Cracked sidewalks irritate neighbors

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Andy Ouriel
Apr 22, 2013


Check back here later today for the city's master list of bad sidewalks. 

Sidewalks lining Gartland Avenue appear disjointed, as if an earthquake rumbled beneath the surface and uprooted portions of a once-flat pathway.

It's impossible for someone to push a baby stroller or glide a wheelchair across the track without toppling over or detouring into the street.

Even people walking on two feet might feel as if they're hiking when stepping above jagged concrete.

"They need to replace these sidewalks," Gartland Avenue resident Nick Pasqualini said. "If they don't, the city is just opening itself up for a lawsuit. They have been aware of this problem for years."

Former city officials vowed to Pasqualini they'd smooth out the sidewalk in 2009.

In fact, about 40 other uneven, unlevel sidewalks throughout Sandusky are also on a list to receive improvements, according to a public document the Register obtained.

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But fiscal crunches — underlined by a 5 percent drop in the city's budget, decreasing from $17 million in 2010 to $16 million this year — forced present city officials to delay many of these resurfacing projects.

"At this time, the city takes care of city property as resources permit," city manager Nicole Ard wrote in an email. "It would be wonderful if resources became available to address them."

Funding shortfalls, however, isn't an excuse neighbors want to hear.

"A mail delivery person would tell you how dangerous it is," said Bob McCormick, a West Monroe Street resident who frequently strolls down many streets on the city sidewalk improvement list. "When it snows, you can't see the sidewalks. I'm surprised someone hasn't been injured or sued."

Pasqualini blames city officials for planting streets on the narrow boulevard adjacent to Gartland Avenue's sidewalks.

"This street was supposed to be resurfaced but look at the sidewalks," Pasqualini said. "It's never been done."

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just about all sidewalks in Sandusky are cracked. Just like a lot of the roads.


Agreed....mine are crumbling


Don't be so lazy and cheap. Go fix them. You admitted they're yours.


I thought sidewalks are now the property owner's responsibility?


If it is, it's stupid policy. It's a sure way to have bad sidewalks.

We are assuring crummy everything by balancing the budget by cutting staff year after year, and by deferring maintenance indefinitely.

The sidewalks in the picture also suffer from bad design; those trees should never have been planted in a lawn that narrow. It's a pretty good illustration of the hidden long terms costs of bad management.

What's bad management?
- stupid action
- corrupt action
- inaction


There are two simple solution's for anyone complaining about the condition of sidewalks within the city limits. If you are the property owner and the sidewalk adjoins your property, you are responsible to maintain them in a safe condition at all times. On the other hand, if you are not the property owner but feel inclined to comment about what you believe is an unsafe condition of another property owner's sidewalks, feel free to file a written complaint with the city and that will force them to act. Legally, they must act within a set amount of time, per statute. Those are the two choices. Either one will bring about change and will eventually result in safer sidewalks. It's the law.

Yellow Snow

Twosenseworth, you are correct. My Mother-In-Law was told she needed to replace her sidewalk a few years ago, she had to pay. Yet when she called about a hollowed out unsafe tree that could have fell onto her home, they did nothing about that. I don't know, maybe the city is financially responsible for tree trimming or removal.


How in the world can residents be held responsible for a mistake the City made planting three feet wide trees in a three feet wide boulevard? If a sidewalk is crumbling or cracked-yes the homeowner should be held responsible. But not in instances such as Gartland Ave.


hey why not have someone sue the city under the ADA act since the city will not comply


That's an excellent idea! Go for it.


Your tax money is busy paying salaries and pension benefits. It's going to get much worse than this.


We just paid out 1.5 increase in raises to the employees and more and more services keep falling on the taxpayer of which we already pay our taxes for these services with what we call income taxes. As for the sidewalks, I think it is the city's fault for placing such large trees on a small boulevard knowing full well that those trees would get large enough to up root the sidewalk. The city needs to take some responsibility in the situation and fix the problem they caused. Not only do the sidwalks need fixing but the trees need to be taken down before the sidewalk is fixed becoming a double financial responsibility on the homeowner.


I thought the city can fix the sidewalks and charge the property owner.


hey i heard SPD was handing out wiener cards of them officers was this true?