Turkey's trip goes afowl

Bird crashes into Putnam Street garage, then dies of injuries
Emil Whitis
Apr 4, 2013


A brazen turkey broke into a Putnam Street garage Monday, suffering several broken bones before dying. 

Police were called to the home at about 2 p.m., after neighbors noticed an enormous dent and a hole in a vacationing couple’s garage door.

“One of the males looked through the opened panel and he said a large ‘bird’ was flapping its wings,” a Sandusky police report said. “I checked the door and used the duty flashlight to check the inside of the garage and I was able to see a full-grown male turkey.”

Police called in state wildlife officers, who snared the bird following a brief tussle. The turkey was a domestic bronze breed. 



Obituary for Thomas Turkey, Jr.: Tom Turkey died Monday after attempting a solo flight over the skies of Sandusky, Ohio. He is survived by his wife of six years, Thereas Turkey, his father, Tom,Sr and his mother, Florence. He was preceded in death by one brother, Tim, in 2012 at Thanksgiving time. They Turkey's have no children. Funeral arrangements are being overseen by Oven and Associates, where cremation arrangements are being made at this time. There will be no visitation at the request of the family. Tom enjoyed learning to fly, gobbling frequently and landing on roofs. He will be missed by his friends and family alike. Donations to the Cranberry Fund can be made at any bank in the general area. We understand the family has donated his feathers to a pillow factory in Pennsylvania at his request.




this is funny lol


Wired, I don't know what you got in that glass your drinking from, but share. that was just to funny!


would you believe.....Irish coffee???? (decaffee kind?)


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looks like thanksgiving came early this year.


He looks fine to me in that photo. What/who killed him? Was he barking/gobbling aggressively?


Boy , you never know what you are going to read when you come to this blog ,,
Wiredmomma 222, now thats one for youtube ..Lmfao , that was to funny


You missed naming his favorite cousin:



Maybe Jeff Dunham can use that turkey but put him on a stick .lmao


I feel bad for the little guy, if this had been a cat or dog ...wow ... no jokes would have been made---

Although, the jive one was pretty good.


Putnam street has a vacation home? Ha ha ha ha ha!