Port Clinton woman angry about cookies arrested

She called 911 to file a stolen cookie report ended up with misdemeanor charges for misusing the emergency system.
Apr 23, 2013

Elaine Caris, 64, called 911 on April 12 and told dispatchers someone stole her cookies, a Port Clinton police report said. An officer arrived at her apartment and quickly determined there was no crime, prompting him to warn Caris about misusing the 911 system.   

Caris “flew into a rage” and screamed at the officer, ordering him to leave her apartment as she swatted at him. She then activated her personal security alarm, prompting another dispatcher to ask if everything was OK, the report said. Caris told the security alarm dispatcher that a man was in her apartment and she wanted him to leave. 

The officer issued her a citation and left the scene. 




I bet the phrase "thin mints" would be in there someplace. :D


Great attitude oldster. Bet you itch about teens & kids.

Julie R.

Some of you commenters shouldn't be so quick to make jokes about this lady.

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