Perkins school board approves cuts

After weeks of discussion, district locks in reductions
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 11, 2013


Eight teachers are officially out of work after the Perkins school board on Wednesday unanimously approved $12 million in cuts for the next four years.

The board had been mulling the decision for more than a month. It has eliminated 18 teaching jobs, although nine were cut by leaving retirees' positions vacant and one was eliminated by reducing two jobs to part-time.

The list of cuts will keep growing, also affecting non-teaching employees such as aides and secretaries. The final number of those impacted won't be finalized until summer, superintendent Jim Gunner said. The district must first determine how many special education students will require one-on-one aides next year.

For the full story on the board's decision, pick up Thursday's Register or subscribe to the ePaper here. Also, a full list of the cuts is available in the PDF below.



WOW! I would of taken a 10% percent pay cut in this economy to keep my fellow employees working. But that is not a choice. Strongsville is going to put OHIO on the map. Really ugly over there. I wish the government would step up and take care of education.


Please keep the power of choice in the hands of the taxpayer by voting no to the upcoming Perkins school levies. Thank you.

my oh my

Long overdue with highest property tax table in Erie County they can not manage funds properly..UNTIL they cut the Phat in the system they will never go anywhere.A NO vote is necessary for all levies in Perkins.....


Vote No!


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You would like the government to step in and solve all the problems? When ever has the government ever been able to manage any situation efficiently? The government does not solve problems it increases them.

1. Where does the federal, state and local governments get their money?
2. Public schools are a government institution now. There funds derive from taxes.
3. Are you willing to give up your rights on local issues?



Perkins Resident

Let me start by saying that I voted yes for the last levy that was for building a new school. The voters spoke and said no, we do not want a new school. Then the Board and Gunner move money around to build a new school anyway. Basically telling the voters, we don't work for you and we don't care what you say. That attitude and what they did has turned my yes vote from the last levy on the ballot for a new school to a no vote on this ballot. I will not support any levy for the school as long as Gunner and the current board are in power. The actions they have taken are a slap in the face to the voters. Thank you for reading.


good comment, I agree. Tax payers have had enough of these scare tactics, we did not cause this Mr. Gunner, show us you can be a better leader than tax ,tax tax, Dig yourself out, you can leave and go on to another position in another district, leaving this problem for others to fix ,or you can lead with dignity, fix it w/ out new tax leveys, stop your bully tactics[ we dont like it] show you can manage and lead without gimme more ,and more ,gimmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee more,more more nowwwww.


How about they move the stolen operating money back where it belongs and save jobs instead of building their new schools and stadium?




It is always sad when someone loses their job. Hopefully the cut people aren't the ones who are always bragging about only working 9 months and having the summer off.


I've never heard anyone brag about that.


I think you have to keep in mind that teachers are paid for what I believe to be 180 days of work a year. They are not paid for 365 days and told you only have to work 180. I am assuming a starting teacher is paid around $30,000 for 180 working days. That translates to $166 a day in pay or about $21 an hour based on 8 hours a day, IF they only work 8 and many work far more at home grading papers etc.

So..........IF YOU WANT a teacher to work 52 weeks 5 days a week for 8 hours a day you will neet to pay them over $43,000 a year.

Any public school teacher has to have a minimum a Bachelor;s degree which today costs on the average $100,000 for 4 years in college. Within 5 years all teachers have to have a Masters degree which costs another $30-35,000. So $100,000 for them to even walk in the door of the classroom and another $30,000+ in 5 years to stay in the classroom.

I do not think a starting teacher with ) years experience being paid what equals out to about $21 an hour or $166 a day is being overpaid by any means. Yeah, I know in comes the benefits BUT so do other jobs have benefits.

I have a neighbor who works at the Kalahari and works 4 hours a day 4 days a week taking tickets at the door and she gets about $7 an hour. She feels teachers are overpaid and should not be paid more than she is paid......she votes NO on every levy because she feels teachers are paid too much.......Geesh, she has a high school education for her job at the Kalahari and teachers have at a minimum have a 4 year college education and spend over $100,000 to get their degree and she feels they both should be paid the same per hour. Amazes me how some people think and ultimately vote at the polls.


Maybe if your neighbor had better teachers she wouldn't feel that way or be in that situation. Vote NO!


i agree with doughnutshopguy and keep the government out of our schools !! gunner thinks he can do anything he wants to. vote no on the levy !!



We have not given up our rights if we vote "no " on the operating levy . Mr Gunner stated in the SR the new school can not be built if the operating levy does not pass. Of course he told me personally that the school would be built with or without the levy passing . He lied to me or the SR.


Gunner makes to much money take it away

Close the school down until gunner goes

Time to have testicals

Clean up time


Is there a list of what specific teachers have been let go?

Hoss McGee

That's what I was wondering Kelly. I would say probably not cause they have no intentions on cutting anything.


Are the cuts in employment considered layoffs until the levies are passed or are they permanent?


vote no on the levy, bullying tax payers is very ugly , work within the means that hard working tax payers have afforded you. Do more w/ less,. we how you can make it you are thrifty.Do that extra bit , that shows that [you] personally will sacrifice,take a cut in salary[big one] donate your cash to cover some extras Mr. Gunner. Your time for one on one special needs, no pay volunteer coaches? just because they love the game? Pay to play, donations to help the kids that cannot pay. Volunteer drivers for sports events to get kids from A to B & back. You would be surprized how close the community will become. Turn in your nice car for a used car ,not fancy , but reliable. Show the way by actions not levied taxes...Thankyou...


Folks, you all have to understand something.

Mr. Gunner does not live in this community. He is not affected by the taxes he wishes to impose. His word has no value to any Perkins resident.

Tool Box

Send Gunner a message....VOTE NO! That will teach him he can't play shell games with our money! Make him personally find the money that he and the BOE (which all need to go) moved to conveniently finance his stadium!


where does Mr. Gunner live? Hope its not cut and run, leaving a mess he doesnt feel he helped cause.




Gunner is the demise of this school system.