Axe comes down Wednesday for Perkins Schools

School board set to approve a slew of cuts Wednesday totaling $12 million over the next few years.
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 9, 2013

Perkins Schools is set to approve a slew of cuts Wednesday totaling $12 million over the next few years.

The list of district-wide reductions, unveiled late last month, includes axing nearly 40 jobs, eliminating field trips and at least doubling student pay-to-participate athletic fees. About 25 employees will be directly impacted, superintendent Jim Gunner said.

School board approval will make the changes final, for now, although the board plans to divide the cuts into two rounds.

The first round is larger and permanent. It totals about $2.4 million in the coming school year and $3.5 million the following year.

The second round, including fee increases and field trips, can be reversed if a majority of voters favor the district’s May levies. It totals about $468,000 in the upcoming school year.

The district is proposing two issues on the May ballot:

* A five-year renewal of a 2-mill permanent improvement levy.

* A 10-year, 4.98-mill emergency operating levy.

“If and when the levy passes, we’ll bring them back as quickly as possible, based upon the finances of the district at that time,” Gunner said after announcing the cuts in February.

If the 10-year levy fails, the district would face a deficit of more than $600,000 heading into 2014, with an annual budget of about $23 million.

View a list of the reductions here.


The New World Czar

Interestingly enough, all the pro-levy signs in my neighborhood happen to be in front of school employee houses. Any possible connection with who is really behind passing the levies?


Perkins voter that just means you been slacken past years.


Don't call be a slacker. I have had to go to the board of revision twice and had my taxes lowered. I will not dish out another $400 to $600 for a appraisal. This time the auditor demands that the appraiser be present at the board of revision which will cost extra. Realators want to list my home for sale abour 20 percent lower than what the tax man says my house is worth. and shows that my house is valued at 20 or 25 percent lower than what the county auditor says it is worth. Check all of the supporters of taxes at zillow and trulia against the county auditor. Put in a name or address and you can see for yourself. Put in the names of teachers and people with signs in their yards and see for yourself. Don't call me a slacker because my taxes have been high for years and I never got a tax rebate after two previous board of revision hearing when my house value dropped about 30 percent each time. Then 3 or 6 years later, the value goes up 30 percent. I was going to vote for the police levy but because oldpirate called me a slacker and self centered, I will vote NO to ALL tax levies. I have been paying over and above taxes for years. I have already paid more than my fair share of taxes. I vote NO.


Grow up. Go out to your doomsday bunker and complain to yourself how you have been wronged.



Your masters (the superintendent and BOE) need to muzzle you. You are costing them votes.


duhnut I'm pretty sure i haven't changed a thing. More excuses!


The only one making excuses and telling lies on here is you, oldpirate. You're trying to spin and shill to cover your master stealing taxpayer money for his school and stadium and want us to bail him out. It isn't going to happen, though.


Still waiting on your "educated" response oldpirate...just what has Perkins spent PI money on over the years? Why haven't they used it for its intended maintain facilities? Other schools do with buildings just as old if not older.

Common Sense

Check out my reply on page 2.


I guess I don't get people. They say vote no....the schools need to cut things. So they cut 12 million and then they say in the next sentence......Why are they cutting this or that? What about the kids?

You simply cannot have your cake and eat it too voters.


Not sure the issue is with cuts, more cutting out the lofty idea of building a grand school using stolen operating funds. What about the kids? Well, they can continue to receive their education in the building they have with the resources available. Who's the wanting to have their cake and eat it, too?


I don't want any cake. I want my money out of Gunner's hands.


It I promise you will only get more expensive DLK.If you stop an old pipe from leaking it:s still old and will leak again. If you choose to maintain your house in a band aid fashion have at it. I expect more from the people in charge of my school. Go over and see for yourself but I won't hold my breath.


Quite possibly the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

And the arrogance you continue to portray does nothing to help your case.


Whatever makes your shortsightedness seem reasonable. We don't agree.
Have a nice day.


Notice how you have nothing intelligent to say, but simply resort to attacking those that don't agree with you. Thank you, I will have a wonderful day...especially come May 7.


Really asking: Where did the PI money go that they were supposed to use to maintain the facilities? Was it used for the stadium? Was it used for the laptops? Where did it go?

Common Sense

Check out the reply posted when the question was asked on page 2.


Any more arrogant than you attacking the Board and Gunner? No we don't agree.


Not arrogance. Just pointing out the facts oldpirate. They moved inside millage to build a school against the wishes of the majority of their voters. They falsely gave claims the school was not safe (rebutted later by the health department). They contributed $1.5 mill from the general fund to a new that could be used to retain jobs at the school (afterall, a good education comes from quality teachers, not the structure). Now they want us to fix their funding gap and are holding us hostage. No thanks, they lost my vote and confidence.

BW1's picture

Calling criticism of public officials arrogant pretty much tells us all we need to know about you - that you hate the founding principles of this nation.

Public officials work for us - we are the boss of them. You seem to have a problem with that concept. I'm sure Kim Jong Un would love to have you as a loyal subject.


Oldpirate said:

" I expect more from the people in charge of my school."

^^^^ That's the first intelligent comment he's made! There are a WHOLE lot of people who agree with you.