Fired Fremont man shows up at work armed

OAK HARBOR — Wields knives and a big stick.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 5, 2013


A man recently fired from his job at Northern Manufacturing, in Oak Harbor, returned Thursday with two knives, an air pistol and a large stick, according to Ottawa County deputies. 

Employees at the facility called 911 at about noon, after spotting Kyle Kovac, 20, walking around the property while wielding a knife. Before deputies arrived, employees called back and said they also spotted a handgun on the front seat of Kovac’s car, deputies said. 

On arrival, deputies saw Kovac walking around in military-style camouflage clothing. They arrested him and searched his car, finding a second large knife, an air soft pistol with a suppressor attached, and a large stick, deputies said. 

Kovac was charged with two counts each of aggravated menacing, inducing panic and carrying concealed weapons. He was also charged with one count of possession of criminal tools.

He lives in the 500 block of Jackson St. in Fremont.

According to Ottawa County Municipal Court records, he was charged and convicted of disorderly conduct more than a year ago. It was the only charge in his local criminal record.




Wow....great job to all those observant people that called 911


I'd say they're lucky too that he didn't have more deadly weapons and was not able to confront or harm anyone. There seem to be more and more people going off the deep end, trying to kill those that piss them off or that have wronged them. There are more people trying to kill police. I have an awful feeling that this won't be the last incident of this nature.


Wow, RAMBO Goes Off! lol


I love the new term "military style camouflage". I understand this person may of had some issues and thankfully people noticed it and called authorities, BUT when did it become important to point out the clothing that someone is wearing? I have never seen it pointed out that the druggie was wearing a torn up wife beater and cut off jean shorts. Or that the shoplifter had on an orange tutu with matching sparkly leotard. Is it now against some law or rule to wear "military style" camouflage? Kinda like the people that point out the ones who wear all black. (keep an eye on my family, we wear all black QUITE often!)

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Señor Clown

Maybe the irony of his ineffective camouflage, since he was so easily spotted? It sounds like the whole scenario played out almost as comically as apprehending a shoplifter in an orange tutu and matching sparkly leotard, though the charges are a bit more serious.

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Now that would qualify for inducing panic :)


I'm tellin ya, there is something in the catchup!


LOL...or that stuff everyone is drinking to keep going longer! Power drinks


Wonder if he was let go for a BAD ATTITUDE or for wearing "fatigues" to work? Seriously, I wonder why he was fired? Obviously, he didn't like the reason or being fired...glad Fox didn't do this to the BOE in Huron.