New sign on the west side

The refurbished Lions Park got a new sign this week.
Mar 29, 2013


Click here for a story on the new Lions Park. 



Sign looks Good. Thanks, Lions Club!

Hoss McGee

Hopefully Dick Bradey made it and installed it. If not the city will probably be sued!

Eph 2 8-10

Now let's hope the park will look as good as the sign. Thank you Lions Club.

SmithMan1's picture

Looks great!


AWESOME!!...Can't wait to take my grand babies to the park. There's a breakwall and a beach there now, right?


Yup, Under water and rocks, glass, pipes in that order. Make sure the kids wear steel toe and shanked boots.


why not organize a group and go clean that up, then. Seems you know what's down there in order. You seem like the logical choice to clean it up or at least get it going. Then there would be a clean beach too! LOL

Nice sign, though

T. A. Schwanger



We continue to wait for the City Manager to apply for a U. S. Army Corps of Engineers permit to remove shoreline debris. Some of the material is below the low water line so a permit (at no cost) is required.

Thank you for your interest. Perhaps you can call the City Manager and support our efforts to secure a permit.


why wait for her? You have just as much chance of making the application out and taking it down there for her to sign. Why not do that? Or is that too difficult? I don't see why you don't take some of this responsibility on yourselves instead of expecting everything done for you?

If you truly want that work done, the army corp of engineers applications are not that troublesome to fill out. You know you can also walk them through? Do it. Instead of dumping more and more on ONE person, did you ever consider working together as a team?????? I guess not as your comment posting suggests. You, like so many others, sit and wait for someone else to do the work for you. Then you want to be recognized for having done such a great job. Why not start at the beginning of the work? I would be much more supportive of your group starting at the beginning. That I would applaud. Then getting her signature would be no problem. I would be more than willing to assist you in filling the application out and helping obtain the signature as well. work. One thing see it through until the work is DONE. That does not mean that this gets started and not finished. I have had enough of that in my life to last me the rest of it. The city has been really good about that. NOPE, if this is just as a worthless exercise in futility, I want nothing to do with it.

T. A. Schwanger


@Wired: Way ahead of you.

We have performed clean up duties on three occasions at Lion's Park shoreline above the water mark.

We visited the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers office a few months back to gather information on permit requirements for Lions Park. The property owner, in this case the City of Sandusky, has to file for an application to do work in the waters of the United States. So, as in the case of the Paper District Marina and the Sandusky Boat Launch Facility, the City of Sandusky would be the correct entity to file permit applications.

As for "team work", we have offered to work side by side with City crews to clear the undesirable debris once the proper permits were gathered.

No need for thank you's. It's always a pleasure to educate. Should you have additional questions, feel free to ask.


I think you miss the point. Contact Ms Ard and GET have her get them from the Army Corp and tell her about getting a group together.....never mind, I will do it myself. You seem a bit obtuse over what I meant and I doubt you get the point of any of what I wrote given your answer. Sometimes I wonder what you think you are doing. I didn't ask for your form of "education" in the first place or second or third. If I want an education to add to what I presently have, I will take annex courses from those who are in the know. Thanks for the offer however. You see, I feel much safer in getting my information straight from the sources in the know who deal with this sort of thing daily and who have TRAINING and CERTIFICATIONS in these matters. Do you go to a doctor who took his training from an OJT place or perhaps from a questionable source? I seriously doubt it.

While I know there is a special place in your heart for the shoreline, are you professionally trained to train others in ACOE work or permits or any other sources of grants or city work? Just asking for future reference or are you self taught? Just wondering what you have in the way of training? Also, why, if started before, were these projects not completed? I read today that over FIVE years ago....long before Ms Ard....there were questions and paperwork concerning the PaperDistrict, etc that has yet to be finished and returned??? Why is that? Does nothing ever get finished in this town? How is your sidewalk project going? Is it begun or just sort of waiting for things?

T. A. Schwanger


Wired: I say tomato you say toemato. The shoreline at Lions Park wouldn't be an issue if only the City would have had the contractor do the job right in the first place.

A permit should have been applied for when the contractor was removing undesirable materials above the high water mark.

Moving forward, we pay handsomely for staff at City Hall to apply for common sense permits to, not only do the job right, but give residents and visitors a "premier park" with one of the top priorities of the Master Plan being a safe and usable shoreline. Oh, and the driveway and parking lot need major attention with no plans to do so.


A sign? This is newsworthy?