Unicycle theft close to solved

After investigators spin their wheels, tipster puts them on the right track
Emil Whitis
Apr 24, 2013


Thanks to an anonymous tipster, Brunswick police are one step closer to solving a September 2012 unicycle theft.

The tipster called Erie County deputies at about 7 p.m. and shared information about a unicycle theft that happened in Brunswick. The caller also gave deputies a Sandusky man's name.

Deputies tracked the man to the 100 block of Sandusky St. He admitted he had a unicycle and that he'd bought it from a stranger in a Brunswick park several years back.

The man told deputies he didn't know the unicycle was stolen and, if deputies could prove the theft, he'd return it.

Deputies sent a copy of their report to Brunswick police.


Raoul Duke

This is why I carry whenever I ride my unicycle.


yeah, unicycles are becoming the hot new ride but don't buy one at a park from someone you don't really know.

Really are you ...

What do you do with a unicycle with a missing wheel?