Play Ball: Landing a homerun in Erie County

What would it take to build a minor league baseball stadium on the Northcoast?
Andy Ouriel
Apr 6, 2013


Imagine watching a wooden bat smack against a tiny white ball whizzing by at almost 100 mph.

The thundering crack echoes through the quaint stadium on a warm summer day, so loud even boaters on Lake Erie can hear it. In an arch-like projection, the baseball seems to soar higher than the peaks of the roller coasters in the backdrop. An outfielder sprints toward a wall, begrudgingly stopping at the barrier as the homerun ball splashes into Sandusky Bay.

Jubilation overtakes the crowd. Between bites of Toft’s ice cream and Berardi’s french fries, the fans root for Erie County’s professional baseball team.

Sounds great, right? 

At least one baseball executive, however, believes Erie County could expand on it’s hardball offerings at a higher level.

“I have always liked the potential of a team there,” Frontier League commissioner Bill Lee said.

The Frontier League oversees 14 independent teams in the Midwest, and the squads are all unaffiliated with Major League Baseball. 

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Phil Packer

What would it take? To start with, maybe 5000 more real jobs?


Alot more than what your town has got. And a lot less thugs roaming the streets.

Professor Playdoh's picture
Professor Playdoh

Ask Avon..They did
great place...


would never happen with those sandusky officials . dont you dare come to them with plans to make downtown sandusky better. not like this would add jobs and clean up the area and add restaurants . downtown sandusky is a dump yet you hear of all these ideas of things people want to do downtown and nothing happens.


Clean up the town first, repair your streets, and raze old vacant buildings. and bring in real jobs, bring back some manufacturing jobs first, with the threat of North Korea again, Some companies just may wish to relocate back here.


This project belongs with investors. No government entity should be fronting the money to build a stadium or a recreation center. If it is such a good deal, let the business people front the project but don't dump it in the taxpayer's lap. Do we have sucker written on our foreheads or what? Build it on the taxpayer's dime and the business people are laughing all the way to the bank on our dime. Sandusky can't even afford the bare essentials to keep the city operating let alone buy into a stadium. Frontier, we will take a no thank you on this one.

Now The Rest of...

Lets build a combo stadium-office complex at county expense and place the Sandusky City staff in a portion of it at no expense to the city with the county taxpayers paying for it, oops others have already thought of that stupid idea on the office side.
Guess I can't receive positive press coverage that would never really happen.


The name could be the Sandumpy Thugs.


Sounds more like somethiing that could be built in Huron. However, wasn't somebody looking into building a sports complex of sorts just a while back that never developed?


How many teams can be supported in Northern Ohio? From Eastlake to Toledo we already have 4 teams. (Not counting Akron)


Where is SHOWBOAT ?


Again, the government needs to pony up a couple million dollars for a stadium and then find someone who has too much money and no brains to fund the yearly cost.

Of course since it is funded by the government all those on entitlement will be given free tickets. Now tourists with money won't show up because they don't have to deal with the riff raft.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Woody Hayes


Crushers park is out in a field, not in Avon. Sandusky ought to build a downtown park, tear down a certain newspaper building and build it there.


and last but not least, how many times does one have to say that we are on the SOUTH shore of Lake Erie, not the north coast of anything! coast lines border the oceans and shore lines border lakes. She sells sea shells by the sea shore.


You have no clue. The east coast is east of us, the west coast is west of us. The north coast is therefore at the southern edge of Lake Erie, or any of the Great Lakes. The coast is something when water divides two countries, (respectively Canada and the USA, as far as the north coast goes). It is as far north one can go ON land and still be on the USA's mainland.

Matter of fact, Go to NYC and tell them that they live on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so they can't be east coast anymore. Do visa-versa with Los Angeles and the east coast of the Pacific, see how that works out for ya.


I would never give you a map to tell me how to get somewhere.


Dig up Sandusky put it on the water front


There isn't an unemployment problem in Erie County. It's a matter of the employment candidates being unemployable.

Had someone tell me Ventra (old Ford plant) is still hiring in droves, not because of business continuing to boom, but because many of the new hires either quit or just don't show up after a week on the job.


The Frontier League is littered with teams going broke and lawsuits. If we want baseball, let's go for an affiliated team, not some league run by a commissioner that already burned Zanesville and Canton.