Sandusky needs $3 million loan for street repairs

“We do not have additional revenue to support this capital project,” city manager Nicole Ard recently told commissioners. “Ordinarily, I would not suggest additional debt, but we need to do something.”
Andy Ouriel
Apr 1, 2013

Sandusky’s top administrator has proposed adding another $3 million in debt to pave the city’s rockiest roads, which are infuriating drivers and hindering economic development.

Sandusky’s debt already totals $67 million, and any more red ink could impact long-term finances.

During a recent budget session, Ard asked commissioners to consider either a no- or low-interest loan to resurface at least eight bumpy streets.

“They’re all in need of reconstruction,” Ard said.

The city’s tight $16 million budget cannot support $3 million in additional road projects. 

“We do not have additional revenue to support this capital project,” Ard said. “Ordinarily, I would not suggest additional debt, but we need to do something.”

The idea is merely a suggestion, and at least one commissioner is treating it as such.

“It’s still in the preliminary stage,” commissioner Wes Poole said. “I won’t give it more thought until it crystallizes more than something she thought about.”

Sandusky officials already outlined various road projects through 2015, including constructing the west-end overpass by Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road, bolstering the Camp Street underpass and resurfacing First Street from Cedar Point Drive to Meigs Street.

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Typical CON, avoid the truth! I guarantee you some of those delinquent taxes are connected to property owners that live in Perkins and other very nice suburbs. If they receive a METRO check at the first of the month, I wonder how they spend it. Keep puckering up for the rich.


Again, let that jealousy shine through. You really hate people who are more successful than you. You should loosen up a little, before you bust a vessel in your brain. I would rather pucker up for the people who make things happen in America, than do as you, bend over and take it from those who are dragging us down. What are you worried about anyway? As long as you have your wife to support you, you're golden.


$11 million in taxes owed to Erie County

Almost 2,300 area properties are tax delinquent, translating to nearly $11 million missing from the county's coffers, according to a Register analysis of financial data obtained through a public records request.

Andy Ouriel Jun 11, 2012


Do you include your property tax on the rent? This cost is usually calculated when establishing the rent and included. I don't see how you can complain unless you are business incompetent.


$67 million in debt and we are going to take on more debt to fix the streets. When you fail to do maintenance on anything, you get behind until you can't dig yourself out of the hole anymore. It is time to stop throwing away the money and get a five year project plan going. We need to work to get the debt off our backs and maybe we would have money to do some projects.


Willard is in the same boat. Patched for years now most of the streets are so bad that they don't have the funds to fix them.


Let's start by making sure that every rental property is registered as a rental. There is a yearly fee that most landlords are not paying. They don't register the property as rental and the city does not actively enforce the fee. I know it won't solve all of the budget problems, but it's a start. AND collect the back due taxes already!


The city should have filed a civil lawsuit against the crooks who enriched themselves from the CHIP scandal. Wasn't that about $3 million that cost the city of Sandusky, Ohio? Crooks have been enriching themselves from Ohio taxpayers for years. Go after the crooks and not the taxpayers for additional taxes. Has Sandusky, Ohio recovered any money from their insurance company for the theft from the CHIP funds? I didn't think so.


I have an IDEA lets have a Landlord tax for each slump they own and rent out... say like one city commissioner wont say his name


I need a 3 million dollar loan also. Anyone?


If renters have to pay a renter's tax, then the city is getting the property tax from the owner and tax from the renter. That's double-taxing and unfair. Many renters don't want the burden of home ownership or just plain can't afford it. I would imagine that in Sandusky, many renters are Section 8 renters also. Good luck getting them to pay for the privilege of an apartment that goes by their income.


I gotta laugh....everytime the city needs money you bloggers and commissioners yell "raise taxes" and look to Cedar Point. "When is the city going to raise the admissions tax?" the city gets more everytime the cost of admissions goes up. Same as income tax, commissioners say "the tax hasen't been raised since 1950", is anybody still making what they made in 1950? When wages go up the amount of income tax paid is more. Is anybody REALLY surprised by LESS State money? Really? We have all heard about these cuts coming since Stricklands last 2 years in office., township, schools should be claiming to be surprised by the budget shortfalls. YOU just did not prepare. We should be trying to do away with our income tax to attract business to the city, not raise taxes to drive em out.


Easier to cut heads in government and raise taxes instead of government tightening their belt and watching how they spend money.


I listened about these guys while at lunch today.


Great post.


how many people on here own rental property? how many deal with "section 8", public housing or HUD? how many people know the formula for determining rent payments? what is fair market value for rentals? how much can you deduct in repairs when you do your taxes? do you pay rental fees to the city?


Govt needs to learn from private sector. What did the "Big 3" do when money became scarce? Outsourced, sold off parts plants, closed non-productive shops, got the floor level workers more involved (listened) ect ect.
Can Govt still afford teachers striking for MORE vacation time while making 80k plus and working 9 months?
Can govt still afford 50k to start for police?
Can govt still afford 80k average salary for police?
Can govt still afford 110k firemen, working 3-4 days per week?
Can our local govt still afford 5-6 100k per year police chiefs? 4-5 100k per year fire chiefs? 4-5 100k plus per year school supers?
Are there better ways?
Remember govt money is OUR money!


Teachers don't make 80 thousand plus a year. They also don't get 3 months off. Do you realize that teachers have to take thousands of dollars worth of classes EACH YEAR to renew their teaching licenses? Do you know how much time they spend each summer working on things for their classrooms? Do you know how much money a teacher spends OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET to educate your children (they supply scissors, glue, paper, pens and pencils, crayons, etc...especially to those students who's parents think the cheap stuff they buy at the beginning of the year will last for 9 months;they also provide snacks, books, decorations, candy, snacks, etc...). Teachers decorate their rooms with things they've made or bought out of their own money. Do you have to do that at YOUR job? No. Everything you need to do your job is provided to you without it costing you anything.

The people who think teachers have it easy, in my opinion, are the ones that were trouble makers in the classroom when they themselves were in school. They hated school then; they hate it, and teachers, today.

Volunteer in a classroom and you'll find out that a teacher doesn't make anywhere near what they should. Oh, and if you think they are off work after the children leave, you are, again, sadly mistaken. Most don't leave the school for hours after their students leave, and if they do leave with the children, you can be guaranteed they will be lugging a tote of work to do at home. Teachers work a lot harder for the money they do earn than most people out there making the same wage, but you won't believe me because you are already biased against teachers or you wouldn't have made such a ridiculous statement when you said teachers make 80 thousand dollars a year for 9 months of work.


My kids teacher earns $73,000 a year..






I don't know where you live but there are few teachers in my district that make under $75K, and the ones I know personally spend their summer vacation working another full time job, not prepping for the next year. They don't start prepping until a week away.


Actually, the big 3, well Chrysler and GM used taxpayer money in the form of a bailout.


This is no longer an issue. The city just announced that they secured a 10.5 million dollar grant from The Human Fund. So this is no longer an issue.


Like I posted earlier....Let's see a comparison of the admissions tax locally and that in other tourist destination communities nationally.

How about it, Andy, Matt ?

Kottage Kat

Lisa dear,
You need to know that some other professions provide their own equipment
My mother was a teacher, bought all classroom stuff herself
are you sure today teachers are not reimbursed or given a budget for supplies?
Have seen some use what looked like vouchers.

T. A. Schwanger


To see how a City budget work session truly works.

Monday FEBRUARY 2, 2009 4:30 PM At 4:30 pm ... - City of Sandusky

Julie R.

I know a lot of people in Huron that have rental properties in Sandusky. Some of them even work at the Erie County courthouse. I know of one that has 3 rental properties in Sandusky. I heard not too long ago when they tried to sell one of the properties the loan fell through because of "problems" with the title. You can bet there are a lot of properties in Erie County like that. I would be willing to bet quite a few of the rental properties on Cedar Point Road and Curran Street ~ that the common pleas court ruled could stay as rental properties ~ have "problems" with the titles, too.


how many cupcakes do we need to sell?


In this equation could there be a parallel to Willard/Metro/Jerry Stackhouse? Govt. $$ for the moneyed few?