Federal agents have 'eye-opening' talk with SMCC class

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Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 17, 2013


A preview of today's schools feature story, from St. Mary Central Catholic High School:

Kathy Goff, longtime teacher at St. Mary Central Catholic High School, encourages students to think critically in their capstone theology course.

Her goal is for students to apply religion, not just study it. They frequently address real-life issues, including poverty, racial prejudice and immigration during class.

Goff invited Jimmy Wray and Brian Potts, local U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers with the Department of Homeland Security, to visit her class this past week to offer an outside, secular perspective on immigration. Wray and Potts facilitated an hour-long discussion with a small group of students and answered questions about their jobs.

Questions included qualifications to work for Border Patrol, numbers of immigrants entering the U.S. without documentation and indicators officers use to find individuals living in the country illegally.

Although the two declined answering why they stop certain suspects, they offered several statistics and anecdotal experiences. They also detailed the costly, cumbersome process to legally obtain U.S. citizenship, which prompts many to enter the country undocumented, even using life-threatening means.

Students said the discussion was "eye-opening."

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'Although the two declined answering why they stop certain suspects', it's usually because they look mexican.



S w Rand 2016

The most realistic common-sense approach to immigration reform that I have ever heard can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...
Bring your attention span with you.


i'm against the restriction of the "God" given right to travel freely through out the earth....who do we think we are anyway?? this is the land of the free isn't it?? there once was a time when man could just walk the earth...with out laws and papers to do so...oh how pathetic to tell someone where they can or can't walk on this planet! it is a joke!