Perkins police searching for car jacker

Man steals car at Meijer gas station
Andy Ouriel
Apr 29, 2013


Perkins police officers are searching for an unknown man who allegedly stole a car at the Meijer gas station at about 2 p.m. Monday.

Meijer employee Brian Smith left his car unattended with the keys inside while he pumped fuel into it. When he went inside the convenient store to pay, someone hopped into his car and took off north on Milan Road toward Sandusky.

Smith drove a blue 2008 Honda Accord. The license plate reads EHK 4032.

People with information about this incident should call police at 419-626-2457.



NEVER ever leave you keys in your car or leave your car open. It's an invitation to criminals. Plain and simple.




I thought they had cameras there. Would think they'd be able to pick something up there.


Agreed, candleburner. A store as big as that doesn't have cams?


I wouldn't call that a "car jacking"....that is theft. The man that left the KEYS IN THE CAR was not "jacked" out of it.


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I lol'd at this. Good form, sir.


Sometimes people get too comfortable in their workplace even though it has hundreds of employees on 3 different shifts. I would never leave my car UNLOCKED/W/keys in the ignition, within Perkins or Sandusky city limits any where, any season , anyhow.

PS. In case this was a scam to pay off the insurance on the car so you didn't have to make the payments, and have a bud steal your vehicle, insurance companies are down with that. Have been for quite some time.


i wish someone would steal my vehicle....i leave the keys in all the time but noone wants it! lol

Cracked Cherry

His car was stolen, not carjacked. Police will find it today after the thief is done using it.

SeƱor Clown

Agreed. You cannot carjack an unoccupied vehicle. It's hardly even fair to say it was stolen if the keys were in the ignition and the doors unlocked.


Senor clown is Senor Stupido to make a comment like that.

2cents's picture

I looked yesterday thinking the same thing when the story came out, technicaly it was!

"Carjacking is the unlawful seizure of automobile."


If you look at the legal dictionary......."The criminal taking of a motor vehicle from its driver by force, violence, or intimidation."


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Ok then, I buy my fuel there twice a week. Could have some fun with my 3913 : )

Matt Easterhold

If it said car stolen than maybe we wouldn't have clicked on the story. If they didn't sensationalize their news than they wouldn't have such big advertising accounts with high profile names such as midohio jobs and chicken bbq coupons.