BGSU Firelands classes popular in Sandusky

College coursework offered at SHS bring students 'right back where (they) started from.'
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 5, 2013


BGSU Firelands College has offered classes at Sandusky High School since fall 2011. The coursework has remained in high demand for nearly two years, serving anywhere from 130 to 180 students each semester.

“It’s a very good environment with excellent people,” said Irma Smith, 66, who has waited decades for a fast-approaching day: her college graduation. 

It’s been a long journey, literally, for the Sandusky native.

Smith can often be seen trekking two miles on Hayes Avenue, where she attends college classes through a flourishing local partnership. She doesn’t own a car, but that doesn’t stop her from furthering her education.

“I decided to do something for myself,” she said.

“I don’t care what age you are or if you’re only taking one class at a time, improve your education if it’s possible. I don’t know anyone that regrets learning," said the Sandusky High School graduate. “It’s kind of funny because I’m right back where I started from.”

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Want to enroll?

What: BGSU Firelands offers a variety of courses, including math, science and writing

Where: Sandusky High School, 2130 Hayes Ave.

When: Fall 2013 semester

How: Call 419-433-5560 or visit




My utmost respect to Ms. Smith.

Kottage Kat

My mom took classes there in the 60's and 70's.
Congrats Irma
you are an inspiration


How wonderful for you! You are truly amazing. If only more people had your attitude what a better world we would have. All the best to you. You will be rewarded for your hard work and effort!!


Congratulations to Irma, and my personal kudos for her drive and determination! She's right: No one has ever regretted learning. Now if we could just get some people to want it in the FIRST place...!


Great work. An education is something no one can ever take away from you.

It's come full circle. I also took classes at SHS in the fall of 1967 when BGSU offered them there in the evenings because Firelands College campus in Huron didn't exist.

AJ Oliver

Thanks to Ms. Smith for bucking the rampant anti-intellectualism that makes people so vulnerable to rip-off artists, banksters and other assorted crooks. Without a good BS detector that does NOT just rely on "common sense", they'll take you for everything you have and more. People who say "all you need is common sense" are mostly just unwilling (and OK, sometimes unable) to do the necessary homework. Education also makes you a better and more interesting person. Try it and, like Ms. Smith, you'll see.


Good for you, my dear, good for you. You are never too young or too old to learn. It takes time, drive and determination to better yourself. Luckily for this community, you possess all of those attributes. We are lucky to have you here. Good luck on your future plans. There is NO DOUBT you will go far. Look how far you have come. Congratulations.