Huron board president says no talking

Huron schools board presedent Scott Slocum warned district employees in a letter on Sunday they were forbidden from talking about certain aspects of fired district superintendent Fred Fox situation or where it's left the district.
Apr 2, 2013

"The following behavior is prohibited and will not be tolerated: Discussing the Fox matter with Mr. Fox, his attorneys, representatives or anyone purporting to act on his behalf. Public comment offering speculation on insurance coverage. Public comment offering speculation on costs to the District relating to the Fox matter," Slocum's letter states. 

It's not clear whether the district has the right to mandate silence among employees, but Slocum stressed the district had to proceed carefully. 

"As Board members and or employees we are obligated to adhere to the policies and laws that govern us. The Fox matter will not hang over us forever and we all must remember what we are in place to do. We are not in our positions today to perpetuate one side of the Fox matter or the other. We are in place to oversee the operation of the School District."

Be sure to be at at 7:30 this evening to watch the school board meeting live as it happens. 



I doubt you even represent 10% of the Huron School System employees or the underlings as Feddie USED to call them :D


"Freddy's friends" just keep on telling lie after lie.