Huron board president says no talking

Huron schools board presedent Scott Slocum warned district employees in a letter on Sunday they were forbidden from talking about certain aspects of fired district superintendent Fred Fox situation or where it's left the district.
Apr 2, 2013


"The following behavior is prohibited and will not be tolerated: Discussing the Fox matter with Mr. Fox, his attorneys, representatives or anyone purporting to act on his behalf. Public comment offering speculation on insurance coverage. Public comment offering speculation on costs to the District relating to the Fox matter," Slocum's letter states. 

It's not clear whether the district has the right to mandate silence among employees, but Slocum stressed the district had to proceed carefully. 

"As Board members and or employees we are obligated to adhere to the policies and laws that govern us. The Fox matter will not hang over us forever and we all must remember what we are in place to do. We are not in our positions today to perpetuate one side of the Fox matter or the other. We are in place to oversee the operation of the School District."

Be sure to be at at 7:30 this evening to watch the school board meeting live as it happens. 



Gee, where will Still Sold get his information now ? Not everything is FREE MAN !

Tsu Dho Nimh

You don't need to be a CPA (inactive) to figure out who is leaking the information.

Tsu Dho Nimh

What happened to the pdf file - Slocum smack down?

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

It's reposted.


I am not from Huron - but really - does anyone think Fox can come back and effectively run this system and get along with his staff?


I agree with devils advocate. If I was Mr Fox I would move on. That majority of the school board members appear to be very ignorant, self-righteous individuals. He can do better.

Still Sold

I can't see the meeting.
I find Scott Slocum's statement/smackdown funny. Mr. Slocum, you think you can tell everyone not to talk about the Fred Fox fiasco ?

Either way it goes Huron taxpayers are going to foot the bill and you know it. Your board has made a mockery of employment in general. No superintendent in his right mind is going to work for you. In fact, if I was an employee of the Huron City Schools, I would be looking for another place to work.

You have made decisions that not only are going to cost taxpayers today, but are going to affect the school and taxpayers for years to come. I know your insurance company has a limit on what they are going to spend to bail you out. I think you have a half million in insurance, but I will make sure that figure is correct before I talk about it anymore. Not because you said no one could talk about it.

I don't blame you.. You have totally screwed up and it is not going to be easy to get it back to 'normal'.

Board members - Step down and let the cards fall where they may. It can't be any worse than what you have done.


Does this mean Sowecke can't report to "Coach Tony" anymore?


And Sold can't get his info from the (inactive)CPA.


Gather the kids and take them to Huron... there's a three-ring circus going on right now


LOL....yipppeeeeee! I hear there are clowns and jugglers and everything.


Really? Now the board is concerned about the education of students? After they have pi$$ed away how much money down this black hole? More the board who couldn't resist releasing a confidential report wants to gag the employees who also happen to be citizens of the United States and many, if not most, are taxpaying citizens of the school district? Hey Mr. Slocum ever hear of The Freedom of Speech? While they cannot and should not speak for the district they have a right to freedom of association and to express their opinions no matter what you think. If they talk you gonna call McGowan & Markling for another $90,000 hack job investigation?

Tsu Dho Nimh

Freedom of speech and leaking confidential information is not the same thing. Neither is stating half-truths with the intention of persuading people to "think" your way.


You mean like the substandard confidential $90,000 investigative report the board improperly released? This letter from one of the three reeks of "Do as I say not as I do."

Tsu Dho Nimh

The treasurer released it under the direction of Dane Gashen.


This is probably illegal. It's like inviting more lawsuits.


After last night do you really think they care about lawsuits? After all the money that they a spending on attorney's isn't their money it's the taxpayers money and its obvious that the board majority couldn't care less about their fiduciary duty to use it wisely.


Employers have the right to place a gag order in a situation like this.


Really? Might want to check Pickering v. Board of Education.

Tsu Dho Nimh

There are plenty of case law that support Slocum's directive. Please notice that he didn't send it to everyone in the district, just the other board members, the deputy superintendent, and the treasurer. We all know who at the board office is stirring up crap.


Please point to the cases that support the permissible restriction of a public employee's speech right when the matter is of public concern and outside of the official job duties of the public actor.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Here is an article from NEA Today
It addresses the case that you mentioned and how times have changed. Another link is http://secondcircuitcivilrights.... A district can issue a "gag" order if it passes the public concern test.


The first link does not address modification in Pickerington balancing. The link discusses the Garcetti "within the course of employment" issue, which is another factor courts consider in analyzing a First Amendment claim for a public employee.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Both links address, particularly the second one, the issue that the courts are looking at who owns the information being shared and if the person speaking is acting in the capacity of his/her employment position. I'm not saying I agree with the rulings but the more recent rulings (unlike Pickering in 1968) is siding with the board of education.


Thanks for the input. I have no dog in the fight, but certainly interesting facts.

John Harville

Who is the Board's legal counsel. If I go out and express an opinion or share information am I going to be arrested? Fired from my janitor position? Get a stern phonecall?

They spent all the time sharpening that ax... shame for it to go to waste.



Remember that word. Again, this was a 3-2 vote. That in itself strongly indicates that, as defendants, the "three" will have to prove to a jury that the "two" are wrong.

The educatonal career of Mr. Fox has been so publicly corrupted, that even if totally vindicated, his career in education is surely over. Wherever he might apply for "work," any school board will tred slowly, making contact with the "negative", while overlooking the "positive." That is called tredding slowly and protecting one's backside. Like, "Why take the risk when it's not even necessary?"

In addition to defamation (the most highly paid for such a civil crime), there is "Slander" which is verbal offenses, and "Libel", which is ......damn, my mind just quit on me.

Anyway, old-age aside, this lawsuit will take two years while Mr. Fox's unpaid $$$$$ status will grow and grow. Even if he could somehow be accepted by another employer, the Huron $$$$ pot will continue to grow.

The affect to Mr. Fox's physical and mental health, along with the family's tortuous loss of the "quality of life," will be a plaintif's old mine.

Mr. Fox, a suggestiion. Go out of town for a law firm. Local firms find it difficult making enemies where they also live.


Taking neither side, I remind you that "truth" is an absolute defense to a defamation action.


Except thus far, when reviewed by a neutral party, the board has failed to prove a single allegation that it has brought forward. In the process it has improperly released a confidential investigative report that is not up to the standard of the the industry. Now the firm who completed the report has blamed the school board for that stating they were ordered by the board to cut their investigation short. This alone creates substantial potential civil liability for the district.

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your babies Daddy

I work for Huron schools. I will say what I want when I want and the truth will be told. a website is being created right now for all information to be posted. soon the real dirt will start to fly. On behalf of all of the employees of the Huron school system I would like to apologize to Mr Fox.


I doubt you even represent 10% of the Huron School System employees or the underlings as Feddie USED to call them :D


"Freddy's friends" just keep on telling lie after lie.