophy is the best there is. You get a dog to LOVE AND CHERISH. You also HAVE to become the alpha dog. If you let that dog do whatever it wants it will turn into something you don't want. If you have not the patience to BE alpha dog, don't get one and you won't have a problem.

your master

I always take a debarbed frog gig with me on my walks. If a unleashed dog approaches me I just give them a slight jab and that usually takes care of the problem. Now if the dog appears threating by either its breed or actions I always give them the full plunge of the gig and they scamper away.


good idea! has your method been tested on crackheads?

he said she said

I don't believe that Ms. Hush should get her dog back. She made the dog what it became, the dog didn't do itself. My son has a pit and she is the sweetest dog. She will let anyone walk up to her and pet her and they don't have to fear anything except her tongue licking you and her wagging tail beating you.

You don't need the Dog Whisperer to tell you that if you have a dog, the owner is to be the alpha not the dog. If the dog becomes the alpha, you will end up with a dog that is wild and does not listen to commands and is a danger to society.

Maybe someone can adopt Miss Lola and retrain her to get the bad habits out and good habits in. It will take patience and time, but she is worth a try.


Thanx for the backup, hsss. The only reason I used Cesar Millan for my comment is because he is well known and not many listen to a handle on the SR comment section. Especially if it comes from the handle named luvblues2. Cesar's methods are proven. I used them before I ever saw him on TV. There ARE some dogs that can't be socialized, though. Not many, but they do exist.

sandtown man

This dog is not mean nor was it raised in a bad way she was not trained to fight as some of you say. She got loose which is never good for any dog now this jack russel was on a leash where it belonged so it is not at fault in any way and its unfortunate what happened. I dont think lola should be put down shes a good dog and neither one of those dogs would have bit anyone or animal if not provoked by something such as a jack Russell. You see if you do some research you will find that jack Russell TERRIERS tend to be fairly aggressive and i would bet this jack Russell showed aggression then got attacked. The thing is though the jack Russell was on a leash with its owner like it should have been which is why lola needs a responsible owner i say save her but find her a new human. When big powerful dogs even play rough which is what very well may have happened they can do major damage. If your going to have them you must keep them restrained and locked down. Honestly becky is lucky she is not facing more harsh consequences.

sandtown man

By the way just fyi my son was bit in the face by a dog had 38 stitches and a scar he will wear the rest of his life. It wasnt a pit oddly enough it was a jack russell named petey he was such a cute dog. Before he was euthanized.

sandtown man

And another thing. Now im not defending anyone but if these dogs REALLY REALLY ATTACKED this guy and his dog they would be dead both of them. The scary thing is that could happen and will if irresponsible people keep insisting on owning these animals. We need stronger laws for powerful breeds. Now sure its the dog not the breed but i still say stronger LAWSfor powerful breeds simply for the damage capabilities they have and the responsibility of having one


Really,miktoxic? I agreed with your post until the last paragraph. I can't walk my lil chi dog down the street with a leash for fear of your big, unleashed dog thinking that he is a toy? I'm not parading him. I'm taking him for a walk.


i didn't mean it like that.

if your dog is leashed we have no probs. if your dog isn't leashed because you feel he is of no threat to anyone or anything, i feel you would have to take 50% of the responsibility if somehow another dog got out of his yard or his owner was walking him unleashed. that's all.

if you would have read the post you would have read that i saqid i never walk my dog unleashed, and i don't have a yard, i live in a 6 story apartment building that is dog-friendly, which is hard to find anymore. there is a state owned trail that everyone jogs on people from neighboring houses etc. come to walk their dogs etc.

and you know what dogs in and out make the biggest ruckasses? yeah, the little ankle biters. nothing wrong with a little dog. i love all animals. but they do have the biggest mouths.

just my opinion.


My 'lil "anklebiter" is as opposite to his breed as is your's. It's the way we take care of them. Mine is not a 'lil yappin' a$$ed anklebiter SOB. He is very calm. But, he does like his walk time and I always use a leash. I would guard him just like the guy in the article did. I also have a cat. I like her just as much. So does the dog. Just because your dog thinks mine is a toy, doesn't make it right for your way of thinking.

sandtown man

I agree. You should not have to fear takinga walk with your pooch resulting in being mauled.


I pay just as much attention to the stories that the media does NOT promote as I do to the ones they choose to push. Interesting that this story is not garnering much attention:


this is just plain dumb. we all like dogs, correct? can we just agree on the fact that the owners of the aggressive dogs should have never been allowed to own or raise dogs?

just like a lot of people shouldn't be allowed to breed.