Remembering John Magnuson

Erie County's longest-serving sheriff died Thursday morning
Emil Whitis
Mar 29, 2013


John Magnuson did it all. 

He served five terms as sheriff, the longest in Erie County's history. 

He led a successful charge for new a county jail and he modernized countless aspects of the sheriff's office.  

He was a Vietnam vet and he was the first sheriff in Erie County to hold a degree.   

He taught current Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth Criminal Justice 101 — literally, at Lorain County Community College in the early 1980s. 

There's one thing he didn't do: complain.  

Amid all the accomplishments in his storied career, Magnuson, 66, battled Multiple Sclerosis. At about noon Thursday, his 40-year battle came to an end at Stein Hospice in Sandusky.  

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R.I.P. Sheriff Magnuson-you'll be missed!




R.I.P. thank you for your service.

2cents's picture

A great human being, you will be remembered sir!


Remembering John from his early law enforcement days with Perkins Township PD. RIP my friend.


Yea and he was the one that helped with the new jail . He was a good person as far as I know. May he rest in peace

One of Erie County, Ohio most respected public servants. RIP


I worked with John years ago. He was a sweet, generous man with a wicked sense of humor. I'm proud to have known John & I'll never forget him. R.I.P., John.


Set an example that leaders should follow. As far as I know, He got along real well with those under Him and the Community. Voters have done a much better job of choosing leaders than outside groups who have been paid large sums of money!


Good comment. You are very correct.

Kottage Kat

Well done good and faithful servant
Know Mom, bill and Ann were there to meet you
Wonderful to work for and a friend indeed
You are a legend

El gato


A good sheriff. A good man. Rest in peace Sheriff Magnuson.

Mime Bloggling

One of the good guys. Condolences to the family.

he said she said

RIP My Friend. You will be missed!

Mountaineer 2

Good people! Thank you Sir!

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You were always a caring and concerned individual thinking of others before yourself. You are a shining star - an example of leadership which others should learn from. RIP, my dear friend.


When you get to The Big One and if there is a line,go to the front you have earned it.I was proud to call you brother !How many men would give their wife her freedom that he loved so dearly, to have a family, when the ugly head of agent orange appeared.


He must of been a good person. Because i believe this is the first comment section that everybody agrees with.

Kottage Kat

The lives john touched should generate so many comments.
We comment on crime and taxes.
when a man dies who devoted his life to serving and protecting the citizens of Erie county there are so few comments.
He overcame illness and put himself aside to give his best.
He leaves a legacy of courage and service that will live on in the lives he touched.
R I P JOHN you are one in a million