Sandusky needs $3 million loan for street repairs

“We do not have additional revenue to support this capital project,” city manager Nicole Ard recently told commissioners. “Ordinarily, I would not suggest additional debt, but we need to do something.”
Andy Ouriel
Apr 1, 2013

Sandusky’s top administrator has proposed adding another $3 million in debt to pave the city’s rockiest roads, which are infuriating drivers and hindering economic development.

Sandusky’s debt already totals $67 million, and any more red ink could impact long-term finances.

During a recent budget session, Ard asked commissioners to consider either a no- or low-interest loan to resurface at least eight bumpy streets.

“They’re all in need of reconstruction,” Ard said.

The city’s tight $16 million budget cannot support $3 million in additional road projects. 

“We do not have additional revenue to support this capital project,” Ard said. “Ordinarily, I would not suggest additional debt, but we need to do something.”

The idea is merely a suggestion, and at least one commissioner is treating it as such.

“It’s still in the preliminary stage,” commissioner Wes Poole said. “I won’t give it more thought until it crystallizes more than something she thought about.”

Sandusky officials already outlined various road projects through 2015, including constructing the west-end overpass by Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road, bolstering the Camp Street underpass and resurfacing First Street from Cedar Point Drive to Meigs Street.

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Wait...Im sure Art can just sit down for 5 minutes and find money somewhere.....I mean thats how her budget was completed.


When is the city going to raise the admissions tax? I'd like to see an article comparing the local rate to that in other popular tourist destinations nationally.


So you think CP and the its visitors should be the only one paying for Sandusky's infrastructure? Here is a novel idea, how about all the entitlement moochers go get a job so the income tax can pay for improvements that they are the ones who use.


Income tax increase coming.


Too bad they can't just print money like Bernanke does.


for those complaining about their streets being that bad, why not do those streets and have them pay a street assessment for the paving like some communities do. Nothing is free anymore. Put it on your present taxes over a period of 10 years or so. All this complaining and everyone wants it free, right? Perhaps that is what is wrong with us, we all have become a society of "expectant to have's" without costs or repurcussions. Me included.


I live where some important city employees live and the streets are in tip top condition. No gripes here. LOL!


LOL..isn't it amazing how that works. I wonder how THAT was accomplished. Just like I don't understand why CP has NEVER chipped in to maintain the streets that carry the people coming to their park. You would think they would pony up some funds to assist with that. If those couple of streets go down, they won't get people driving in, now will they. Seems like a good investment for CP to make. What is that: three or four streets? Not too much money for a big company that just put in a huge ride. After all, they could help a little bit, say adopt one long street?


You may recall several years back, the City explored and then implemented a parking tax. After CP complained, and if I recall correctly, threatened to leave, the "Fab 4" repealed that legislation. CP subsequently increased their parking fee. Amazing how THAT works, now isn't it?


Outside the city limits?


No, it is NOT "all this complaining and everyone wants it free." What at least those who are RESPONSIBLE want is for our tax dollars to be spent both frugally and appropriately. What we WANT is for government at all levels to stop the frivolous spending (just like normal people and businesses have to) and spend only on necessities!

I won't argue that roads are necessary, or that they're the province of government at various levels to build and maintain. What I WILL argue is that cities, counties, states, and the federal goverment would HAVE the money if they stopped wasting it on nonsense like studies, retreats, bonuses, vacations, etc.


As a property owner, I have to pay taxes on my property. Since much of Sandusky is said to be rental property, why don't they create a new tax that taxes people who choose to rent instead of buying homes? They could call it a renter's tax. It would certainly ease the tax burdens of home owners, bring in a needed revenue for the city, and maybe encourage some renters to become homeowners.


Oops. Hit the button twice and double posted. Sorry.


Here's a novel idea, why not make the owners of those rentals pay their delinquent taxes? Problem solved. So make those that are already struggling pay even more? Do you have any idea how ridiculous your comment is? Thought not!


You mean the ones that are struggling so bad that they have enough money to sit on the porch, drink beer, and smoke blunts all day. Yup, sounds like they don't have any disposable income at all. Maybe they should give up their life of leisure that we are paying for and earn an income. At least then, the city could benefit from the income tax. As it stands now, I would be the majority of income tax collected is from people who don't even live in the city limits. As for the unpaid taxes by rental owners, ya they should be forced to pay. The thing is, the city isn't doing it. There is a mechanism for doing it, but I don't see the city exercising its right to a foreclosure and tax sale of these properties. Seems to me the city is also to blame.


Where is this life of leisure you speak of? You are sooooooooo outdated with your views and facts about welfare. It just doesn't work that way. Clinton changed that YEARS ago. You really truly need to educate yourself on exactly how welfare works and the necessary qualifications. The city is the only one to blame. If you really think the majority of people in Sandusky don't work, you are totally clueless. You can only collect income taxes from those that work in the city and I am sure that most people that work here, live here. I used to live in Norwalk and the streets are not much better.


Really? You should get out more. In my job I am in and out of these welfare households every shift, albeit not in Sandusky. Clinton only changed how long the adult could get welfare. As long as they keep spitting out kids, they keep getting a check. Go volunteer in the ER at Firelands someday, you might be shocked to see how these generational welfare recipients game the system. Let me give you an example.

50 yr old Mary no longer can reproduce. Mary can no longer get a check in 2 yrs because her youngest child, Patrice will turn 18. Patrice is 16 and hasn't spit out any kids yet. Mary, worried she will now be faced with not having an income talks Patrice into finding a baby daddy to knock her up. Patrice obliges, becomes pregnant, and we foot the bill for the birth. Patrice then signs over legal custody to her mom, who then goes down and signs the child up for welfare. Don't believe me? I have seen it several times and the kids that are being taught how to game the system by spitting out illegitimate kids are as young as 11 yrs old. Child abuse comes to mind. Apparently you believe this is OK.

Also, I don't recall saying the majority in Sandusky don't work. As for the majority of people that work in Sandusky living there. I wouldn't be too sure of that. I know an awful lot of people who work in Sandusky City limits and few of them live in the city. Heck, most of the city employees won't even live there. The streets of Norwalk are not great, but they are in much better shape than Sandusky.


I thought you were a teacher . That was last year . No you worked in the emergency room last year and at the rent to own . No wonder you are confused all the jobs you say you have. If you are going to come on here and bash sandusky people and live in norwalk where things are just as bad at least dont lie about people like me who do work multiple jobs and my wife who do work at the hospital where you said you worked .


I see your dementia is acting up again. I NEVER said I was a teacher. I have NEVER worked for rent to own. I did work in Firelands ER, part time. I do work full time in health care, just not at Firelands anymore. Oh, and I don't live in Norwalk either and never have. Nobody is lying about you. If you don't fit in the category of welfare scammer, then I wasn't referring to you. I do agree with you that Norwalk is just as bad, and if you went to the Norwalk reflector site, you would know I am just as critical of the idiots there.

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

He is a troll with a made up life, that hides in his mommas basement and post non-sense here 22 hours a day.


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All this from someone who has been a member of these boards from less than a month, and has yet to post anything substantive, or that adds to a discussion. I doubt you ever will, judging from your ignorant username. Now run along and get to producing more of those little welfare checks.

your babies Daddy's picture
your babies Daddy

Well there sonny boy would you like to sit down face to face and have a little chit chat? From one Veteran to another at the VFW, if they will even let you in. You can even bring your boy friend too. Come on boy don't be scared.


You cant even talk to this person deertrack if you go check posts from the past you will notice who they are talking about. They come on here and bash people and lie about their own job if they have one.


So now we are going to bring race into it? Love it!!! I don't recall ever bringing up race, since there are likely more whites scamming the system than blacks. I have never lied about my own job, and there are several people on here that know me personally and know that I haven't. Throwing up the race card may buy you brownie points with people like deerturd, who lives off of his wife but not from most people. Keep on keepin' on with the race thing. I bet it has really helped you get ahead.


So you're saying that all people who rent are struggling? I know a lot of people who rent because they don't want to pay property taxes and/or upkeep of owning their own home. If I were a renter, I would be maddened by your generalization of every renter struggling to get by.


rental costs in Sandusky are high. Why not tell these landlords to pay their back taxes. It's their property. why would a renter pay property tax for a landlord?????


They are high only because the govt is subsidizing alot of them.


Who collects those subsidies? I bet those same subsidies help to pay lots of mortgage payments in the suburbs.


So now you can use METRO to make a mortgage payment? Nope, don't think so. I see you've latched back on to my tip again. Stalker.