Septic systems dump into area waterways

Thousands of failing septic tank systems across Ohio are discharging dirty water into the ground and into bodies of water.
Tom Jackson
Apr 3, 2013


A full 15 percent of the septic systems in Erie County fail, causing environmental pollution that impacts the entire eco-system. 

In Huron County, the failure rate is a whopping 56 percent.

Find out what it means for you and what is being done to stop the dumping in today's Register.

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So do Sanduskys CSO's ! Nobody seems to care about that.


So does farmer runoff from excess fertilizer.

Señor Clown

Funny, we just had ours pumped and inspected, and found no problems with it. The only maintenance it's seen in its 40 years of service has been a pump out and inspection every five or six years, and an aerator replacement or two, although the aerator likely isn't necessary as it doesn't see a heavy volume of waste water. The gentleman who performed the last inspection found no reason to suspect that it should not continue to function as intended for another 40 years. My leech field feeds a very efficient army of bacteria and microorganisms that quickly process the water coming off of my septic tank, and inspection of nearby storm water basins and sinkholes has never shown anything other than agricultural runoff. My water coming in, which originates from a well not 50 feet away from my septic tank, has always tested clean. Knowing how municipal wastewater treatments processes their sludge, and of all the complications they frequently have, I can confidently say that my septic tank is more ecologically friendly than municipal service.

Just Sayin IMHO

If there was a LIKE button for this, I would use it. Well done. You sound like a clown who has the sense to know about his effect on the earth. I do not have this kind of system living in the city, but you have given me a very good visual to carry with when the time comes when I do live where this system may be in place. It's nice to read something useful in these comments from time to time, rather than the usual mud-slinging and, how does the SR put it, picking fight comments that so often pop up.

The Bizness

Your system is not the type being talked about. Direct discharging systems are the ones being discussed. As for CSO's they are a problem and municipalities are dealing with them.

The Bizness


Señor Clown

I haven't had the opportunity to read the print article or e-paper, but the blurb here cited a pretty high percentage of failing septic tank systems. Are there really that many direct-discharging systems in the area?

The Bizness

I don't think this blurb tells the whole story obviously haha but yes there are a lot of discharging systems.


@Senor Clown...Very nice piece and well written. Since your discharge water goes back into the ground, it sounds like yours is pretty safe. You are indeed one of the few who takes good care of your system. I have to agree...LIKE




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....and I like these kinds of comments ^^ lol



Look for the leaves that grow in clusters of 3. They make very effective tp.