Ouch: Pregnant wife attacks husband’s manhood

Expectant mother went below the belt during an argument Thursday inside their Milan Road home.
Apr 12, 2013

Nicole Rumfola, 25, a self-proclaimed ex-boxer, was charged with domestic violence.

The victim, William Rumfola, 25, screamed for police to come quick at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday. By the time officers rolled up, Nicole had let go. William said it all started with an argument over the father of Nicole’s child. At some point he gave up and laid down on the couch with a blanket.

“William said Nicole persisted in arguing and she walked into the living room, pulled the covers off and began slapping him,” a Sandusky police report said. “William said he attempted to restrain her by wrapping his arms around her head but she grabbed his testicles and began to squeeze really hard.” That’s when he dialed 911.

Still, she persisted.

“William said he had to bite her in the leg to get her to release his penis,” a report said.“He stated ‘she was beating the (expletive) out of me’ so I had to do something.”

Nicole, who is eight months pregnant, said she couldn’t remember what happened. Police noted she had a bloody lip, redness around her right eye and a bite mark.



Ahhhhh ha!!! So he's famous?? Lol


If he wasn't famous before...he will be now! Bet it will take a while before their friends let them live this down! He's lucky she didn't make him Sandusky's "John Bobbitt"!! Close enough though...lol.


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Truth Be Told....

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Hoss McGee

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More like plush 'n prolly too old for you. I'm just more of a natural woman, I just don't dig the itchy nubs part.

Hoss McGee

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Please let us hear the 911 tape!! lol!!


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More like "Little Balls".

Hoss McGee

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Hahahahaha! Now, knowing William aka "lb Sickening", he is the one who started this shite and he has this girl so damned brainwashed that she didn't rat him out and took the fall for his sorry arse. (Notice how the article says that the police stated she had a bloody lip, red marks around eye, etc...) This kid does NOT know how to keep his thing in his pants, he had 2 girls pregnant and they gave birth within 2 months of each other a couple of years back. He's a massive douche.


Really, cause his profile says he doesn't want kids...SMH
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if she went to that extreme when she is 8 months , then If I were her husband I wouldnt be anywhere near her when she goes into labor. LOL


OMG-thanx so much for the chuckles guys!!!:)))) My teenage daughter just looked at me cuz I'm sitting on the couch and laughing my arse off-she probably thinks I'm psycho laughing to myself :)))


This article implies that he is a man!!! Being a man would require putting down the mic and getting a real job to support all your kids! He is a loser! Someone should have damaged the goods a long time ago!!


Kudos to mamajenjen for calling him out! I have a feeling I know you hahaha! I guarantee he instigated this and they are both laughing about it now. He is an immature little punk who likes to sleep with underage girls!

tell it how it is

Being pregnant myself, I feel I need to show this article to my boyfriend tonight..
Don't make a pregnant woman angry! Chances are it won't end up good

This article just make me crack up. Along with the comments.