Plan for court records online goes offline

Erie County clerk of courts Luvada Wilson recently hit another snafu when attempting to place about 1 million pages of legal documents online. Once the paperwork is online, anyone with Internet access can view them.
Andy Ouriel
Apr 25, 2013


Downloading a massive file on dial-up Internet seems supersonic compared to how long it has taken to upload Erie County court records online.

A Register story in late February quoted Wilson as saying digital court records would be available by late March.

Fast forward two months. Court records remain offline.

“No one is more disappointed than I,” Wilson said, declining to provide a new date for when the records could be uploaded.

Techies helping upload documents experienced difficulties when attempting to transfer thousands of older pictures into computerized images.

Problems also ensued when the workers couldn’t redact private information from the documents, which date back to 2000.

“Until that has been corrected, I am not going to go live for the public,” Wilson said. “The accuracy of the information has to be one of my paramount concerns.”

For years, community members have waited patiently to see court records online — a resource provided in many other Ohio counties. Former clerk of courts Barb Johnson, who died in October 2011 while in office, repeatedly failed to deliver on this promise.

“It can be very frustrating when trying to assist clients because the records aren’t accessible,” Norwalk attorney Doug Clifford said. “If you look at Lorain, Huron and other surrounding counties, you’ll find that many clerks offices have been online for years.”

Wilson, who immediately succeeded Johnson in fall 2011 and won a full four-year term beginning in January 2013, vowed to make the office more efficient and technologically friendly.

“It is time to be trailblazers, not just trailers,” Wilson said.

Clerk employees will continue adding both old and new cases online once the initial batch of 1 million is uploaded, Wilson said.

Once court records go online, there won’t be a fee to download or read through them.

“The greatest benefit to the consumer is that of convenience,” Wilson said. “This will permit the user, whether a person or attorney, to view what is in the case file without having to come into the courthouse.”



Now The Rest of...

How long before our favorite blogger will share her fraud stories, whats the over/under?


I say by

Julie R.

Why do you say the fraud stories are mine? I certainly didn't commit fraud. Unlike attorneys and other dirt-bags, I would never be that ignorant. If I was an auditor, I would never be ignorant enough to authorize fraud, either. In addition, if I was a recorder and required by law to make sure all filings on property were true and accurate, I sure as heck would never be ignorant enough to knowingly file a fraud document that falsely stated a (forged) Power of Attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder was on file in Erie County.

Would you like me to move on to some more of your ethical Erie County public officials now ....... like maybe some of your ethical judges?


Well at least Mrs. Wilson is trying and there are some updates in the paper ...more than what happened before.


Got to give her a little credit. Barb Johnson couldn't do it in 25 years.

Erie County Resident

2 years down 23 to go.
Then the next "D" gets their turn.

This is crazy that it takes this long to show any progress. All I've seen so far are more promises. I know it won't happen overnight but come on show us something!!!


25 years of neglect and data compilation without giving out too much personal info takes a bit of time.

"Wilson said. “The accuracy of the information has to be one of my paramount concerns.”

I don't see a problem. The woman is playing catch up.

Now The Rest of...

We have a winner, who had the 10PMM time frame?

Tell it how it is.

Is this really a story? Is it against the law to not have things on the internet. After all the internet is a breeding ground for anonymous people to complain about things. Andy, how about you go out and do some real reporting or apply for the National Enquirer.


Of course it's a story. They've already said that they are putting the records online & this was an update on what's been happening. There ARE actually people who are looking forward to when they get the site up and running and who are interested in whether progress is being made.

Tell it how it is.

Kelly, I told someone yesterday that I was going to use the restroom today but I haven't gone yet. I am not quite ready. Please Call Andy to come over and write a story on it with drama filled words. I can't keep the readers of the SR waiting.


What a stupid comment

Julie R.

So what's the delay here, anyway? Are they too busy distributing the three million dollar account to attorneys that Barb Johnson is getting the blame for or what?

I still can't wait to see how that scam court-ordered sheriff sale of property is going to look like online. Considering how misleading the auditor and recorder's online records are pertaining to the fraudulent transfer of my mother's half seven months before her death, I'm really curious to see if these records will also be misleading.

At this rate, it doesn't look like I'll be seeing it any time soon!


You seem to be fairly sufficient at typing Jules. How bout if you go up and donate some time to help record, and then you can see ALL the records you want to?

Julie R.

I could go to the courthouse every day of the week if I wanted to and look at all the records --- auditor, recorder, treasurer, probate court, the clerk of court's for the common pleas --- just like you and anybody else can. Why do you think they call them public records?

When I say I can't wait to see what that scam court-ordered sheriff sale is going to look like online, I'm being sarcastic. How do you keep missing that, anyway? Nevertheless, I still can't wait. It should be hilarious. I'll even give you the case number so you can see it for yourself. (chuckle-chuckle)

Now The Rest of...

And the beat goes on....

Julie R.

@ Now The Rest of: Ever hear of the LAW that states anybody that assists in fraud is just as guilty as the one(s) that benefit?


A fact that Andy DID NOT report (though he knows) is that it is the software vendor that is causing the delay! Tell the whole story Andy! Mrs. Wilson is working her butt off to clean up 25 years of neglect! Keep in mind she has only held the position for 1 1/2 years. Massive changes are happening under her leadership. Hey Andy, why not report on the commissioners denying her e-filing? There's a story!

Julie R.

I still say Barb Johnson is getting a bad rap and I don't care what anybody says.


Right. Keep telling yourself that.....


Right. Keep telling yourself that.....

Julie R.

Auditors that authorize fraudulent transfers of property under forged power of attorneys concealed in another county, recorders that knowingly file fraud documents, financial institutions that weren't the least bit afraid to make internal fraudulent changes to an elderly, incompetent person's trust contracts, a court that allowed attorneys to file a fraud will two years after a client's death, a court that forced property to be sold at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action under a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title ...........

Gee, I don't know why I think the former Clerk of Court Barb Johnson is getting a bad rap.

Now The Rest of...

I should say it never gets old, but it does....

Julie R.

We keep hearing about Barb Johnson --- what about the rest of the Erie County public officials? Truth hurt or what? Fraud is a criminal offense and the law states anybody that assists in fraud is just as guilty as the one(s) that benefit. I would be willing to bet Barb Johnson never assisted anybody in fraud. That's more than you can say for some of the rest of the sweetheart public officials in Erie County.

Kottage Kat

Julie R.
It happened to me. Just got on with life. No amount of verbal diarrhea to people who can not change the siuationor after years of listening even care about your problem
You obviously have developed some " issues"over this and need professional help to move on.
What I cannot change I have come to accept
Wish you well in the future and I for one am tired of hearing about it
Here's a quarter call someone who cares
Thank you

Julie R.

You don't like hearing it, don't read it.

Thank you.

Julie R.

@ Kottage Kat: Just out of curiosity in reference to your comment that "it happened to you" ..... WHAT happened to you? The auditor authorized a fraudulent transfer of your property situated in Huron, Ohio (Erie County) under a power of attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder with your signature forged on it? Crooks from an insurance company and a Huron bank made a bunch of internal fraudulent changes to your contracts --- even cash surrendered in all of your life insurance policies on a forged power of attorney with 'Power of Attorney' wrote next to bogus Erie County Recorder numbers faxed down the side of it?

If so, wow! I would have to say that was criminal. Maybe you should contact your Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter --- but take note he doesn't like to return phone calls.