Attacking dog killed

Officers help man, dog who were cornered by pit bulls
Emil Whitis
Apr 21, 2013

Sandusky police commanders are crediting two officers for saving a 74-year-old man and his small dog from pit bulls that attacked them Friday on Water Street. 

The victim, Paul Aviles, suffered several bite marks on his hands and arms. His dog, a Jack Russell terrier, sustained unknown injuries but survived. 

One of the attacking pit bulls died after police zapped it with a Taser.  

Officers were called to the 700 block of E. Water St. at about noon.  

“Officers observed two pit bulls around a male subject lying prone face down on the ground,” a Sandusky police report said. “This subject, later identified as Paul Aviles, was lying still on the ground with these two dogs circling around him. They kept on nudging at Aviles as if they were attempting to get to something underneath him.” 

Sandusky police Officer Brad Wilson jumped out of his cruiser and yelled at the dogs, one of which charged at him. He zapped one dog with a Taser, prompting both animals to run off.  

“When Aviles stood up he was holding onto a small dog,” the report said. 

Aviles and the dog were covered in blood. Officers put them into the cruiser, then ran after the pit bulls. 

One of the pit bulls fell down, then got up and charged, the report said. When an officer zapped it with a Taser again, it died. Officers then snared the other dog and took it to the Erie County dog pound. 

Aviles initially refused treatment and seemed more concerned about his dog’s injuries, the report said. Officers drove him and the Jack Russell to a nearby veterinarian. 

Paramedics soon took Aviles to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where hospital staff stitched up his wounds before releasing him. 

At the hospital, Aviles told police he drove to Battery Park to take his dog for a walk, and as soon as he got there the pit bulls attacked from behind. 

“He grabbed his dog up and curled it into his arm,” the report said. “He went to the ground and laid facedown with the dog between his chest and the ground.” 

Police tracked the pit bulls back to 42-year-old Rebecca Hush, who was cited with two counts of dog at large. 

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech credited Wilson and the other officer for saving Aviles and his dog. 

“They did a good job getting the dogs away from him and then quickly getting him in the cruiser,” Orzech said. “It could have been much worse.”


Edwin Ison

Awesome job! That'a how it is done! No guns discharged, which put others at risk.


If your dog bites anyone it should be a domestic charge against the owner.If no current license extra $500 fine.Take the owner to jail just like domestic.


What! Not a pit bull. They are the friendliest dogs ever. Bahaha


You read my mind !


And this 74 year old Ohio man arrested for protecting pet from pitbull attack. He used a stun gun first and it did NOTHING to the pitbull. Ohio residents are supposed to watch their pets squeal, and bleed to death in front of them. What an unpet friendly place. Share widely. The igg site has numbers to call and people to write. There is a lot you can do to help insure that all people keep the legal right to PROTECT their pets from PITBULLS. Share links.

he said she said

I am keeping Mr. Aviles and his pet in my thoughts. I hope you both have a speedy recovery. You are a dog owner yourself, please don't blame the dog, it was only doing what it was trained to do.

I don't get it. In a case where a man is on the ground protecting his dog from two pits that obviously attacked him and his dog, the police taze the dogs instead of shooting them to stop their rampage! This is not going to be the last we hear of this dog owner or surviving dog; the dog got the taste of can change bad behavior with training but you can't change bad behavior of a pit that tastes blood.


The one dog was shot, people complained and LE set new training standards, apparently,,, These dogs were tazed and people STILL want To complain.. So it seems the police are damned if they do and damned if they don't .

That I don't understand. All I know is, I sure as hell wouldn't want to have to do their jobs.


I believe I stated this after Officer Wilson shot Lucy. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.


Okay, it's a common expression. Perhaps many people feel that same way.


Nailed it right on the head!

The Answer Person

Rebecca Hush is LUCKY she didn't get charged with attempted murder or even homocide!

Westend Homeown

yeah i agree and i think her surviving guilty dog should be put down before it manages to complete killing a human or animal the next time

Westend Homeown

very nicely handled SPD!!!!! looks as if the extra training from the recent episode may have paid off .... altho even i being a pet owner would have seen shooting both aggressively attacking dogs in this instance sound like both that man and his dogs lives were in the balance not to mention the officer who came to the rescue. Bravo SPD lesson taught, learned and implemented! GOOD JOB

Colonel Angus

My thoughts exactly! Well done SPD and Officer Wilson. I guess some old dogs can be taught new tricks. Now I'm wondering if the Justice for Lucy crowd will rally and call the television stations and demand justice for Mr. Aviles and his dog. I'm not holding by breath.

Yellow Snow

If an animal at large attacks the owner should minimally be charged with animal at large as well as financial responsibility for all financial damages incurred. A second offense should require forfeiture of the uncontrolled animals.

Westend Homeown

well luckily SPD did a good job track the owner down and charging her so if the victim is smart get the police report and take her to court for the financial aspects of it they should win hands down


SPD did not go far enough, they should had zapped the owner also. The owner should had had control of the dogs, and did not call them off..


You have the other, they attacked, put it down please!

Westend Homeown


Mr. Touchdown

Definitely put it down! Otherwise it's just going to be another person's problem to deal with.


Hush should sit in jail for a few days and pay every medical bill including the bill to kill the other pit.


It is a shame that you can't even walk or ride a bike without worring about dogs attacking a person. When there is a dog attacking a person, the police officers should have the right to shoot the dog no questions asked. Any dog seen attacking a person should be put down so it doesn't happen again.

Home Boy

Well done, SPD. BTW, how many people do you think would feel 'comfortable' just walking by, or near two unleashed pit bulls? Not many, I suspect. OK, so in that case why are these animals allowed to roam free?


It is clearly not the Pit Bulls fault. It is Mr. Aviles' fault for owning a dog that was so small and tasty.

Forget all the other stories about Pit Bulls, or even their name, they obviously are harmless teddy bears that should be allowed to roam our streets at will.


Love the sarcasm ! LOL


Paul you are a brave man. I pray for you and your little loved one's quick recovery.
Good job SPD!


Great job SPD!

Left Sandtown

What ever, the Judge can impose,this must be done,and none of you Pit Bull(friendly)dog lovers come on and explain why not.If you harbor a dog of this breed and some others,and they are not tagged and confined,you should pay and "NEVER"be a pet owner again,that is a complete lack of common sense.It is one thing if the dog gets out,it`s another if it is not tagged!God Bless us all.


I agree EVERY DOG...needs to be licensed, chained/leashed/confined, and under control. There are laws that state this. The owner in this story should be charged with dog at large along with a couple other things. She should be forced/ordered to pay all the bills for the man and his dog also. I have my dogs licensed, name tags, and under my control at all times, and are NEVER unattended. (oh and one is a pit bull mix, and one is a Rottweiler, I keep my dogs under my control for their protection, not anyone else)