Update: Sandusky County employee suspended after assault

Sheriff's office releases documents.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 26, 2013

A Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office employee is on paid administrative leave after allegedly assaulting a co-worker.

Update: The sheriff's office released the documents earlier today. Click here to read them. Warning: Some of the language in the documents might be offensive to some.  

The male employee, accused of assaulting a female employee, was placed on leave last week pending the outcome of an internal investigation, Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt said.

Hirt refused to identify the employee or release any further information about the incident, citing the ongoing investigation.

The Register has submitted public records requests to Sheriff Kyle Overmyer for more information on the incident. In an email response, Overmyer said he had sent the request to Maj. Tom Fligor, jail administrator, for fulfillment.

State law requires law enforcement agencies to file an incident report prior to starting an investigation. The law generally requires incident reports be made available upon request as a public record, and does not allow these reports to be withheld from release for the reasons Hirt stated.

Neither Hirt nor Overmyer offered any explanation for why the sheriff’s office is keeping the report secret, or a reason the requirement in state law is being ignored.



Sandusky County!!! You surely must be joking. Would they do something like this? (and before I get jumped all over I am the one who is joking.)


I just wonder why the Sandusky Register is so interested in Sandusky County instead of Erie County? Why does Mr. Westerhold have a agenda against law enforcement? When is the Register going to become a newspaper instead of the National Enquirer?

sandtown born a...

Maybe when sandusky county corrupt officials start following the laws they swore to uphold


Because Sandusky County doesn't have a newspaper worth wrapping fish in.

John Harville

Amen. One correction... 'doesn't have a newspaper' is sufficient.


gee, let's see, they have had a live sex show with officers watching, botched investigation with Jake, and now assault on a female employee. Then forbid the incident report. I think it's about time the AG comes to Fremont and start removing the corrupt trash that is supposed to be the so called law enforcement in Sandusky County!!

John Harville

You mean Overmyer County



John Harville

Need a Democrat party to do that...


I just wish the Sandusky Register would stop spreading hate and destroying careers in their effort to promote a anti law enforcement pro criminal Ohio!

sandtown born a...

You must be neck deep in the crap with your comments


I would keep the EVERY incident private from the Register & Reflector. The ONLY reason they want the info is so they can drag these people through the mud. I just saw on tv where a newspaper reporter is the #1 ranked worse job.... guess you get what you pay for; look at the rubbish that is being printed! Get a life staff.. and a real job!


The SR doesn't drag these people through the mud. These people jump in with both feet.


well said tk!!!! They made their bed so they must lie in it.


When people do stupid stuff and the end result is a police report, there's a good chance said stupid incident will wind up in the newspaper.

John Harville

chopper... exactly how many portions of the Constitution would you like to get rid of?

BTW... there are no newspaper reporters these days. There once were journalists but they are gone. Newspapers don't support their 'press secretaries'.


I am not defending anyone if they did assault a coworker, cop or not, if they did it then they deserve to get prosecuted just like anyone else. But why don't you wait until you have all the facts and THEN write one story instead of running a new story every time you get a little bit of information that's what journalism is isn't it?...getting the facts THEN reporting on them. The SR is so quick to fly off the handle whenever someone doesn't do what they ask RIGHT AWAY, they are treating their paper like a bathroom stall wall, putting up pictures and painting people in a bad light whenever they don't comply. And they wonder why no one will give out any information to them when they ask for it...you catch more flies with honey, sunshine law or not. If the sunshine law was really enforced we would hear about agencies getting sued all the time, truth is no one is afraid of getting sued for not handing over a public records EXACTLY when its requested. We ALL know by now that media has the right to request public records, because you write it at the bottom of every story.


Because they want to be the FIRST to report. Apparently they get bonus points for reporting first. Whether the info was accurate or not - in example, the article posted about the wreck on Rt 2. Says Rt 2 was closed so LifeFlight could land, but then said the chic was flown from Magruder. My 9 year-old can write details better than this, and he even picked up on the error too.


@ chopperpilot:
I was there yesterday as the first vehicle before entering the bridge. I also have a scanner in my vehicle and watched and listened to Lifeflight for over 35 minutes trying to land on the crest of the bridge where the accident happened. He couldn't land because of the high winds. I watched him circle with landing gear down for over 35 minutes and finally they decided when the person was removed from the vehicle to transport to Magruder Hosp.


@ 007:
Are you one of those people who are so obscessed with fires and wrecks that you chase and follow the fire trucks, then listen on ur scanner? I mean, who drives around with a scanner in their truck? Wierdo.


So one is called a weirdo when they explained what they heard over the scanner? Hmmmm


chopperpilot never listens to the radio.


I was on my way to Port Clinton when the accident happened you remedial dolt!!

John Harville

Herbie... "that's what journalism is, getting the facts THEN reporting it"
Not quite. Journalism is getting the facts, asking the questions, probing public records for supporting information. Example: do you wait to report there were two bombs exploded in Boston UNTIL you know who did it? Do you report what you see - people being put in ambulances, bodies under tarps - or just wait for 10,000 Tweeters to tweet all sorts of misinformation? It IS a fact, in any story, if someone is withholding information that is a matter of public record.

yogi bear

"State law requires law enforcement agencies to file an incident report prior to starting an investigation." There is no state law that requires this.

It's just more ...

You are absolutely correct Yogi. But Heaven forbid if you try to tell the Register's almighty managing editor what the law is because he thinks he is an expert.


You mean you don't have to file a police report for the police to launch an investigation?

It's just more ...

"Off-topic" ?!?!? Yogi just quoted the statement in the article itself where you say "State law requires law enforcement agencies to file an incident report prior to starting an investigation," and correctly pointed out that no such law exists. How in the world was that "Off-topic"?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks It's just more and others who questioned statements in this article about public records.

The Sandusky County Sheriff's Office today complied with requirements in the Ohio Revised Code and released the initial incident report and the employee paid-leave notice the Register requested and stated they were required to release under the state's public records law.

The investigation is ongoing and documents developed since the initial incident report are not public record until the investigation is complete.

The Register's statements about incident reports being a public record and not subject to arbitrary withholding by officials are accurate and have been vetted through legal counsel. 

It's just more ...

Do you even read the article and posts before you respond? I'll say it more succinctly this time so maybe you will understand: What "State law requires law enforcement agencies to file an incident report prior to starting an investigation"? (an exact quote from the article). The posts by myself and Yogi said nothing of incident reports that have already been filed. And Matt, you're not fooling anyone, besides your lemmings, regarding vetting anything through legal counsel. Any first year law student can read the statutes and case law regarding public records in Ohio and see that the Register has made numerous misstatements of law in articles on the subject.