Foot-in-mouth comment called 'inartful'

Senate president likens state's Medicaid expansion to gun to the head
Associated Press
Apr 2, 2013


The leader of the Ohio Senate said he could have chosen his words more carefully when he likened the decision to expand Medicaid to being given an ultimatum in the face of a loaded weapon.

The comment was “probably inartful,” Senate President Keith Faber said Monday.

Faber, a Celina Republican, told the Lima News President Barack Obama’s signature health care law didn’t give the state much flexibility when it came to extending Medicaid coverage to more low-income Ohioans. The health care program for the poor and disabled is jointly funded by the federal and state governments.

“They essentially loaded the revolver and pointed it at the states, and said do this or else,” he told the newspaper in an article posted online Saturday.

Asked about the comment in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday, Faber said, “That’s probably inartful on my part. The point is is that the federal government has put us in a bad situation.”

The Medicaid expansion is one of the key components of the federal Affordable Care Act. Of the nearly 30 million people expected to gain insurance coverage under the law, about half would get it from the Medicaid expansion. A Supreme Court ruling allowed states to decide for themselves whether to expand the program.

Republican Gov. John Kasich proposed going forward with the expansion in his two-year state budget plan. He framed his decision as a way for the state to recapture Ohio taxpayers’ federal money.

The Ohio Legislature, controlled by Faber and his fellow Republicans, will have to approve the idea. Roughly 366,000 Ohio residents would be up for coverage under the expansion beginning in 2014.

The federal government offers a major incentive: It has agreed to pay the entire cost of the expansion for three years and gradually phase down to paying 90 percent of the cost, still well above the Ohio’s current level of 64 percent.

The state budget proposal is being reviewed by an Ohio House committee, which plans to make changes when they return from spring break next week.

Many GOP lawmakers are averse to Obama’s law and resistant to expanding government programs. And some question whether the federal government will keep up with its share of the costs or pass along a bigger chunk of the bill to the states.

Faber said Monday he hasn’t taken a position on extending Medicaid coverage but believes there should be some incentives for beneficiaries to gain job training and drug treatment.

He said that had the federal government given states the chance to modify expansion, “We would have found a solution that was far better."



He called it as he saw it, he shouldn't have to apologize for that.


quite frankly, I agree with him and I know a LOT of others do to.

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Another admitted teabagger.


artful means crafty, wily or skillful. so inartful means the opposite? I don't think he meant to say that either.


I am so tired of people having to apologize for every word that comes out of their mouth. And the man is only speaking the truth. Where can the state get any more money for programs like this. It seems that most of our taxes are already going to support low income people. I hate the way this country is going.

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Low income people? Really? Guess again since that's what you're doing.


Social Secuirty and National Defense trump medicare programs by quite a longshot..


Welcome to Merica.....where you have to be politically correct or face the wrath of the media and people.


Celina is close to where I reside in Lima. Faber has a decent track record of being a moron, so this is in character. He must be getting heat because he is never contrite.


I agree with grandmasgirl, if the poor and old can't find a job that pays enough to support them then let them starve and die Heaven forbid my taxes help someone other than me !!!!!

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You're welcome to donate as much of YOUR OWN MONEY as you want to help them; the problem is your desire to forcibly take other peoples' money to use to assuage your own conscience.


I did it again. By trying to not say "someone on welfare" and saying "low income" instead, I used the wrong words. What would you call someone who sits at home, has babies one after the other by different men, or men who sit and home, shoot up and have one child after another and not support them? Is there a word for those kind of people? Because that is the type that I don't want my tax dollars going to support. I am not stupid. I know that there are and always will be someone who needs my help, and I am willing to help those that help themselves. The trouble with the ones that WON'T help themselves is that they are raising a horde of children who will have families just like the one they were raised in. If that offends you, then tough. And if you are so worried about everyone having everything that they want instead of having what they need, then why don't you donate more to the food pantry and other causes that are out there?

wiredmama222 NOT apologize for speaking the truth and your mind just because someone doesn't like what you have to say. This "politically correct" nonsense is getting out of hand again! You should not have to explain yourself everytime you speak your mind or make a statement because someone doesn't like your choice of words. You are simply telling it like it is and that is that.

If the people who sit on their butt all day, crank out babies like there is nothing else to do and collect tax dollars to do so won't help themselves, then TOUGH, they should NOT be allowed to continue on with MY tax dollars. Back in my day, they were called "LAZY NO ACCOUNTS". So don't apologize for telling the truth.


@rottnrog...if they cannot work, that is one thing. If they can, that is another matter entirely. If you are capable of popping out a child a year, you obviously are healthy enough to work. That shouldn't have to be a politically correct point of view. To many people, that is nothing more than a poor excuse to sit home and do nothing but rip off the system. Not with my tax dollars you won't.


i know people who work two jobs, but they are health insurance poor. they can,t afford to go see a doctor. they make a few dollars over the correct amount to get any help from welfare and they have no children, so they get zilch. if you pop out kids left and right , you get all the help you want for sitting around on your a-- doing nothing and yakking on your cell phone.


@tootsiemom....And that is EXACTLY why the system needs to be changed. Those who are capable of producing a child a year, should be able to work. Childbearing should NOT be an excuse to receive benefits. That is a discrimination if you ask me...and no one did, but that is beside the point. They can work right up until two weeks before delivery at some jobs, so let them.

Ah, if only I ruled the world....yes, it would be such a different place! LOL


i know people who work two jobs, but they are health insurance poor. they can,t afford to go see a doctor. they make a few dollars over the correct amount to get any help from welfare and they have no children, so they get zilch. if you pop out kids left and right , you get all the help you want for sitting around on your a-- doing nothing and yakking on your cell phone.


simple minded Sandusky natives are entitled to there opinion. Health care for everyone is socialism, right? 'Murica won't stand for any socialism.... Like Police and EMS..


Simple minded people know when to use "their" instead of "there" though.

Another fine product of the S.E.A. brain trust I bet.

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but... but....but.... he mentioned GUNS!!!!!!!! (cue fainting spells and pantswetting)

Kids get suspended from school for drawing pictures of guns, or even biting their poptarts into the shape of guns.


Aww geez. He's was a lawyer. We are just peasants. Bunch of weak &^%$3 burdens on decent hard working Americans. THIS is another valid reason why America is in trouble.