Attacking dog killed

Officers help man, dog who were cornered by pit bulls
Emil Whitis
Apr 21, 2013

Sandusky police commanders are crediting two officers for saving a 74-year-old man and his small dog from pit bulls that attacked them Friday on Water Street. 

The victim, Paul Aviles, suffered several bite marks on his hands and arms. His dog, a Jack Russell terrier, sustained unknown injuries but survived. 

One of the attacking pit bulls died after police zapped it with a Taser.  

Officers were called to the 700 block of E. Water St. at about noon.  

“Officers observed two pit bulls around a male subject lying prone face down on the ground,” a Sandusky police report said. “This subject, later identified as Paul Aviles, was lying still on the ground with these two dogs circling around him. They kept on nudging at Aviles as if they were attempting to get to something underneath him.” 

Sandusky police Officer Brad Wilson jumped out of his cruiser and yelled at the dogs, one of which charged at him. He zapped one dog with a Taser, prompting both animals to run off.  

“When Aviles stood up he was holding onto a small dog,” the report said. 

Aviles and the dog were covered in blood. Officers put them into the cruiser, then ran after the pit bulls. 

One of the pit bulls fell down, then got up and charged, the report said. When an officer zapped it with a Taser again, it died. Officers then snared the other dog and took it to the Erie County dog pound. 

Aviles initially refused treatment and seemed more concerned about his dog’s injuries, the report said. Officers drove him and the Jack Russell to a nearby veterinarian. 

Paramedics soon took Aviles to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where hospital staff stitched up his wounds before releasing him. 

At the hospital, Aviles told police he drove to Battery Park to take his dog for a walk, and as soon as he got there the pit bulls attacked from behind. 

“He grabbed his dog up and curled it into his arm,” the report said. “He went to the ground and laid facedown with the dog between his chest and the ground.” 

Police tracked the pit bulls back to 42-year-old Rebecca Hush, who was cited with two counts of dog at large. 

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech credited Wilson and the other officer for saving Aviles and his dog. 

“They did a good job getting the dogs away from him and then quickly getting him in the cruiser,” Orzech said. “It could have been much worse.”



To many dogs at large in Sandusky. Lazy owners who cant be bothered to walk them. Open the door, let them out, and let them be someone else's problem.


Where was the dogs owner at the time?


Oh here we go.. first that damn thing w/ the Lucy dog, now we're gonna have to hear about how police hate dogs on this one too.. good lord.


I hope not. I still support the police on the "lucy situation" after viewing the video..


When we start charging the owner with the dogs crime, this will stop. This man could have been killed. The dog tried to kill him. Therefore the charge for the owner could be attempted murder and assult with a deadly weapon. How many years for that crime?


The prosecutors don't have big enough begonias to charge the owner with anything more than a loose dog.


A situation where the dog SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT and its tazed! Unbelievable, but at least the dog has died, now its time to euthanize the other! They are true vicious dogs!


We do agree on that. I wonder what it feels like to get bit up by a Pit Bull.


Well I don't believe it should be euthanized because its a pitbull, i believe it should die because its vicious! I own pitbulls, have for many years, not one of mine have turned hasty with anyone. I raise all my furbabies with much love and respect. I understand animals have bad days like humans, they have days they don't want to be bothered, and those that truly know their dogs will know when this is. But a dog that will viciously attack another human or animal don't care what breed it is should be put down.

dorothy gale

So Officer Wilson did it right this time. Still doesn't erase the fact that he didn't have to pay for his previous mistake.

big_dog_owner's picture

whats mesed up is neather on of them dogs are agresive i have layed on the floor and played with both of them dogs and i thing that ever one of you that have said some thing bad about them dogs are all full of crap the spd cops are trigger happy idiots there worse that the criminals in the town

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them two dogs was not agresive think u should know the dog befor you say add your own 2 cents i would of set my new born kid alone in the room with them two dogs ohh wait i been round both them sence they was itty bitty puppys and was not a mean boe one in them 2 playfull yes not cold bloded killers and i thing k you all aint got nothing better to do than down dogs thatwas not agresive


Really? Then why did they attack a 75 year old man who went for a walk with his pooch on a nice day? You are making yourself look like an idiot. Oh wait... Let me guess... You are the owner of these two " precious most love able non aggressive, wouldn't hurt a fly, nanny pit bulls!" Ha, seriously, tell that to the man who was attacked, as well as his pooch.

And learn how to spell, half of your comment can't even be made out.


big_dog_owner......This was very painful to read. Did you get past 2nd grade??


And this 74 year old Ohio man was arrested for protecting pet from pitbull attack. He tried physical force and a stun gun first. He was supposed to watch and listen to his little Shih tzy die. Ohio residents have to watch and listen to their pets squeal and die in front of them. CRAZY unpet friendly place. Share widely. The igg site has numbers to call and people to write. There is a lot you can do to help insure that all people keep the legal right to PROTECT their pets from PITBULLS. Share links.


Kudos to the police officers that had will power made of steel!! How in the heck did you hold back from not putting bullets in the heads of those 2 dogs?? There would have been no hesitation from me.


I am really sorry that this man was attacked by a pit bull. I hope that he recovers soon. I also am upset that the dog that did the attacking happened to be a Pit bull. It makes it look like all Pit bull's are bad, and I know that they are not. I have a wonderful Pit bull/Great Dane mix named Bubby Doo. He's just a big baby. When it comes to dogs, I believe it is all in how they are raised. Any dog can attack. I have been bit by many many small dogs. Also, when it comes to owning dogs, people have to take responsibility for them. All of my dogs are licenced. When they go outside, they are either in a fenced in yard, and we are watching them or on a leash. I never take the chance around other animals that is if I am walking my dogs, I will go to the other side of the street. Just because an animal gets along with most animals doesn't mean that they will like all of them.


This case explodes some myths.

-That Lucy needed to be shot. Two known vicious dogs actively attacking were thwarted first by an unarmed senior citizen and then by cops whose guns remained holstered.

-That pit bulls are some sort of supernaturally empowered killing machines. An unarmed senior citizen faced them and not only survived, but managed to protect his pet. Further, a Jack Russell taken by surprise by TWO pit bulls managed to survive.

-That police are "damned" by the public either way. Comments here are almost universally lauding the police for a prudent, measured response, and the only opposing position I've seen is someone saying they should have used their firearms, which, given what happened in at least one police attempt in the area to shoot a dog recently, would have endangered people in the area.


* Mean dogs running the streets
* Loud music from cars
* Streets and sidewalks falling apart
* Numerous (some would argue countless) drugs houses around town
* Declining rolls in city schools
* Decrease in middle income wages
* Neighborhoods falling apart - could be the drug problems ;-/
* Homicide to resident ratio of a major city
* Weekly (or is that daily?) serious crimes
* Vacant stores

Reminds me of the Springsteen song MY HOME TOWN but this isn't his hometown it's our hometown and I think it sucks.



Can you imagine, she plead not guilty on all 3 charges.

Concerning: Hush, Rebecca J
Filed: 04/22/2013
Arr. Agency: SPD Case #: CRB1301558A
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Case Type: Criminal
12 Concerning: Hush, Rebecca J
Filed: 04/22/2013
Arr. Agency: SPD Case #: CRB1301558B
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Case Type: Criminal
13 Concerning: Hush, Rebecca J
Filed: 04/23/2013
Arr. Agency: DOG Case #: CRB1301566
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Case Type: Criminal


Where was all the Well done SPD when they shot the rott that was loose last month... I didnt hear anyone saying that, and now you wana say well done come on people. Ohio needs to seriously enforce the carrying of $500,000 liability insurance like we used too. or just simply ban them like canada does