Perkins Schools: Wake up, want to go?

School board meets at 7 a.m. about state funding switch
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 29, 2013


Perkins Schools will no longer use state funds to help construct a new building for junior high and high school students.

Instead, local taxpayers must front the entire $50 million for the levy-dependent project.

The school board plans to ditch the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission’s exceptional needs program, instead joining its expedited local partnership program.

Board members may approve the switch at 7 a.m. today at a special meeting.

Want to go

What: Perkins school board meets

When: 7 a.m. today

Where: Board room at Perkins High School, 3714 Campbell St.

Why: Approve a change

The board has voted to follow the advice it's gotten on the proposed building project.
“Three separate, independent analyses have said the best use of tax dollars is to rebuild, not renovate,” District superintendent Jim Gunner said. “But we won’t move forward with any construction without an operating levy to stabilize our operations.”
The Register posed a few questions on the project: 
Q: What is the difference between the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission’s exceptional needs program and expedited local partnership program?
A: The exceptional needs program provides a percentage of the costs upfront to construct a new school building. The expedited local partnership program provides the same amount of money as a credit to use on a future project after a district has already constructed or renovated a building on its own. For Perkins Schools, that amount is 15 percent, or about $7 million for their $50 million project.
Q: Why did this change happen?
A: Perkins Schools could not confirm it was able to build a new building in time to use the exceptional needs program because voters have not approved a levy to provide the necessary funding. Additionally, the district’s completed designs would have to be significantly modified to meet the commission’s standards. This also couldn’t occur in a reasonable timeframe.
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You will NOT get a levy approved to operate your dream buildings Gunner! Go away!


@VOTENO Is your issue with Gunner, the levy or both? I have no dog in this hunt, just a question!

The Bizness

I have no dog in this either, but VOTENO just seems to not care about what the levy will offer.

The district needs a new school eventually, so Perkins will need to put up for it at some point in the next 10-20 years.

One thing people forget to think about is the cost savings in the long term with new construction when it comes to energy efficiency, lower maintenance cost, and safety. Will the building pay for itself? No, but it can help lower the bills.


Where is everyone coming up with Perkins needing a new school??? We do not need a new school! VOTE NO!


Agreed! There is nothing wrong with the high school school they have, it is newer than most other schools in the area (other than the tiny 1909 wing). I would support rebuilding that section only. But they want a dream campus to house their 500+ open enrolled students. Gunner and the board lost my vote and confidence when they moved inside operating funds to do it. VOTE NO!




Everyone I know will be.


Everyone I know voted for President Romney...


Everyone you know SAID they voted for Romney...


Just my perception but it seems that the boe wants to keep up with the jones's, i.e Port Clinton, Clyde, Bellvue and others. If facts support that new "academies" contribute substantially to a child's education at a REASONABLE cost to taxpayers please advise. Combining geographically close school districts should be addressed. It is just not about our children but the community as a whole.


It seems to me that Perkins and Huron have opposite problems. In Perkins the Board of Education follows all of the Superintendent's recommendations, and in Huron the Board of Education does not. In both cases, we the taxpayers, will pay.


I just pooted. Vote no.


7am. Really? Because the tax payers you are trying to exploit for more money have jobs to go to. We pay have home budgets to account for. Paychecks that we count on week to week to get by and you schedule a meeting requiring some to take time off work so you can sneak your slimy motions through with/without public accountability and input. Disgusting!

If anyone is interested in working as a group to defeat school levies, contact me at this page or on my Facebook page linked from here!