No explosives found in Danbury Township home

Resident says he was trying to deter thieves
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 17, 2013


The report of explosives in a Danbury Township home has turned out to be a false alarm.

Danbury police have given the all clear after determining there was no explosives in a home on the 7000 block of Applewood Drive.

After the Toledo bomb squad was on the scene for about an hour, Daniel Reep voluntarily opened up three personal safes which had labels on them saying that they contained explosives.

Inside they found costume jewelry and paperwork.

He told police he had marked the safes as explosive so no one would steal anything inside.

Police charged Reep with a probation violation.



move along nothing to see's the new propaganda working out for ya???
SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING! We have turned into a nation of cowardly tattle tales.....childish!

Darwin's choice

Throw the ex in jail


Agree with the two above!


Throw his ex in jail , because he was a dumba$$ , and sent her a threatening letter ? And she had the nerve to call police . You guys have the same mentality as gangbangers . Don't report nothing , didn't see anything . Better a tattle tale , then a coward with his head in the sand.


Agree with the 3 above and tattletales are notorious for trying to get people in trouble based on personal vendettas. The ex should be charged for filing a false report.


What false report?


From what the other article said , it looks like the police saw this letter , and considered it legitimate . I didn't read anywhere that she got charged for any wrong doing . You guys presume too much .


What Bluto said...


I see America is overly hyping up anything explosive now. My grandpa has an old war chest that says explosives on it. Probably did contain them in WWII but now it hold blankets. Better call the PO PO.