Dispatcher resigns after friend gets busted

Sandusky County Sheriff’s dispatcher quits after traffic stop turned into a cocaine arrest.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 11, 2013


Kimberly Trimble, 53, a dispatcher for 12 years at the sheriff’s office, handed in her resignation Monday, before a deputy could question her about providing a ride to a known cocaine user, according to reports from the sheriff’s office.   

Sandusky County Deputy Brian McGrady stopped Trimble’s vehicle Friday afternoon in the 100 block of Midvale Ave. in Clyde, for a turn-signal violation, according to a deputy’s report.    

McGrady asked her where she was coming from and what she was doing there, as the Midvale Avenue home the car had stopped at was known for suspicious activity, the report said. 

Trimble apologized for the violation and told McGrady she and her passenger, Bruce Townsley, 40, were on their way to a funeral in Ashland. McGrady then questioned Townsley, who admitted to stopping at the home to buy a baggie of cocaine for $50, the report said. 

Townsley had hidden the cocaine in his waistband during the traffic stop. McGrady arrested him then released Trimble from the scene.

Less than two hours later, Sheriff Kyle Overmyer placed Trimble on leave pending an internal investigation by Detective Sean O’Connell.

O’Connell questioned Townsley at the jail, where he was held over the weekend on charges of possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Townsley admitted to using cocaine for years, spending up to $250 a month to support his habit, a deputy’s report said.

He also told deputies he visited the Midvale Avenue home to pay a $50 drug debt and to purchase more cocaine. Townsley told detectives that Trimble knew why he wanted to go to the home in Clyde, and she had been around him at least a dozen times when he used cocaine, sometimes even at her house, the report said. 

“Trimble has known of his cocaine usage for the last couple of years,” O’Connell stated in a report.

Before O’Connell could question her, however, Trimble turned in her resignation letter Monday. She didn’t cite a reason for resigning.

In her time working for the county, Trimble had only minor infractions resulting in discipline, including one verbal and one written reprimand in 2011 for making errors while dispatching calls, Chief Deputy Bruce Hirt said.

In 2009 she served a five-day unpaid suspension for sleeping on the job. 

She had earned $17.45 an hour as a dispatcher.




DeWine better get in there and see what's going on. Sandusky County Sheriff's Department is a MESS. First the girl that has mental disorders is encouraged to perform sexual acts on herself as deputies look on. Then they totally mess up Jake Limberios' case now this. What is going on over there!!??!!??


The SCSD may have some problems, but this isn't one of them. The minute they found out their dispatcher was hanging around with a coke head, they suspended her. Prior to that she only had one write up.

They did the right thing, she was guilty by association.


Wow..I never heard about that. I can't believe so many people are willing to jeopardize their CAREERS for a lil lovin.


She quit before they could administrate a drug test and then fire her.




That county is F$%^ed up !!!

Simple Enough II

We may have our problems, but I'd say it is less than Erie and Heroin counties! As for the personell issues at the SCSO, looks like they are weeding themselves out doesn't it.


I'd say they all have problems. Drugs in "Heroin" county as you oh so cleverly put it, are just as common if not more common in Ottawa county... Plus the SCSO has Mr. Wukie who doesn't do his job most of the time anyways..

BULLISDEEP's picture

Did they raid the house ?


Certainly hope this guy was worth losing her job over!


@ grita88- Really???!!! And I suppose you consider Erie County "Never Never Land" ???? Do a little math (per capita) and I think you will realize allot different!!!


Agreed, should say "these" counties....


Next week SR will be listing a job opening right under thIs article!


Let us guess that those two are not friends anymore?


why would anyone jeopardize a good job for the likes of him ?


Dude's a discrace to the society and she loved him. What else is their to talk about. Next subject.

Richard Bebb

So now we know the rest of the story once the investigation was completed. Where is the apology from this newspaper for acting like a petulant child and demanding details about this case before the investigation was completed?


I couldn't agree more Richard Bebb! Unfortunately we know this will never happen and that is a shame! SHAME ON YOU SR for once again trying to make LEO look bad! As amazing as it may sound to you they did their job and did it VERY WELL!


maybe the BPD could follow in their footsteps, since their female dispatcher has been giving a "heads up" to all the junkies and thieves in bellevue when officers are looking for them ..wouldnt be hard to subpoena phone records and find the fact to all this truth .not to mention all the stuff that hits FB from her page before it hits the papers .who side are the people that are supposed to protect us on ?