Monroeville superintendent switches seats

David Stubblebine heading to Clyde-Green Springs Schools
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 7, 2013



The Clyde-Green Springs school board is set to hire David Stubblebine as its new superintendent.
Stubblebine, currently superintendent at Monroeville Schools, confirmed both sides have reached a tentative agreement when contacted Friday. The board is expected to approve his contract at 4:30 p.m. Monday at a special meeting.
Stubblebine will begin at Clyde-Green Springs Schools Aug. 1, when interim superintendent Laura Kagy resumes her role as assistant superintendent.
“It’s hard to put how I feel into words, because it’s hard to leave a place you love,” Stubblebine said. “But I’m looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”
Among his preliminary goals at Clyde-Green Springs Schools:
* Stabilizing the district’s finances.
*Establishing new relationships within the district and the community.
* Continuing and enhancing academic success.
Clyde-Green Springs school board members did not return calls seeking comment Thursday or Friday.
The financially struggling district is in the midst of its fifth straight levy campaign after four unsuccessful attempts. A 5.25-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot could generate $1.1 million per year if approved, reinstating programs like high school busing, field trips and elementary music programs, Kagy said in January.
Steve Reer, Monroeville school board vice president, said Stubblebine was very successful at balancing the district’s budget and was a “good choice” for Clyde-Green Springs Schools.
When Stubblebine announced his departure, board members “didn’t see it coming,” but they were supportive and understanding, Reer said.
“He passed a couple big levies and did an excellent job for us,” he said. “We hate to see him go, but we wish him all the luck in the world.”
Stubblebine has served as Monroeville Schools superintendent since August 2008. He was previously the district’s high school principal and also worked several years for Vermilion Schools.
Stubblebine and his wife live in Norwalk but plan to move to Clyde soon, he said.
Want to go?
WHAT: Clyde-Green Springs special school board meeting
WHERE: Clyde High School, 1015 Race Street, Clyde
WHEN: 4:30 p.m. Monday
WHY: To hire a new superintendent
Stubblebine’s resume

•Graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1994.
•Taught social studies at Vermilion High School from 1994-1999.
•Vermilion High School “most influential teacher” from 1996-1997
•Dean of students and guidance counselor at Vermilion High School from 1999-2000.
•Received master’s degree from Bowling Green State University in 2000.
•Assistant principal of Vermilion High School from 2000-2001.
•Principal of Monroeville Junior High and High School from 2001-2008.
•Received superintendent licensure from University of Findlay in 2005.
•Superintendent of Monroeville Schools from 2008-present.
Source: David Stubblebine


Put America 1st

Excellent hire for Clyde - Green Springs school system.

John Harville

Is he moving INTO the District so his money stays here?

nosey rosey

Clyde is not a financially struggling district. It is a fiscally irresponsible district where 5 administrators make over $500,000 per year. Where the voters have defeated a levy 4 times only for them to put it on a special ballot for the 5th time for even more money. This district does not need a new superintendent. It needs to let the assistant take over and cut the payroll by $100,000+ per year to help balance their budget. VOTE NO!

John Harville

NOSEY DO NOT let Laura Kagy take over - they'll just appoint another unneeded assistant (they've functioned fine so far without an assistant) and she is part of the Todd Helms retinue of leftovers.
The five administrators take all their money to other districts. Only CES and CHS principals live in the District/County. And the wife of the MMS principal is the District Librariand - they take their money to Lakota and send their kids to Fremont (though they could bring the to Clyde as children of employees).
Stubblebine says he wants to build community closeness. Does that mean he will be moving INTO the District?


Good Luck Dave!!! I am sure you will do great things at Clyde-Green SPrings schools!

John Harville

mamaC BEGIN by moving INTO the District and keeping your taxes here.


Dave is a great hire for Flier Nation. He keeps it real and will be a breath of fresh air for the 43410. Great job Clyde.

John Harville

PIZZA Is he moving into the District? Or going to keep paying his taxes to Norwalk?


"Stubblebine was very successful at balancing the district’s budget and was a “good choice” for Clyde-Green Springs Schools."

Have at it, Mr. Stubblebine. Balance that mess & stabilize the district’s finances. Then let's get new experienced, knowledgable people on the school board next election!

Until then VOTE NO!!!!

John Harville

MR. STUBBLEBINE... First step on being accepted in Clyde-Green Springs EVS is a move INTO our fair district for which you express SO MUCH RESPECT. We want YOUR taxes on the taxpayer dollars we pay you to stay in OUR district.

MONROEVILLE - TRADE? We'll take Mr. Stubblebine and you can have Dr. Kagy - it's closer to her house anyway and we really won't need her.

Kottage Kat

Read the article
It says he plans to move to Clyde


I thought I was the only one that read that. It does say he plans to move.


Wondering ... did Gunner (Perkins School District) tell you he was moving to the district? Was it a broken "promise?" Because you KNOW school administrators NEVER tell you one thing then do another!


Wonderful pick. Way to go Dave.

Put America 1st

John H. next time take the TIME to read the article before being a fool and spotting negativity.