Sandusky County sheriff's employee accused of assault

Man on paid administrative leave after allegedly assaulting a co-worker.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 25, 2013


The male employee, accused of assaulting a female employee, is on leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation, said Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt.

The Register has submitted public records request to Sheriff Kyle Overmyer for more information regarding this incident.

Check back here at for updates when they become available.



It is a matter of time before things begin to EXPLODE in that office...


And everyone is paying attention....


Even rats know when to jump ship and swim for it...


Why not? They got away with assaulting an unstable female inmate?


Tthings don't begin to explode. They just explode. There have been alot of incidents not appropriate to a law enforcement agency but I am sure they're being handled by those in charge. There have already been investigations and outcomes. So I don't forsee explosions. That was in Boston.


just a figure if about ERUPT??


We can't seem to do anything about because they are all related to the good ole boys they retire then come back at full pay or in the case of one they buy hours from one dept (city)retire they get hired in another(cty)it just goes on and on from one generation to another.


Someone should do a full investigation of the sheriff's office.


It's called "nepotism".


Agreed that Office Needs Some Help, Too Many That Seem Incompetent Of Their Job Description, Or Have Just Let Their Authority Go To Their Head! So Unbelievably Sad! And Before Anyone Goes On A Rant About My TYping My Not So Smart Phone CapitalizeS As It PleaseS And If I Try To Correct It It CapitalizeS Even More, Thanks For Your Cooperation In The Matter :)


They need to bring Dewine in and have him take over Sandusky County.


Dewine's not gonna do squat! He's keeping his distance because he doesn't want to know what's going on there. They’re all republicans in each others pockets. You people wouldn’t believe what goes on behind closed doors...


Always something going on one there it seems


is that employee or deputy and are they charged with assault?


I just wish the people on this forum would show respect for the law enforcement officials who do so much to keep us safe! It seems this paper is a pro criminal paper.

sandtown born a...

This person is in law enforcement in this county always defending the corrupt


the apple dont fall far from the tree freedom 12 like for instance spd officer fitzpatrick,,, cookie bandits from spd and lets not forget the cop whom said two black guys had pulled a gun on him and induced panic within the streets of sand town...