Police ID man killed by train

David Whinnery II, 23, was Bellevue native; remembered as skilled basketball player
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 23, 2013


Sandusky police have identified the man who died Monday afternoon when he was struck by a train near Venice Road and Tiffin Avenue.

David Whinnery II, 23, was a Bellevue native, but police say his current address is in the 4800 block of Lisbon Circle in Sandusky. He died at about 4:30 p.m. Monday when a train struck him as he was walking along the tracks near the west-side overpass under construction.

Police said there's no indication of foul play. In speaking to family members, police learned Whinnery was dealing with some "personal issues."

An employee at Norfolk-Southern told police that he saw Whinnery walking along the trucks, and then suddenly disappear at the front of a train. As of early Monday afternoon, police had not classified the incident as a suicide.

Whinnery is remembered as a skilled basketball player at Bellevue High.

According to Register sports editor Mark Hazelwood:

Whinnery was a three-time selection to the All-Northern Ohio League second team for the Redmen, and scored more than 850 points in his career. He is best remembered for a Feb. 7, 2007 game against Upper Sandusky in his junior season, when the Redmen upset the eventual league champion Rams.

Future Ohio State star and Ohio high school basketball's all-time leading scorer, Jon Diebler, put on a show in the game at Bellevue, scoring 69 points. However, with the game tied at 90 in the closing seconds, Whinnery launched an off-balance prayer 3-pointer that went in at the buzzer for a 93-90 win. The Bellevue student section immediately mobbed Whinnery on the floor in celebration.

Watch video of the game-winning shot in the player below

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the trains dont go fast in that area so i think there is more to the story like suicide and if so that is so sad. If you lived here for more then a day you know the trains go about 5-10mph right there


That's too bad..thoughts and prayers to his family and friends!


of course i guess he could of fell into the train either way it a terruble loss

The Answer Person

I can't believe that another tragic situation is once again reduced to a lame and worthless discussion about SPORTS!!!!!!!!! Get a life people.


What would you rather say about him what he failed to do.I think his accomplishments whether it be sports or any any area are well remembered !

The Answer Person

Sadly, with all of the psycho-push on SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS, these young men have their high point in life in high school and there is NOTHING for them to follow...or at lest that is how it appears to them. Tragically they get little push towards education and future. All which will take one to success and happiness. Very very sad.

Left Sandtown

007-put up court docket.He was picked up Sun-3 charges and was to be in court today.This is very sad,please bless his family and friends.


What are the charges, just so I know if I should feel sorry here?


OVI, drug abuse and speeding. Very sad if he took his own life because of this.

Left Sandtown

Speeding,drug abuse-?,ovi-.099,only 3 charges he`s had in Erie county courts/but if this wasn`t a accident,he had options.Bless his family and friends.


Very sad day! He had good parents and I feel bad for the family. David.... Rest in peace!


Very sad day! He had good parents and I feel bad for the family. David.... Rest in peace!

Left Sandtown

Hope someone can come on and shed some light on this,two of his charges had waive options,speeding/drug abuse and he had no priors.Go figure.

Just Because

Please don't condemn! Pray for him and his family in their time of loss!!! You wouldn't want anyone airing your laundry on a blog... Peace to DJ's family & many friends!

Julie R.

This is sad. Such a nice-looking young man with his whole life in front of him.

RIP, David.


Yeah thats no reason to take your life. RIP


My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Kottage Kat

Prayers to the family and friends of this young man
Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.


camaro is printed right on the car and he still can't spell it.


And we have another spelling wizard.


RIP DJ and I'm so sorry for your loss to his family and friends

Mime Bloggling

The Answer Person
Tue, 04/23/2013 - 2:33pm

I can't believe that another tragic situation is once again reduced to a lame and worthless discussion about SPORTS!!!!!!!!! Get a life people.

( Maybe...just maybe, being only 23 years old this was a big part of his life, his passion? The tribute was more than appropriate. Thank you SR.)

Left Sandtown
Tue, 04/23/2013 - 2:34pm

007-put up court docket.He was picked up Sun-3 charges and was to be in court today.This is very sad,please bless his family and friends.

(Oh yeah.....spill the nastiness but God bless'em Lord...how repugnant.)

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 2:54pm

What are the charges, just so I know if I should feel sorry here?

(The lack of compassion on this thread is stunning.)

Prayers to the family. RIP David.


suicide = a permanant solution to a temperary problem >.....

Left Sandtown

Mime/I didn`t know the Lord was on vaction and left you in charge.Thanks for the info.I will bless who and what I feel,but also pray for you!

Tool Box

Now that was the funniest thing said all day! LMFAO!


God quit that stupid minimum wage job years ago and no one is in charge. Can't ya tell?


This is just literally right across from me about maybe 1000 ft and the trains don't go that fast here. They maybe go 5-15 mph because this is an load and unload zone!! This guy prob committed suicide! But he was to cute to have been suicidal ! But everyone can be ! I wouldn't wanna be the driver of the train, I wouldn't drive for a while and claim mental anguish! Lets not just think of this guys family, think about the guy who ran him over how he feels..

Good 2 B Me

Too cute to have been suicidal?

Are you stupid?

Ray of sunshine

Some of the people that comment on this story are down right RUDE!! DJ was a VERY loved guy who will be missed VERY much and you all need to consider how his family and dear friends will feel when they read your comment. The comments are NOT meant to be used for fighting about one thing or another so just stop NOW!!!


Sandusky Register, Can you please stop allowing people to comment on such tragic and personal issues? Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but please voice it over the kitchen table with others that are probably like you. There is no excuse for people to be this nasty, whatever the reason for his death. Allowing these comments only perpetuates the lack of compassion we obviously have as a society. Sad.


Sending prayers to his family and friends.


I have worked around the trains in both Sandusky as well as Bellvue as well as the north and one thing that bothers me is when say they didnt hear the trains coming . HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEY SAY THEY DIDNT HEAR THEM IS TOTLE CRAP. You can hear them coming well before they get close enough to hit yea (unless you are deaf and blind} What was the guy doing on the tracks in that area to begin with ? that area is railroad property .
I feel bad that this guy died on the tracks . but lets stop sugar coating it


stop sugar coating yea....if you have worked around them, then you know there are conditions where you do not hear them, only feel them. But I don't think this was one of them. Fact is, he was trespassing and everyone wants answers, and the rest of them think they have them. Everyone needs to realize that the family is not the only ones affected here, the NS employees and all first responders are as well so they need to keep them in prayer too.


not mention , he is from Belleveue . HELLO , HAS ANYONE DROVE THROUGH THAT TOWN .Its worse for train traffic then Sandusky is . they have a lot of crossing in that area


Enough is enough! Please stop with the derogatory comments. A young man lost his life by accident or suicide and it's not our place to judge or condemn. He comes from a very loving and supportive family and I'm sure the reality of losing him is enough to deal with. I'm sure they don't need, want, or appreciate all of the negative comments. Have a heart and think about if this was your son or brother. Would you appreciate this? NO!! So please stop. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family as they deal with this horrific loss. God bless them all.


I think thst sugar coating the facts is not the answer , but facing the facts involved with this tragic is what the family needs to be able to understand what and why this happened

Yes I feel bad for the family , but that isnt going to help in understanding why this accured .

who knows why things happen in this world ? And to lose ones life in the manner that this kid lost is something that no oe will know for sure.cause the only one that could have told us is the that lost his life


It is a tragedy and finding a body without identification, unfortunately you turn to the news media for help so people can help identify the body. The comments on this site overall, there are a lot of uneducated, insecure people who just like to be heard and they come here because they can.
A family lost a son, brother, nephew, grandson, etc.....and because he had some personal demons he was dealing with, he chose death over living and facing them. It's horrible as a parent to know that you couldn't help your child. I hope the family isn't using this time to read insensitive comments by people who have no clue. You aren't going to stop it unless you stop allowing comments. If you had to use your real name, probably wouldn't be so bold, myself included I suppose.


I can relate to someone who is that 'close' to a train and tracks, that it's Not that hard to Not hear a train. Especially if it's coming from behind (the person walking) Especially and depending on weather conditions,(such as the wind blowing in a certain direction) I was involved in a freak accident in 1969, behind Perkins school, when the railroad tracks were still in use. During a sports activity and during school hours, we were all running from the school to get to the other side, the person behind me didn't make it across the tracks. I was the only one that was on the other side. I still cannot recall how I managed to get back to the side,over or under the train as it sat stopped, to where everyone else was. I know it doesn't sound feasible, but no one saw or heard that train until it was there. I remember feeling almost close enough to be 'sucked' back into the trains air draft. May this young man RIP.


Lets remember the train crew, not only the men and women on the unit that was involved, but all those who were involved in the clean up and repairs as well and many more. All officials who were involved at the scene, etc. DJ and his family are being prayed for as well, but his decision effected so many more people than people realize. The act of selfishness here is so sad and the thought that he felt it was the only way out is scary. God bless everyone who was affected here, I hope you find your answers and peace.


Also remember to remind everyone that walking along the tracks is not only very dangerous, but it is trespassing. So many dangers on the tracks that are not even considered.


Half of you "people" really need to find a hobby instead of using these blogs as chatrooms. SMH really?