Sandusky city commission approves police union contract

Agreement includes three raises over three years.
Andy Ouriel
Apr 24, 2013


Full-time Sandusky police personnel will receive three separate raises between now and Jan. 1, 2015.

The additional cost to taxpayers over the next two years amounts to about $101,000

Sandusky city commissioners voted 6-1 Monday in favor of the new contract for police officers, which covers everyone except the department’s chief, John Orzech. 

Commissioner Wes Poole voted against the contract after realizing city funds would pay for firearms officers could keep forever, even after leaving the department.

The provision indicates officers can buy up to one gun during their entire career with Sandusky through their annual uniform allowance, totaling $750.

“I see no reason why the city of Sandusky should buy people guns and rifles,” Poole said. “I don’t think it was a good decision to do this.”

All full-time Sandusky officers receive a department-issued handgun, with the opportunity to use a rifle or shotgun as well, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said. Officers must return these firearms once they leave the force.

Officers often buy another gun for backup or off-duty reasons.

“These guys aren’t walking out of here with 20 guns,” commissioner Jeff Smith said. “They can have one gun.”

Poole also soured on an apparently lenient physical fitness requirement, in which officers can opt of semi-regular athletic assessments.

“This isn’t a good process that we have set up where employees decide whether or not they are going to be fit,” Poole said.

Said Orzech: “Hopefully the officer(s) will maintain a level of fitness that is expected of them.”

The new contract piggybacks off the contracts for fire and non-safety service employees, which were approved about a month ago. Accounting for added costs and concessions, the latter two contracts will cost taxpayers at least an extra $91,000. All told, the three contracts will cost the city an additional $192,000.  

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Clark W

The first sentence of the online story says three separate raises between now and Jan. 1.
The print edition says three separate raises between now and Jan. 1, 2015.
Which is it?


Not much of a change in the contract. The city started contract talks much too late to get anything from the union. The city should have been in talks a year ago.


hey did i read this correct " they can have a fire arm along with the occasional donut ?"


Raises in a time when austerity is the MINIMUM needed? And "lenient" physical standards for a job that REQUIRES fitness to perform well in any number of potential on-the-job circumstances?

Doesn't sound to me like the City negotiated too late. Sounds like it didn't negotiate at ALL! I don't often agree with Mr. Poole (and, in fact, I'm not in complete agreement with him now where the issue of a personal firearm is concerned), but his "no" vote was frankly the only responsible one among the Commission membership!


Kick the can farther down the road. The public's pockets have unlimited cash.


I would like to know how legal the second gun is for the taxpayer to pick up the billing for the second gun and the when the cop retires, he gets to keep the gun free of charge compliments of the taxpayer instead of turning it in? The gun was bought and paid for by the taxpayer and it is the city's equipment. Who is writing these contracts anyway? The giveaways need to stop. The contract was poorly done and it cost the taxpayer even more money.


It's purchased using the uniform allowance, which also covers things like belts, holsters, and the like. They presumably get to keep the uniforms, don't they? Or do you really want the city to demand a bunch of worn out clothing?


Where is commissioner Smith in all of this? I thought he was the lone Republican commissioner?


He's Commie isn't he?


All the Sandusky commissioners are essentially marxist, but they claim other affiliations.


yep. Most are Independents---independently clueless.


Perkins Police kept their guns too....oh wait.