Man charged with arson after breakup

Sandusky man allegedly ignited a greeting card, tossed it underneath girlfriend's car
Emil Whitis
Apr 28, 2013


An already heated break up literally burst into flames Saturday morning on Milan Road when a Sandusky man allegedly set fire to a greeting card and tossed it underneath his girlfriend's car. 

Dustin Austin, 26, was charged with aggravated arson, assault and domestic violence.  Police got the call at about 6:30 a.m.
The girlfriend, identified as 20-year-old Ashley Simons, said she'd just broke up with her boyfriend and "he (was) not taking it well." 
"At about 4:30 a.m. this morning, Austin started to gather Simons' clothing into trash bags and place them into the trunk of his vehicle," a Sandusky police report said. "She pleaded for him to stop with him refusing." 
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Dang shame he was not a law enforcement or government official. If so, he would have just been lightly slapped on his hand and told to knock it off. Sad but very true...


Hopefully they give him some shampoo & a hair cut in jail.



Julie R.

What an idiot.

The Answer Person

Takes TWO to be an idiot. Who knows what games she is up to...


No, it only takes one.


was it a dear john Hallmark greeting card?