Brown pushes minimum wage hike; NASA Plum Brook

After the minimum wage reached $10.10 in 2015, it would automatically continue to rise every year to keep pace with the cost of living.
Tom Jackson
Apr 15, 2013


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, says he sees a bright future ahead for NASA Plum Brook Station near Sandusky and NASA Glenn in Cleveland, and he’ll keep pushing NASA officials to protect Ohio’s interests.

“No one has been talking about the amazing work SpaceX has been doing at Plum Brook,” Brown told reporters in a telephone conference call Wednesday. “I’m very hopeful for the future.”

SpaceX, a private rocket firm, has been testing Falcon 9 payload fairings at the Space Power Facility, a huge vacuum chamber at NASA Plum Brook Station.

The fairing is the nose cone section containing the cargo. SpaceX used the Falcon 9 rocket for a successful March mission to send supplies to the International Space Station.

Brown said he planned to speak Wednesday to NASA’s No. 2 official about NASA Glenn.

A spokesman later said Brown talked with deputy administrator Lori Garver.

“I am hopeful we continue to go generally in the right direction at NASA Glenn,” he said.

Brown held the conference call to plug his efforts to raise the federal minimum wage, although reporters turned it into a wide-ranging press conference with their questions.

The senator said the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013, which he is co-sponsoring, would raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour from the current $7.25, through three steps of 95 cents apiece.

After the minimum wage reached $10.10 in 2015, it would automatically continue to rise every year to keep pace with the cost of living.

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Why do people continue to think it's a RIGHT to make more money? Longevity does not determine your pay scale. Education, ability and work ethic are the basis of your salary. I'd also like to point out the fact that while minimum wage increases, MY pay will not keep pace with IT!!!!!! They fail to realize that raising minimum wage will NOT alleviate the need for government assistance. If minimum wage increases, so do the costs of EVERYTHING, thus continuing the spiral.


I couldnt agree more

Finn Finn



Historically, every time the minimum wage has been raised, jobs have been lost. Hmmm. Guess that explains why uber-left Dem Brown is all for it!


False. Turn off the Roger Ailes Network and do some research.

You right-wingers act like there's no such thing as inflation and companies never profit. Remember the old saying "a rising tide lifts all ships?"


Why do Senators, like Brown, feel that the best course of action is to keep rewarding people for doing the minimum?


Ever worked a min wage job? I'd hardly call it a "minimum." Go stand on your feet at a deep fryer for 8 hours or clean hotel rooms for a day, and tell me that isn't hard work.


minimum wages are a joke ! it takes two jobs at minimum wage to make it these days. they are not being rewarded for doing the minimum. alot of these people work very hard for their pay.


Sounds like a way to start inflation - it will just keep spiraling - what happened to getting a raise the old fashioned way - with work. Oh, and my retirement just stays as it is with no increase.


Do people get min wage for not working? Fascinating.

your master

Mr Brown is a real American, thank you good sir for your service to Ohio.


What he doing is giving anything away to keep his perks.Why do you think he is still in office !He is no American than Bozo who just added more Muslims to his cabinet !


Sherrod Brown is one of the best Senators Ohio has ever had. He works for the people, not corporations. And no, corporations are not "people" no matter what the Supreme Court says.

The minimum wage would be more than $20.00 per hour if it had kept up with the growth in CEO salaries over the last thirty years. Companies reward CEO's who cut expenses by cutting jobs by giving them higher salaries. If companies cut CEO's salaries when they need to cut expenses, their would be more people employed who can purchase more goods and sevices to stimulate the economy. 20 employees with decent paying jobs helps the economy way more than any CEO.


Yeah, let somebody making minimum wage run the company.


Does Mr Brown believe this will not cause inflation. If gas stations and drive-thru's have to pay their cashiers more does he really think the price of gas, pop, cigarettes will not go up? This would have more of an impact on inflation that all of the QE by the Fed.


It's not that people think they're entitled to make more money; it's that it takes more money just to eat and pay rent. Add in caring for children and minimum wage just doesn't cut it. Having worked several minimum wage jobs, I also think that the work involved in some cases does not equal the pay. Many businesses rely on these people to keep their business going so why shouldn't they be expected to pay them enough to have a decent quality of life? They are living in nice homes, driving nice cars but their workers are living paycheck to paycheck hitching a ride to work.


They are living in nice homes and driving nice cars because they own the business. Should big businesses like Walmart, Best Buy, etc pay more, I say probably, but small local businesses absolutely can not afford to pay more. Like I sad, take an independent gas station or drive-thru with say 5 or 6 employees, if you jack the minimum raise up by 2 or 3 dollars they will have to raise their prices and everyone will end up paying more for gas, pop etc. It will have an inflationary effect on the economy. No more 99 cent value meal items at McDonalds, it will be 2 or 3 dollar items. The best advice, if you want a nice home, car etc, start your own business.


Yeah, and just take that "capital" to start that new business of your's out of the clouds in the sky or off that money tree you have out in the back 40.


You are missing the point. Often when someone starts a business, everyone gets paid but the owner! It takes a lot of hard work and tremendous risk to build a company and for many companies, the owner never lives high on the hog. If minimum wage is raised to point where the worker makes enough to raise a family, buy a car, buy a house, or whatever you else you think is necessary, people cannot afford to start businesses. Try thinking about it that way.


You missed my point about big business and small business. I was referring to the small business owner that has 5 or 6 employees. I said that the big businesses could probably afford to pay a little more, but the small guy is certainly not driving a Porsche and living in a McMansion, and if he is, start a business and model it after his and you will have it also. On a side note, if we had a stable currency with out all of the Fed created inflation people would be able to have the purchasing power they had back in the 50's, 60's and early 70's. Fiat currency has it's consequences and that consequence is inflation.


Minimum wage was never meant to be the bread winner income for a family, it's meant to be either a secondary job pay, temporary work, or High school kids. I doesn't need to be higher, it's fine where it is, if that's all you can get then you need to change your situation.


Clue to the masses, if you are over 25 and not still living in mom's basement and your working for minimum wage, you are a loser!!! Minimum wage is an entry level wage for high school kids, nothing else!!!!


Senator Brown has such an extensive background as a business owner. I am sure he knows what is best to get an economy going! We are just a bunch of Ungrateful Slobs! Bowing to Washington as I type.

Now The Rest of...

In the perfect socialist world of Brown, everyone would either, work for the government, be dependent on government or work in the private sector for minimum wage, its getting there....


I'll give Brown 1/2 a point for being 1/2 right, at least where NASA is concerned. But I'll say here what I said some years ago to then-Senator DeWine who was pushing for NASA cuts to be made anywhere but Ohio: NASA is a TEAM. Each part and piece specializes. Taking money from Huntsville (or Ames or JPL or Houston or wherever) and bringing it to Ohio is great in the short term for Ohio, but bad for NASA. And anything that's bad for NASA eventually results in it being bad for ALL locations.

If Brown wants to increase funding for NASA, well, that's one of the very few government expenditures I'm actually behind. But if he wants to push Ohio's facilities in exchange for losses from OTHER facilities, well, that's short-sighted at best. And wrong (as usual) for Brown.


The highest unemployment rate is teenagers. Min wage is not a LIVING wage it is a starting wage. Keep raising the min and teenagers will keep losing out on starting jobs. Who would you hire an adult or a teenager with no skills?


All payrolls are based upon a percentage of sales or the value of the product manufactured. Increase the minimum wage 25% and you will reduce the jobs by 25%. When will Brown ever learn basic economics.

The Big Dog's back

The definition of a minimum wage job is not what it used to be. When you used to think of minimum wage jobs McDonald's, bag boy at the grocery store, clean-up boy at the local hardware store. It's not that way anymore. Factory jobs are minimum wage jobs today. And yes, the boss does have all the luxuries and the workers nothing. Why would you start a business if you don't pay yourself?


That is a direct result of globalization, US workers are competing with Chinese workers that are more than happy to work for 200 dollars per month. As our economies got larger the worker went from an asset to a liability. As companies continue to squeeze every dollar of profit to keep shareholders happy the worker is now considered a liability and if they can get it done cheaper they offshore production. NAFTA and the WTO were not designed to bring the rest of the world up to our standard of living but to bring us down to theirs. I really don't have an answer as to what can be done about it. If the minimum wage is raised the small business owner will either raise his prices to offset the cost of labor or he will reduce the number of employees to offset the cost of labor. Either way we get inflation or more unemployment :(


Source, name one factory that pays minimum wage!!!!! Porch Puppy


If you're listening to FOX News, you will undoubtedly sound like most of the commentary here.


Please elaborate, I'm watching Fox and CNN right now and all I'm seeing is video from the explosions in Boston. Keep flipping back and forth to get the latest news.


Some here commented about being on a "fixed" income. Fixed like Ford, the railroad, New Departure, etc? Most 55 & under have had many strident actions directed towards them in the economic picture. Many probably won't ever realize SSI either. Most don't decent medical.


And the plutocrats sit back and laugh, while worker bashes worker.