Keller Building, police contract set for vote today

Sandusky city commissioners are set to vote on setting aside funds to begin demolishing the Keller Building and a proposed police union contract that includes raises for officers.
Andy Ouriel
Apr 22, 2013


Sandusky city commissioners are poised to take action on several important matters at today's 5 p.m. meeting at City Hall, located at 222 Meigs St.

Among the issues set for a vote:

• A three-year police union contract in which the deal calls for all officers receiving a 1.5 percent raise each year for the next three years.

• A $26,000 expense for preliminary work related to tearing down the Keller Building on Shoreline Drive.

• A $22,000 expense for police officers to take physicals overseen by Firelands Regional Medical Center professionals.

• A $10,000 expense for 16 bulletproof vests.

• An application in which city officials will apply for funds to ensure Sandusky Transit's Sandusky-Perkins Ride Area Connection (SPARC) system sticks around.

Any person can attend and speak at the meeting during the audience participation portions, occurring both before and after commissioners vote on these issues at more.



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Those all seem to be reasonable expenses.


Its about time they do have a reasonable vote. The keller vote is way past due tear the damn building down its not that hard. Dangerous building not good for anything, eyesore .


I'd love to see the Keller building be re-developed, but I'm smart enough to realize that it just isn't possible -- too much damage has been done.

Unfortunately, tearing that thing down won't improve the appearance of that area of town all that much. Now, instead of looking at the side of that crumbling building from where I live, I'll get to look at an old, decrepit gay bar...oh well, at least people use it!


Um, no. That's closed, too, and probably will end up being condemned and torn down, too. Do you want the whole town to become a parking lot for ferries? That's not much of a tax base.

We keep letting owners illegally defer maintenance, and the demolition costs the taxpayers more than competently redeveloping the building would have. Enforcing building codes forces bad owners to either fix their buildings or sell them, BEFORE they become a burden on taxpayers.

Our best asset and best hope for redevelopment here is to leverage the value of our waterfront with its historic structures . Soon the town will be nothing but a parking lot for the ferries.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the city own the Keller building?? Do you expect them to penalize themselves?? I don't care what they do with that sight, but that building has sat there for far too long, and personally I'm tired of Shoreline drive being closed. Tear that thing down and let's move on.


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