Trucker saves boy; dad charged

6-year-old was found wandering near railroad tracks
Emil Whitis
Apr 25, 2013


A vigilant truck driver rescued a wandering 6-year-old boy from the railroad tracks Tuesday in the 1300 block of Olds St.

Police later charged the boy's father, Carl Nagel Jr., 47, with child endangering. 

The truck driver spotted the boy at about 3 p.m.  "He had been driving down the street and the child was near the rail crossing and appeared all alone," a Sandusky police report said. "He stopped and the child came to him, at which point he put (the child) in the cab of his vehicle and gave (the child) a bottle of water." 

Sandusky police showed up and took the boy to the police station. Police soon got a call from Nagel, who'd been frantically searching for his boy, the report said.  

Nagel said he accidentally left the back door unlocked. 

"Due to the distance from his residence that (the boy) was able to go, the time element involved, as well as the proximity to the railroad and water hazards that could have been fatal for the child as well as vehicular traffic ... it was determined that a charge of child endangering would be filed against Carl Nagel," the report said.



Damn. The kid wasn't even taught how not to get into a vehicle with strangers. Sad.


It could have been a lot worse too. The dad and the little boy are lucky that this trucker was a good man and didn't just take off with the boy! He better be grateful and start being a better parent.


That is what is sad about todays society. Even those of us who are good people and try to help are often questioned or worse. I have stopped to help random strangers, I only pray there are still a few more like me to help if I ever need it. I would be more worried about the fact the father didn't know where his child was. Thankfully a worried, kindhearted man stopped to help. Look at the other side of the coin, how many OTHERS drove by and didn't bother to help. How bad would they feel if (god forbid) the child fell on the tracks or ended up in the water. Then everyone on here would be crying to the heavens about how people just let it happen and didn't try to help. Thankfully this story had a good end result.


You are not 6 years old, ladydye_5.


It takes a village to raise an idiot!


I grew up with Carl. He never was too bright. Living that close to the tracks, he should have taught his son railroad safety (and apparently stranger safety) a long time ago. He deserves to be charged with child endangerment.

To the truck driver: Thank you for being a good guy and looking out for this little boy.


Truck driver is awesome , he saved this child from so many hazards. I tip my hat to you, sir. Dad ,grow up.... you are very fortunate your child is fine.


Wow people watch ur kids!! This happens in the same week the guy who killed himself on Tiffin Ave, something needs done w/ trains. People need taught train safety!! And if u cant be a parent to your child(s) stop having them, their is a thing called protection use it!!


Sandfreak13 -I agree, your right on


Trucker is awesome! Great people still exist.