In White House, Newtown mom pleads for gun control

Mother fills in for President Obama during weekly radio address.
Associated Press
Apr 14, 2013

The mother of a 6-year-old boy killed in the Connecticut school shooting used the opportunity to fill in for President Barack Obama during the weekly radio and Internet address to make a personal plea from the White House for action to combat gun violence.

"Thousands of other families across the United States are also drowning in our grief," said Francine Wheeler, choking back tears in the address broadcast Saturday. "Please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy."

Ben Wheeler was among the 20 first-graders and six adults killed in the Dec. 14 attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

Francine Wheeler was the first person to deliver the address other than Obama or Vice President Joe Biden since the two took office in 2009.

Her husband, David Wheeler, sat silently next to her as she made the recording in the White House Library. Both wore the small green pins that have become a symbol of the shooting.

Obama asked Wheeler to deliver this week's address, which was taped Friday. The White House said Wheeler and her husband wrote the remarks.

"Sometimes, I close my eyes and all I can remember is that awful day waiting at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Firehouse for the boy who would never come home — the same firehouse that was home to Ben's Tiger Scout Den 6," Francine Wheeler said. "But other times, I feel Ben's presence filling me with courage for what I have to do, for him and all the others taken from us so violently and too soon."

Some of the Sandy Hook families, with Obama's blessing, have launched a stepped-up effort to push a gun control bill through Congress.

Obama traveled Monday to Hartford, Conn., about an hour's drive from Newtown, to make his case for action. On the return trip to Washington, he brought back 12 of the victims' family members, who have been meeting with senators.

The Senate is considering a Democratic bill backed by Obama that would expand background checks, strengthen laws against illegal gun trafficking and slightly increase school security aid. The bill passed its first hurdle on Thursday, and senators will vote on amendments to the legislation in the coming week.

Its fate in the Republican-controlled House is uncertain.

Shortly after the vote Thursday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the voices of the Newtown families may have been the decisive factor.

In the Republicans' weekly address, freshman Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana criticized the tax increases Obama proposed in the $3.8 trillion budget blueprint he unveiled Wednesday, calling it "a blank check for more spending and more debt."

Although she acknowledged that Obama's budget "offers signs of common ground" in the form of entitlement reforms the GOP has previously requested, she said it's wrongheaded for Obama to insist he'll only agree to those reforms if Congress also agrees to higher taxes.



S w Rand 2016

No. What probably happened was that most Right wingers actually read Feinstein's intitial Gun Control legislation and most Left wingers only caught the soundbytes from opinion blogs and/or talking point segments on TV.
After reading the actual legislation, it was clear that our children would be in even more danger if the Left's notion of "Gun Control" actually became law. Meanwhile, many Left wingers still seem to think it was only about background checks all along.

No, wait. That can't be it. At least, not totally. Many of you were asking why anyone needs a weapon that is capable of receiving a clip with more than 10 rounds, weren't you? So you must've known that this would include about 90% of the rifles and handguns that Americans purchase, yes?
Isn't it a bit reckless to propose such a law without a realistic method of enforcing it in a way that makes us more safe from criminal organizations instead of less safe?

The Big Dog's back

Right wing definition of a "real" criminal- Black male. Even though most of the mass murders in history were/are white.

Darwin's choice

Dog, please stop drinking from the "throne"......

S w Rand 2016

I'm sure minorities in big cities with high crime rates will just love the Democrat party for initially suggesting that we disarm them. I'm just so sure they recall it with fondness every time they walk through their neighborhood at night.
And I'm sure the minority business owners in those same neighborhoods really feel the Democrats are looking out for them. I'm sure this won't call to remembrance the days in the Democrat South when the Left wing once pushed to confiscate all guns from minorities. We wouldn't want anything like that on their minds during election season, especially with our current economic trajectory.


right wingers is a generalization which has no bearing on these comments. I question the validity of the incident, the lack of details on this shooting, the appearance of grieving parents on TV to promote gun control. It's all a ploy and you are being duped. many truths are swept under the rug and hidden from the general public. government agendas trump everything.

The Big Dog's back

You make my case.


Where's the free trips on aiforce one for all of the families that had their homes broken into and were protected by their firearms? What about that paripolegic from Ohio that shot the intruder from his bed, where his only defence was a firearm?


What about that guy? He did what he was legally able to do with no charges. What does that have to do with ANYTING?


That's the point... where are all of the air force one trips for the people that needed a gun and had one. I don't see anyone that used a gun to successfully defend their home being flown around the country.... no one that saved others by using a gun is being carted around.... we're loosing sight of the hundreds of people that are saved just because they had a gun when it counted all because of a hand full of incidents that took a few lives. I'd really enjoy looking at the pie chart of lives defended and saved by the private use of fire arms vs the amount of people killed in mass shootings... because that's all this debate started around... losing 100 people in mass shootings over the course of a decade vs. Hundreds of lives saved each year

S w Rand 2016

I heard it was something like 2.5 million incidents that were prevented by CCW permit holders in that same time period. It is said that, because these incidents never escalate to 3 or more people dying, the national media seems uninterested.

I am also reading that our violent crime in America has gone down by 50% in the past 20 years (ask and, stunningly, no person or organization involved in politics, government, etc is claiming responsibility for this awesome development.


Sharia Law is sounding pretty good to many law abiding citizens?


Are you purposely trying to sound stupid or does it come natural?


just look bho can get all the guns he wants without a background check so there you have it........... CRIMINALS CAN GET THEM ANYWAY
And you can not even get a box of bullets anywhere

Simple Enough II

I bet when his SSN is entered it raises a red flag due to the 2 different names & dates of who it was assigned to!


How about Obama and company questioning the mind altering legal prescription drugs pushed by Big Pharma?

How about Obama and company clean up some corrupt police department and officers who steal and sell police weapons and confiscated weapons? How about Obama and company raiding the corrupt LAPD?
"Instead of seeking to reform the department, the LAPD has attacked the whistleblowers rather than any responsible criminals within the department."


Background checks ARE needed. Last I knew the eagle needed two wings to fly. Before this scenario, the NRA celebrated ilk like Ted Nugent, a stinking draft dodger. This is why most GOPers can't be trusted. They, like most Americans worry only about self, & personal dollars. Again I also wish the Stolen Valor Act would return.


When the people that think we need to carry a weapon 24/7 are in charge of the government we are losing a lot of freedoms.
I liked this country a lot better when I could go anywhere I wanted and didn't have to worry about some kook with a semi-auto shooting at random and a bunch more with a ccw looking to be a hero.


Can you point to a single example of this? I can show it happening with police but never with a ccw...

Simple Enough II

The new Cindy Sheehan.

"Boston Mayor: Vice President “Guaranteed” Gun Control Reform BEFORE Sandy Hook Shooting"

"During a speech in 1995 Eric Holder says people need to be brainwashed into thinking negatively about guns.

The comment about brainwash starts at 3:00.


With 5 years of Obozo rule why must the left keep bringing up the racist mud slinging, by disagreeing with the president we are racist? His actions would lead to anybody with critical thinking, being called a racist. Okay, for all of you liberals, I'm a racist. I also disagree with Tiger Woods getting a pass at the Masters for an illegal ball drop. Anybody else would have gotten the boot from the tournament.
Yours in bitter clinger land GOOFUS

The Big Dog's back

Well, there's one admitted racist, now if the rest would fess up.


bd, I voted for Ken Blackwell in lieu of Ted Strickland and if you are not a racist than I can assume that you also voted for Ken


Hotdog Obozo got his reggie back


Good Analogy: I have a strong dislike for cold weather so thinking about moving to Florida or Arizona.----I really fear white mass murders and support strict gun laws so I'm moving to Chicago.


Not only has the lamestream media clamped down on reporting on the murders committed by this black abortion doctor but now this


YOu have to be dumb as He**


EZOB make sure you join a gang when you get to Chitown