'That kid is the man'

Domino's driver delivers after crash
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 26, 2013


A crash that sent a Domino's Pizza delivery car hurtling into a Campbell Street home Tuesday generated two common questions among community members.

The first: Is everyone OK? 

The second: Did those customers ever get their pizza?

The answer to both: Yes.

Geoffrey Routsong, 19, did indeed complete his delivery while en route to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment following the crash. Routsong was not at fault in the crash.

Christina Merlo was the grateful recipient of the pizza.

"That kid is the man," Merlo said. "He was still promoting Domino's while he was bleeding from the head."

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they should put him in a commercial


Just what I would want....Someone bleeding from the head handing me my meal.


That's wacked. I'd lose my appetite.


It seems the only appetite you have is pissing someone off in the comment section. Not to mention, being "whacked".


Dedication goes a long way in today's world. It's not like he bled on the pizza, 1luckydog.


This guy has some great work ethics. Too bad there isn't more out there like him!


promotion time!


Go Pirates!


I agree with sorryhog and others. This kid has some great work ethics. I hope he goes far in life.


This is Newsworthy how?


Seriously? The accident was news and this was a great follow-up human interest story.




Where does it say they required him to deliver it?




Prove it.


settle down settle down.. no where is it stated that he was ordered to complete the delivery. no need to Domino's bash here, just take a breath and calm down a bit.


lc040103 took his ball and ran home.


Some people really need to read and reread this story , No where does it say he was told by his boss to deliver any pizza .
And its kinda nice to see the register write about something like this instead of all the bad things that go on in this world


This is exactly the kind of employee that every boss wants to have on their payroll!!! And I know the manager of this Domino's and there's no way that she would be demanding that he make sure the delivery went thru - she's be right there at the scene making sure he was ok first of all and out making the delivery herself afterwards with a fresh pizza no less. I've seen the commercials with the owner/CEO/whoever in them talking about what Domino's can do to make their company better - well come and talk to this kid and train other employees on ethics!! It's something sadly lacking in many - even adults - in today's work force.


give this young man a raise !!


...and a band-aid.


The customer could have at least give the kid a band-aid, for his head.