Sandusky ordered to rehire fired police officer

Arbitrator rules he was wrongfully terminated and is due back pay for time off
Andy Ouriel
Apr 19, 2013

Sandusky officials fired police Officer Todd Smith in April 2012 for allegedly exchanging nude photos with a supervisor’s wife via text messaging.

An arbitrator ruled Smith should be returned to the force and receive back pay for his out-of-work period.

Arbitrator Robert Stein’s report said the exchange of nude photos doesn’t violate city policy, nor did it stop Smith from fulfilling his police duties.

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Haven't forgotten. His butt should have been terminated, too!


Uhm they were both terminated Sam



You are 100% correct. Doesn't say much for society as a whole.


If it wasnt for unions, poeple would all be working for minimum wage and had terrible if any bennifits!


Educated people that live life in a morally acceptable manner do not need union scum backing them ! I have maintained the same job for the past 20+ years without paying union dues ! I'm sure Orzech will keep the 2 reinstated sexters on a short leash ! Hide yo children, hide yo wife when the sexters are near ! If I were Orzech I would put these 2 on patrol together, maybe they will have a duel off, issue solved for the city of Sandumpy !


Wow! Really??


Because no one in sandusky has ever been given a second chance right? No one to my knowledge has condoned what these two did...but none of it was criminal so no need to lock up "yo" kids, mr educated person lol


Trust me, this incident is just the tip of the iceberg with these two ! They are less than stellar human beings but as long as its not criminal it's Ok, right ? I wonder if Todd is still tappin into the slain officers memorial fund, figuratively speaking of course :D


Do you have some information we dont SOA? So easy to make accusations when you can hide behind your computer....and yes, I know, I also have an "alias" on here, but I am not spouting off accusations, then shutting my computer off acting like im what a joke


Really?! Why do you feel that it is any of your business what Todd does in his personl life? Did someone get their feelings hurt? Sure sounds like someone is being a poor sport!!


Well, Mr. Perfect, please enlighten us on how it is you have remained so PERFECT for 20 years?? We are all just glued to our computers waiting to see how you are so saying what they did should result in them killing each other? How sad and pathetic is your perfect litte life? What color is the sky in your world? I dont know either one of these guys, nor do I know anyone who is on here spouting this crap or do I care to know any of you, but neither of these guys commited a crime and if we were all thrown into the depths of Hell for committing moral crimes, well im guessing SOA, you would be the only one left because for "20+ years" you worked without a union...blah blah blah you, wally and the beav, can go fishin down by the crick, while the rest of us live in our little immoral imperfect worlds and...dare i say the world of UNIONS!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! You are SUCH a joke!!


Wish i could go back and get what i wrote then. I said why are we wasting our time it is just going to be a paid vacation. Union people deciding what unin people get. they will say it is a non bias party but we all know better. Party on wayne. not how you do your job it is taking care of eachother


put him back to work asap, since youre paying him to sit at home. and please do not appeal, as you will probably wind up losing and end up paying him even more. even though he is a disgrace to both the pd and the fop, get him back to work so you no longer have to pay him for doing nothing

Just a Girl

So sad, I guess anything goes. I have no respect for arbitrator, referencing "Telemundo." No respect for these officers (by the way, their conduct-even if it was outside the workplace, was unbecoming an officer). Go ahead and do whatever, the union will get you out of it. Just because it isn't illegal, it's OK?! Ethics code out the window. If they can't be put on the same shift, then yes, it's a problem. Shouldn't have to alter police business because of these 2 chuckleheads.

Julie R.

I said back when all these firings were taking place ~ example, the cop that got fired for dishonesty about chewing tobacco ~ that it was nothing but a red herring to appease the sheep over the costly unjustified firing of Kim Nuesse. I predicted the unions would get their jobs back and everybody would then blame the unions.


Julie are ALWAYS right ! Even when it comes to the corrupt Erie county courts & a certain bank in Huron that fraudulently filed blah, blah, blah ! Getting old honey, getting old.

Julie R.

It's also getting old, sweetheart, how many Sandusky policemen were fired after the expensive Nuesse fiasco (i.e. gee, let's appease the sheep) that have all now managed to get their jobs back.

Exactly as I predicted!

Dont Worry Be Happy

Does anyone else ever wonder if Julie R is Kim Nuesse? Lol

Julie R.

I'm not Kim Nuesse. I just know how the system works in Erie County.

Remember back when they fired a Sandusky police officer not because he was chewing tobacco but because he lied about it? I said the only reason they did that was because the joke 6th District Court of Appeals was getting ready to make public that they were going to deny Nuesse's appeal and go along with the retired rent-a-judges that Nuesse should stay fired "for failure to show absolute honesty." I said the firing of the SPD officer for lying was just to appease the sheep, knowing the union would get his job back.

Was I right? I also predicted how the Nuesse case was going to turn out back when her attorney went along with choosing Cirigliano ~ Baxter & Co.'s favorite rent-a-judge ~ as the hearing officer.


what about officer unbecomming?
or does not have the proper morals?


hey lets hire the cop whom raped that girl also !!!!

Julie R.

They probably will when they think the sheep have forgotten about it!


You are comparing what he did to rape? Wow...bitter much?


Here is the bottom line to this whole story.....ready??? I dont think anyone, including them, thinks what they did was "ok". We can debate about the severity of their actions all we want and we will never agree. The supervisor and his wife are adults and whether we like it or not, they can choose how to live their lives. Smith, made a mistake that was apparantly provoked by some proposition from the supervisor and then when asked about the texts he left out some those of you who are on here, basically crucifying them for this, are out of your minds!! Its either a "I HATE ALL COPS" thing or you are people who know them and regardless of what they do, you will want them to, in REALITY (i know that is a hard thing for some of you to take hold of) other than the threats made by the supervisor, whatever his name is, which smith did not pursue, there was nothing criminal done. I have yet to talk to one person who feels either of them should have been fired in the first place, but the city felt they had to so they they have gone through the process that, whether you agree or not, both the city and the union agreed on. They were both ordered to be placed back to work. From the information I have, the supervisor is back to work and if what I am reading on here, which God knows if it is, is true the City Manager is going to spend another $10-$15K to appeak smith's decision. If you have ever been involved with unions, given the nature of this entire incident, there is ZERO chance it gets overturned, why continue to pay him when youre not going to win? Who are you really hurting here?? Anyway, this wont be the first bad mistake the city has made and unfortunately it wont be the last. However, to those who have some personal angst against these two, give it a rest! Until you can say that you have NEVER made a mistake, just shut up!


Very well put, again, WhyRweHere! People on here are either "holier than thou" kind of people, cop haters or they have a personal "chip on their shoulder" at both men! I really don't think that either of them lose sleep over what these people think of them.


Heck no they don't lose any sleep over what people think of them ! That's how a narcissist lives their lives....they are the center of the universe ! Why do you think they become Cops ? I'll tell ya ! It makes them feel like they have total control and feeds their narcissistic minds ! This entire situation is ironic actually...karma does exist and is a bitter pill to swallow...I hope they choke on it !


The city has a chance to correct the loopholes in the contract and let's hope they did. The city leaves themselves wide open when it comes to legal things that need to be taken care of but drag on. In the private sector, the person would be gone. If the city doesn't write it out, it becomes a loophole for the union. The city never got around to doing a proper employee handbook mapping out what should or should not be happening in the work place and they can blame themselves for the outcome.


Agreed ^^^^


Like I've said in the past. At least our lakes not on fire. Cleveland still wins.


You do realize that the Lake Erie in Sandusky and The Lake Erie in Cleveland are the same lake? Your lake is their lake!