Men chuck whistle-pig into bar

Police in Pennsylvania town say such use of animals is fairly common problem
Associated Press
Apr 17, 2013


 Police in one western Pennsylvania town are investigating a case of bar kill: a groundhog and a grouse, both dead, tossed into a tavern by unsatisfied customers.

The (Dubois) Courier-Express reports that the animals were tossed into Bill's Bar hours apart Sunday in Brookville, about 70 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Brookville police Chief Ken Dworek tells The Associated Press that the suspects are an underage man who was refused service at the bar and another who was turned away because of "an alcohol problem."

The chief says such use of animals is a fairly common problem in Brookville. He says, for example, "a guy will get in an argument and put a dead squirrel on his girlfriend's doorknob, that kind of thing."


Erie County Resident

Welcome to Pennsyltucky ... yeeee haaaaaaa


What is it with some people in Sandusky where they have to add a "tucky" after everything outside of their small town? Is there something wrong with Kentucky? When "tucky" is added after the proper name, does that make the people who live there stupid in some way?

I once heard the name Sandtroit which would encompass all of Sandusky,Perkins, Milan and Huron. How does that make you feel ECR?


It's almost as easy to make fun of Sandusky and Erie County as it is to make fun of Kentucky. Sandtucky, for the rural areas and Sandtroit for the cities.

Erie County Resident

@ luv you say Sandtroit? Hmmm pretty well covers it the way the thugs are taking over.
By the way I feel great, thanks for asking.
Next question.

Phil Packer

Isn't that picture from Caddyshack? If it is, that would be a gopher...


Wait, how many different names do they have for woodchucks, or is that a gopher?


All I've ever heard, starry, is woodchucks and groundhogs. The one in the photo is clearly a gopher.

looking around

I wish all nutcases would be this harmless, at least they didn't come in and shoot the place up along with a few innocent patrons or toss a bomb in the front door!


I doubt the gopher, woodchuck or squirrel thinks it's just good ol' fun. And those 'tucky people? They's all over Ohier-some's next door. Or down south, like near Clumbus.


appalachian bigotry is just wrong.

Erie County Resident

@ queen appalachian bigotry because of the slang?
Go down in the Sandtroit hood... Wat language de be sa'in dere?
It sure isn't English!


"..a guy will get in an argument and put a dead squirrel on his girlfriend's doorknob, that kind of thing." SERIOUSLY? comment is needed, is it?


At erie co. resident, good point, soooo true.