Man arrested at honor society ceremony

Police: Intoxicated Dashun Ferrell shouted profanities during Sandusky High's NHS event
Emil Whitis
Apr 18, 2013


A drunken Sandusky man allegedly shouted profanities during a National Honor Society ceremony Wednesday at the Sandusky High School auditorium.

Dashun Ferrell, 40, was charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Police showed up at about 8 p.m. after Sandusky High assistant principal Tanya Bailey called. While talking to Bailey, a man, soon identified as Ferrell, slinked out of the auditorium, according to a police report.

Bailey nodded and police ran after him. When they caught up, Ferrell denied the allegations.

"Dashun was advised of the complaint with him stating he was a little buzzed but was not causing a disturbance," the report said. Police handcuffed him, finding three "pill shaped objects" in his pocket.

Ferrell told police they were Vicodin pills, but on closer inspection officers discovered they were breath mints, the report said.

Ferrell's blood-alcohol concentration registered at 0.267 percent, the report said. Officers took him to the Erie County jail, but he was later released after posting bond.



I feel for the kid who he was there to see. How embarassing that must have been. What a shame.

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The Hero Zone

If nothing else it is an example to the kids who meet the strict NHS requirements of what not to do with your life. There is an educational opportunity in everything.


I know plenty of people who were in NHS that ended up like that drunk. NHS doesn't mean anything past your college application...


Thank you to the SHS staff for your actions!


Stay Classy Sandusky!


The problem is that half the citizens are uneducated and have no class! Can't wait to see how they act during graduation!


Education has nothing to do with having decorum at a public event. Have you ever seen parents fight at a ball game?

Wait till the graduation ceremonies.


Shameful! I bet his kid is so embarrassed!


I was there... oouldn't believe how disrespectful he was. These kids work hard to maintain their grades, do service to the community by volunteering , and spend numerous hours on projects showing leadership and citizenship. I was very proud of my daughter being inducted into NHS as were the other parents there. It's too bad this idiot had to ruin the moment for the rest of us.


What a shame. That's a moment you can never get back. But much congratulations to your daughter (and you!!)!


Why are you all "assuming" that he was there to see his child?

Have you seen his TWO page rap sheet ?

His first born son "Jr." , is busy building his rap sheet to match daddy's. The chances are slim, that he would produce a National Honor Society inductee!

Unless of course, that his baby mamma was a valedictorian, that went on to be a rocket scientist!

My guess is that he thought he was at an AA meeting.


Like he'd be going to an AA meeting


There are a lot of good kids with bad parents.


For your information, his child was being inducted. The child has a 3.4 GPA and an exceptional student who plans to go to college.So please do not make that assumption.


Once again one of your dumb race shot. You people need to get a life with this garbage. So he has a record i know his kids mom and she is doing a very good job. So this baby momma garbage is not called for


The child does not condone his actions. Rather than let all of the trouble their father gets into embarrass them or bother them, they use it as motivation to not end up like that. Let's Just say I know this child well enough to know that :)

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The Hero Zone

In many circumstances that takes a lot of gumption and courage. Not learning from a bad situation is what turns events like those into a tragedy. So if it means anything at all to the child pass along a well-earned kudos from The Hero Zone to him/her.

Ellis dee

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If anyone knows this child and the mother they know that this child is being raised right and is an EXCEPTIONAL individual. In no way, shape, or form does this child condone, support, nor imitate the "father's" actions. Before you go commmenting about someone's child or baby mamma, know who and what the situation is first. Otherwise you sound and look as stupid as the one who was rightfully arrested.