Second bomb suspect captured alive

Boston police: 'Suspect in custody'
Associated Press
Apr 19, 2013

A 19-year-old college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody Friday evening after a manhunt that left the city virtually paralyzed and his older brother and accomplice dead.

Police announced via Twitter that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was in custody. They later wrote, "CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody."

Tsarnaev's brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, was killed Friday in a furious attempt to escape police.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been holed up in a boat in a Watertown neighborhood. The crowd gathered near the scene let out a cheer when spectators saw officers clapping.

"Everyone wants him alive," said Kathleen Paolillo, a 27-year-old teacher who lives in Watertown.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino tweeted "We got him," along with a photo of the police commissioner speaking to him.

During a long night of violence Thursday into Friday, the brothers killed an MIT police officer, severely wounded another lawman and hurled explosives at police in a car chase and gun battle, authorities said.

The suspects were identified by law enforcement officials and family members as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, ethnic Chechen brothers who had lived in Dagestan, which neighbors Chechnya in southern Russia. They had been in the U.S. for about a decade, an uncle said, and were believed to be living in Cambridge, Mass.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26-year-old who had been known to the FBI as Suspect No. 1 and was seen in surveillance footage of the marathon in a black baseball cap, was killed overnight, officials said. His younger brother, who had been dubbed Suspect No. 2 and was seen wearing a white, backward baseball cap in the images from Monday's deadly bombing — escaped and was on the run.

Their uncle in Maryland, Ruslan Tsarni, pleaded on live television: "Dzhokhar, if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness."

Authorities in Boston suspended all mass transit and warned close to 1 million people in the entire city and some of its suburbs to stay indoors as the hunt for Suspect No. 2 went on. Businesses were asked not to open. People waiting at bus and subway stops were told to go home. The Red Sox and Bruins postponed their games.

From Watertown to Cambridge, police SWAT teams, sharpshooters and FBI agents surrounded various buildings as police helicopters buzzed overhead and armored vehicles rumbled through the streets. Authorities also searched trains.

"We believe this man to be a terrorist," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. "We believe this to be a man who's come here to kill people."

The bombings on Monday killed three people and wounded more than 180 others, tearing off limbs in a spray of shrapnel and instantly raising the specter of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Chechnya was the scene of two wars between Russian forces and separatists since 1994, in which tens of thousands were killed in heavy Russian bombing. That spawned an Islamic insurgency that has carried out deadly bombings in Russia and the region, although not in the West.

Investigators in the Boston case have shed no light on the motive for the bombing and have said it is unclear whether it was the work of domestic or international terrorists or someone else entirely with an unknown agenda.

The endgame — at least for Suspect No. 1 — came just hours after the FBI released photos and video of the two young men at the marathon's finish line and appealed to the public for help in identifying and capturing them.

State Police spokesman Dave Procopio said police realized they were dealing with the bombing suspects based on what the two men told a carjacking victim during their getaway attempt overnight.


Sullivan and Associated Press writers Stephen Braun and Jack Gillum reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Mike Hill, Katie Zezima, Pat Eaton-Robb and Steve LeBlanc in Boston and Jeff Donn in Cambridge, Mass., contributed to this report.


S w Rand 2016

I can't be a sore loser about the 2012 elections. I didn't vote for either of them.

You say I should help him get elected but then, doing a 180, you say that I should not blog about him. Nonsense!
It's about more than that, tho. The point is to get people to investigate (C-Span2 and their online archives) and to call their Senators and/or Representatives to ask them to take action and voice support for Senator Paul's proposals.
I noticed that you commented earlier, remarking that people should just vote once every 4 years and "be respectful" in between. Nonsense!

And that's SENATOR Rand Paul to the likes of you! : P



Now The Rest of...

This regime has killed an American citizen with a drone, and yet they are against waterboarding, typical democrappers...


Wanna see something strange? Google Map the home address where the boats was, and zoom in, the boat trailer is sitting there with no boat, now since the feds will grab the boat for evidence, remember to look again in a year or two, will there be another boat, a bigger boat?

Yea, I know kind of irrelevant right, just like trying to keep people from killing other people. If someone or some group wants to cause pain, fear, death and or destruction they will find a way. It may be a Bushmaster, a box cutter and an airplane full of fuel or moms pressure cooker full of nails and explosives. There are just plain sick people out there and big brother has no way of stopping all of it. I like the approach in Sweden, arm every family and train them how to shoot, the crime rate is pretty low there. Of course our very liberal morals have had an effect on right or wrong in this country since maybe the age of the hippie so that approach may not work!

Pterocarya frax...

Google Maps are not live streaming images. That image is a mid summer image based on the foliage status of the trees. Look at your own house and tell us how recent the image is. I know mine is at least a year old. But hey, don't let that get in the way of a good narrative.

Are you sure you want to use Sweden as an example of how guns should be treated? Maybe you should recheck your information. Here is a bit of their requirements:

When you apply for a permit, you have to state for what purpose you need a certain firearm, and have the police approve of your choice of firearm for this purpose. Self-defense is not a valid purpose. About the only firearms you can own are hunting rifles (which require a hunting license) and non-automatic pistols (which require you to have been a member of a pistol shooting club for at least six months).*

* http://www.americandailyherald.c...

People have been complaining about the liberals destroying the moral fabric of society since biblical times. Sorry...not a valid argument.


Pt, you tend to assume a lot here I guess, kind of new? I never stated that the Google mapping was current, read between the lines, maybe a little sarcasm from 2cents, just maybe the guy will be paid well for his boat so maybe you will see a bigger trailer or boat in the satellite photo next year.

As for Sweden, Oops! I meant Switzerland my Boo Boo.


Question, two brothers carried one pressure cooker filled with shrapnel and explosives each. Had to have been a little weighty, so who carried the third bomb that didn't go off. The one PD found in a trash can. Hmmmmm inquiring minds want to know!!!!!

Pterocarya frax...

I know your hero Alex Jones is still blathering about this nonsense, but maybe you should read some real news sites. This is kind of funny, though:


Wow, I can truly see where the left get their idiotic ramblings and juvenile retorts, they truly can't distinguish between an op-ed and a regular news article. Be careful about jumping on bandwagons or haven't you people learned anything about Trayvon Martin. Relax, sit back and wait for all the facts to come out. To the left: hold on to your trusses on Monday.


David Horsey is a good cartoonist. Here are some more of his cartoons.

Will the FBI release that video showing the planting of the bomb?
"While video of at least one suspect planting the bomb exists, the FBI had chosen not to release it, according to the official. One reason, according to the official, is that were the media to repeatedly show the suspects leaving the bomb, it might cause some people to overreact if they came into contact with them."

looking around

Perhaps this is exactly why they wanted to capture him alive....lots of questions need be answered to get to the bottom of this.

S w Rand 2016

"A Justice Department official said Friday the government is invoking a seldom-used public safety exception permitting officials to engage in a limited and focused unwarned interrogation of a suspect - in this case Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - without first reading him his typically assured Miranda rights. That official, as well as a second, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, says Tsarnaev will be questioned by a special interrogation team for high-value suspects.

The public safety exception not only permits the unwarned questioning of a suspect, but also allows the government to introduce any statement yielded by such interrogation as evidence in court. The exception is triggered when authorities have an objectively reasonable need to protect themselves or the public from a clear and present danger.

However, the exception lasts only 48 hours and should be extended by declaring Tsarnaev a potential enemy combatant, under the Law of War, Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; John McCain, Arizona; and Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire, said in a statement Saturday. They were joined by New York Republican Rep. Peter King."

Read more:

S w Rand 2016

Take note of those Republican Senators who are pushing to declare him as a "potential" (potential, as if there is no proof yet) enemy combatant under the Law of War. They are the same Senators who insulted Senator Rand Paul for his 13-hour talk-until-you-drop filibuster where he spoke, among other things, about the right to trial by jury and the unconstitutionality of NDAA, which removes that right.

I really hope they intend to convict him with hard proof, and not just solely on some confession he gives to a "special interrogation team."


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The Big Dog's back

Good thing they didn't have AR 15's. Imagine how many more people would be dead.

Darwin's choice

Yeah, good thing they were obama supporters, or those cops would have really worked them over.....!!!!!

Now The Rest of...

How long before the regime proposes background checks on pressure cookers?


It was the shooter on the grassy knoll.

BULLISDEEP's picture

GOOFUS IF you watched the videos , who was the girl with backpack following them ,looks about the same size ?


I really don't know, but the whole situation smells like Obozo. He was rumored to block the first terrorist's visa revocation two years ago coupled with his meeting the Saudi's that wasn't scheduled and arab media reporting Moochelle visiting the first suspect in the hospital. You know he has never mentioned Major Hussan yelling allah-akhbar before killing the servicemen at Ft.Hood. Don't trust him, never will!!!!!


"He was rumored..." says goofus, the happy troll.


Mama dont let your son grow up to put ideals out like the madness above. He never mentioned what Muslims say? That's not disengaging the process. YOUR not happy and that's the epitome of it. Watch out for this unhappy American!


The American War Machine

Now The Rest of...

This regime has killed an American citizen with a drone, and yet they are against water boarding.... This regime seems to think Due Process does not apply to their actions on a regular basis, but was quick to criticize the last administration. Gitmo remains open, yet the messiah made a campaign promise to close it as his first executive order. Use the drones, water board them whatever it takes to keep the country safe, but don't criticize one action to get elected and then do the other after elected... Typical democrappers.....

The Big Dog's back

Ahhhh it was you right wingers causing all the flap about the drone attack, remember?

Now The Rest of...

It was you far left wing wackos who caused the flap about water boarding, which by the way gave the regime some of the information that found Bin Laden. Who wanted Gitmo closed, yet it remains open, another example of the pooch drinking from the throne....



Now The Rest of...

Far left wackos call it a drone attack some might consider killing a U.S. citizen without Due Process extrajudicial murder.... As I said before, water boarding, drone attack both works for me if it keeps this country safe, unlike democrappers who seem to pick and choose depending who is president.....